The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1671-1680

        “What? Say it!”

        Everyone looked at the Western Heavenly King alone.

        There was hope in everyone’s eyes.

        The Western Heavenly King took a deep breath and said, “Their weapons are specially used to kill the supreme-level powerhouses! No one else 

would use such weapons at all!”

        “Yes, it’s specifically for the supreme-level powerhouses, so what?”

        Everyone looked puzzled.

        “We can fake the supreme-level powerhouses, attract firepower, and let them use this weapon to light up all the energy boxes! Only then can we 

have a chance to win!”

        The Western Heavenly King came up with a way.

        Everyone gasped.

        After a while, everyone thought this method was good.

        Use other people to attract and light up all energy boxes.

        In this way, Erudia’s supreme-level powerhouses were all saved.

        Can fight head-on with the opponent.

        But a problem arises…

        Who will be the bait to attract weapons to attack?

        This weapon, the supreme-level powerhouse burst into pieces instantly.

        Let alone other people.

        It is estimated that Yu Wei will be able to smash the Grandmaster-level powerhouse!

        To put it bluntly, this bait is for death.

        For a while, everyone was silent.

        Everyone is aware of the crux of the problem.

        Who will be the bait?

        Everyone who comes to the battlefield is not afraid of death!

        But you have to die well!

        Everyone hopes to die in the fight.

        When the bait is too frustrated!


        A long silence.

        At this time, the Western Heavenly King and the Northern Heavenly King looked at each other and said in unison: “Let’s go!”

        “This matter is left to  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  )!”

        “We have completed the main intelligence and enemy deployment in the early stage. Next, our role is to attract the firepower of the other party!”

        The eyes of the four heavenly kings were filled with the look of death at home.

        They want to use their bodies to attract the attacks of super weapons…

        “Brothers, you are all good!!!”

        Xiao Feng and others gave them a thumbs up.

        It is obvious that they are going to die.

        But they have no idea.

        After all, this is war.

        There will be sacrifices in war…

        “Next, we need to pretend to be a supreme-level powerhouse. The opponent’s super weapon should be able to detect the aura of a supreme-level 

powerhouse. Therefore, those of us must have the breath of a supreme-level powerhouse in order to attract attacks!”

        The Northern Heavenly King expressed his concerns.

        “This is simple, leave it to us!”


        After some operations, the thousands of people in  LEvi’s Squad Hall possessed the aura of a supreme-level powerhouse, although it was very short-


        Except for the Western Heavenly King and her intelligence organization.

        All other members of the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ) participated in this operation.

        Originally, the Western Heavenly King would also participate.

        Rejected by the other three kings.

        She has other functions.

        “Brothers, it’s time for us to bleed and sacrifice!”

        “The three of us will be at the forefront soon!”

        “Are you afraid?”

        Dong Tian Wang asked.

        “Not afraid! Not afraid! Not afraid!”

        Thousands of people shouted.

        “Well, now, listen to my order, everyone take off their masks!”

        The Eastern Heavenly King gave an order.


        Everyone took off their masks.

        Except for the four kings.

        This is the first time that all members of the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ) have taken off their masks.

        Start from joining the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ).

        All members must wear masks at all times, and even your companions cannot see your true face.

        It is equivalent to they have been living in the dark, unable to show their true colors for the rest of their lives.

        They also look forward to being like ordinary people.

        They are also eager to take off the mask one day.

        This day has come.

        It’s a bit miserable…

        Take off the mask, and death is coming.

        But everyone has a smile on their faces.

        Pure and flawless.

        Simple and kind.

        They never regarded it as sad, but excited.

        They finally showed their true colors.

        “Please remember my face, Erudia! Remember my name! I am Du Junhao from Northwestern Jincheng!”

        The Northern Heavenly King rushed out first.

        “My Gao Liangpeng is from Fengtian City in the northeast!”

        The Eastern Heavenly King rushed out the second.

        “I, Zhang Hongming, come from Yangcheng in the South!”

        The Southern Heavenly King rushed out the third.  





        The moment the three rushed out, the killing weapon automatically locked them instantly.

        The moment the three of them were hit, they immediately disappeared.

        “Brothers, they are all good!!!”

        Tears filled the eyes of Xiao Feng and others, their fists clenched tightly.

        “Brothers, it’s up to us!”

        “Shang Hanfei, North Spring City!”

        “I wish Xinghe, Yangcheng from the south!”

        “Pei Zhenzhi, Northern Lake City!”

        “Shi Tiancheng, Southern Spring City!”


        “Please Erudia remember our name, remember our look! Chong!!!”

        Nearly a thousand people charged in the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ) frantically.

        The nature of the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ) requires members to maintain extreme confidentiality.

        So their file is blank.

        Their background does not exist, and their names do not exist.

        But do they have names?


        Do they have backgrounds?


        At the last moment, everyone called out the name and hometown that they almost forgot.

        To them!

        enough! ! !

        Show people with their true colors, call out their name and hometown.

        Is their greatest wish!

        ” LEvi’s Squad are all heroes! You are not unsung heroes! You are all famous! We will remember you, Erudia and the people will remember you!!!”

