The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1665


        This sound penetration is extremely strong.

        All over every corner of Li’s ancestral home.

        Everyone was shocked by this huge sound, and they all came outside the house of Li Jiazu.


        Seeing the scene before him, everyone gasped.

        Because outside the Li family’s ancestral home, there are densely packed soldiers…

        Can’t see the head at a glance.

        Looking at the flying flags, everyone recognized that this was the one hundred thousand   Iron Brigade.

        Next to him are Ray’s Shura Army and Fan Shengnan’s Great Wall Army.

        Azure Dragon, Qilin, White Tiger…

        Heavenly Tribulation and Eighteen Horses;


        Ghost army

        Heavenly Army, Earth Army, Xuanzi Army, Yellow Army;


        Familiar faces.

        A hot-blooded man.

        Once they followed the   God of War battlefield to kill the enemy.

        But the times have changed, after the era of warriors.

        These modern armies have all been abandoned, and few people can remember them anymore.

        They almost disappeared from public view.

        These are all undefeated teams!

        But now the national crisis is at stake.

        They stood up again.

        Even in the face of powerful warriors, they resolutely wanted to fight.

        Everyone has the same idea-to shed blood and sacrifice for Erudia!


        Everyone in Jiangbei was shocked by the army in front of them!

        “Three hundred thousand troops, please go out of the mountain to protect Erudia and repel foreign enemies!”

        The 300,000 army knelt down to the ground and shouted together.

        Today’s main forces are all warriors, especially those who take the lead are the powerhouses of the supreme fourth and fifth heavens.

        They are completely ignored!

        The significance of their existence may be the human sea tactics…

        But they still have to fight!

        The Thirty Army must be led by a coach.

        They chose Levi Garrison.

        In their minds, he will always be the undefeated God of War!

        Hearing Thunder Wanjun’s voice, everyone in the Li family was almost dumbfounded.

        This this this…

        At this time, Levi Garrison walked out slowly.

        The 300,000 army cheered.

        Li Wenyuan and Zhao Yalan are stupid.

        At this moment, Levi Garrison seemed to have light!

        This ordinary person is so shining!

        Levi Garrison looked at everyone and sneered: “Who said that Levi Garrison didn’t dare to participate in the war? This is what I’m waiting for!”

        “Listen to my orders, all stand up!”

        Levi Garrison shouted.


        Three hundred thousand troops got up together.

        Everyone looked at Levi Garrison with fiery eyes.

        Some soldiers recalled the bloody scenes of that year and couldn’t help crying.

        Finally one day, they were able to fight side by side with Levi Garrison again.

        “From now on, restore Comrade Levi Garrison’s identity as a king by the side! Leading the   Iron Brigade to quickly support the front line!”

        Messiah also came to order immediately.

        Even if Levi Garrison was an ordinary person.

        He was the coach and had the ability to command wars, and Quan Erudia couldn’t find a second one.

        Therefore, Messiah hurriedly let Levi Garrison lead the army to counter the super-powerful fighters with modern combat methods.

        Trying to open up a piece of world…

        “Brothers, our enemy is stronger than ever before, are you afraid?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        “Don’t be afraid!!!”

        The answer to him was a series of firm voices.

        All soldiers regard death as home.

        “From now on, you are no longer someone’s father, and no longer someone’s son. You are Erudia’s warriors! All you have to do is fight the 

invaders back!”

        Levi Garrison roared.


        “Listen to my order and set off now!”

        Levi Garrison gave an order.

        Three hundred thousand troops set off together.


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