        “Salute to the heroes!!!”

        Xiao Feng took the lead and shouted, offering a military salute.

        Everyone paid tribute to them!

        Hundreds of “extreme powerhouses” frantically counterattacked.

        This can surprise the Domination League.

        “Kill them! These lunatics!”

        Everyone shouted.

        In times of crisis, they do not think about why the other party counterattacked.

        Moreover, the God-killing weapons detected that they were all supreme-level powerhouses.


        Xu Zhengjie was immersed in the thrill of killing and immediately ordered.





        God-killing weapons attacked one after another.

        One after another “Supreme-level powerhouse” was blasted into pieces.

        The members of the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ) rushed fiercely.

        Killing weapons are also frequently used.

        It almost turns this place into a purgatory on earth.

        Xiao Feng and others clenched their fists tightly.

        Seeing a person who burst open, their eyes turned red and everyone cried.

        This is the brothers taking their lives to make a way for them.

        “You will not sacrifice in vain!!!”

        Xiao Feng gritted his teeth and shouted.





        A figure exploded into blood…

        The last one also fell…

        Finally in the smoke of gunpowder.

        All the energy boxes of the slaying weapon were lighted up.

        “Report to the master that all the energy boxes have been lit up! But none of the other 900 people will survive!”

        Upon hearing this, Xu Zhengjie smiled.

        “You really don’t put my killing weapons in your eyes. Now that all of your 900 Supreme-level powerhouses have been killed, what else do you think 

you can use to resist the Alliance army?”

        “Allied forces attack!”

        Know that the opponent’s nine hundred supreme class powerhouses are all dead.

        Dominate the alliance immediately attack.


        “The brothers of the  LEvi’s Squad ( LEvi’s Squad  ) are down, it’s up to us!”

        Xiao Feng was already murderous.

        Everyone in Erudia sighed.

        Just now they watched their compatriots die, but they could do nothing.

        They want to vent this grievance on the enemy.

        “Listen to me, everyone, don’t move, wait until the enemy gets close before you fight!”

        Xiao Feng ordered.

        The dominance of the alliance is coming aggressively.

        In their opinion, there are only a few of the opposing supreme-level powerhouses left.

        Isn’t this wave a horizontal push?

        Although all the energy boxes are lit up.

        However, this wave of offensive can definitely bring the Great Xia East Territory theater to fall.

        It is very possible to push all the way, directly to the capital. ..

        To conquer the capital would mean victory.

        Everyone began to imagine victory.

        Soon, the two sides entered the distance of handover.


        Xiao Feng gave an order.

        Everyone rushed out and fought together with the army dominating the alliance.




        Blood splattered, and people who ruled the Alliance continued to fall.

        Erudia was suffocating on this side, and the supreme-level powerhouses all retained their strength, they attacked fiercely and killed the opponent by 


        Soon, the Domination Alliance was dumbfounded.


        “Why do they still have so many supreme-level powerhouses?”

        “How many supreme powers do they have? What just happened?”


        Found that the opponent’s combat readiness is sufficient, almost all of the Supreme-level powerhouses are there.

        The Domination Alliance was instantly repulsed.

        And the loss was heavy.

        “f*cked! We are absolutely fooled!”

        “The other party used other people to deceive me to fire with the killing weapon! Let’s burn out all the energy boxes!”

        “Their supreme-level powerhouses are still there, none of them are dead!”


        Soon, Xu Zhengjie and the others reacted.

        It may be too late.

        This wave of dominating the alliance suffered huge losses.

        Let Xiao Feng lead someone to fight back.

        The dominance of the Union retreated steadily.

        This made the morale of the warriors in Erudia of the Eastern Frontier Theater soaring.

        “Liar! All liars!”

        Xu Zhengjie was very angry.

        A plot by the other party made him bet on all the wealth.

        This time, his hole cards were completely lost.

        Senior officials such as Li Zhengguo were also very angry.

        It could have easily won the East Territory.

        Now, the Eastern Territory Theater is in a stalemate.

        With such ruthless people as Xiao Feng and the others, the enemy can’t even take a step.

        They are difficult to break the third line of defense.

        The message of the Eastern Territory Theater spread throughout Erudia, so that everyone was very excited and gave everyone a lot of confidence.

        The Western Territory is where the most powerful force dominates the alliance.

        Erudia also dispatched the strongest strength to fight against it accordingly.

        But the army of the medical king family was originally a mob, and combined with the general fighting spirit, they were all driven by interests.

        Therefore, under the strong attack of the enemy, the enemy retreated steadily.

        The third line of defense has been breached.

        The fourth line of defense was also broken by a third.

        The North Border Defense Line has a natural geographical advantage, coupled with timely support, it can still be carried.

        However, there are many strangers and strangers who are powerful and can control ice and snow.

        The third line of defense in the north was finally unsupported.

        However, the situation is a little better compared to the West.

        the other side.

        The third line of defense in the southern waters was also breached.

        The fourth line of defense is between the sea and the land.

        If the fourth line of defense is broken.

        The enemy army is about to land.

        At that time the entire southern border will be in danger.

        At this time, the 400,000 army led by Levi Garrison just arrived.

        “All of them, listen to my orders and attack directly!”

        When he came to the sea, Levi Garrison even ordered an attack.

        The defensive soldiers in the southern waters were all dumbfounded.

        During this time, they have been defending.

        Nevertheless, three lines of defense were breached.

        The enemy is too strong.

        In the sea, they are invincible.

        Even their lethal weapons are useless.

        The gap between the two sides is too great.

        They can’t defend it.

        As a result, Levi Garrison brought a group of fighters and had to attack directly.

        Sick or mad?

        “You… are you crazy? The enemy is always attacking! We don’t defend? We attack instead?”

        Everyone did not understand Levi Garrison’s approach.

        Levi Garrison sneered: “From now on, I will take over everything in the Southern Territory Theater! You just follow the orders!”

        “What a mighty prestige! All matters in the Southern Territory Theater are in the hands of the protector of the country! You say that you take over?”

        At this time, a voice of dissatisfaction sounded.

        Everyone didn’t look at Levi Garrison.

        The opponents are all supreme-level powerhouses.

        No matter how many people Levi Garrison brings, it can’t be used.

        It turned out that Messiah handed over the main battle power of the Southern Territory Theater to Long Hanzhou, one of the four protector gods.

        Long Hanzhou comes from the big island of Heaven.

        Heavenly Sea Island supreme-level powerhouses are like clouds, they live on the sea just like the Sea King Palace.

        Under Messiah’s active persuasion and favorable conditions, Tiandaodao joined the Messiah sequence.

        Long Hanzhou, the young master of Tianhai Island, was even named one of the four protectors of the country.

        “Where is he, call him and say that Levi Garrison said it!”

        Levi Garrison said directly.

        Soon, Long Hanzhou, wearing a battle uniform, came with a group of masters aggressively.

        “Who is looking for me?”

        Long Hanzhou was awe-inspiring and his face was cold.

        “I am looking for you! I ordered, now everything is taken over by me, including you too!”

        Levi Garrison didn’t say much nonsense, and directly gave orders.

        But when these words came out, Long Hanzhou and his men were stunned.

        Is this person so horizontal?

        “No, who are you? What qualifications do you have to take over us?”

        Long Hanzhou stared at Levi Garrison displeased.

        “I’m Levi Garrison, one word side by side king!”

        Levi Garrison showed his identity.

        “One word side by side king, I know you, just you? With a group of shrimp soldiers and crabs, I want to guard here? Do you know what you are 


        Long Hanzhou glanced at Levi Garrison with disdain.

        How about more people?

        A bunch of ordinary people.

        Encountering these powerful enemies is all cannon fodder??

        “Who said I want to defend, I want to attack!”

        Long Hanzhou: “…”


        “Hurry up and hand over the command, everyone obeys my command!”

        Levi Garrison said hurriedly.

        “The position of the word side by side king is high, but I have never heard that the protector of the country should listen to you!”

        Long Hanzhou seemed to think of something.

        He smiled and said: “Aren’t you going to attack? Then let’s open the way, you just have to attack!”

        “Our mission and duty is to stay here! Leave me alone to remind you that the enemy is very powerful!”

        Long Hanzhou looked hypocritical.

        Originally, he wanted to drive Levi Garrison out.

        Can think about it again.

        Let Levi Garrison approach them to attack.

        It is not only harmful to them, but beneficial.

        The 400,000 army, even if the opponent let go of the killing, it would take a long time to kill.

        How much time do they have to buy for them?

        Some people use their lives to buy time for them, so why not do it.

        Levi Garrison glanced at Long Hanzhou deeply.

        “OK, alright!”

        Originally, he didn’t expect these rice buckets.

        It’s better for him to take his men and go open and fight.

        Finally, the fourth line of defense was released, and Levi Garrison led the army through.

        Looking at the mighty army passing through the defense line, Long Hanzhou and his men all smiled.

        “A bunch of fools! I don’t even know what I am facing!”

        Long Hanzhou sneered.

        “Yes, this group of fools still feel very honorable and confident, they are going to die!”

        “Not to mention, the monsters and sea beasts in the enemy’s sea can eat them so that there is no residue left!”


        It turns out that the Sea King Palace is not only powerful in the sea, they also raise a lot of monsters and beasts in the deep sea.

        When he attacked the southern waters this time, once it was released, Erudia suffered heavy damage.

        Those who are as strong as the supreme level might also fall under the bite of monsters.

        Let alone ordinary people.

        “Let them go! We prepare ours!”  

        “Just watch a good show at that time!”

        Long Hanzhou smiled.

        In their view.

        Levi Garrison brought these people to death.

        They attack, and no one will survive.


        Levi Garrison led the army to the three or four lines of defense.

        “Send my order, immediately use the instrument to shield all the signals in this area! I want the entire Southern Territory Theater to be shielded 

without leaking any information, understand?”

        Levi Garrison approached.

        “Understood, immediately began to cover! In addition, all the periphery of the theater was blocked by martial law!”

        “In three minutes, the Southern Territory Theater will be completely covered, and the outside world will not know what is happening here.”


        This time the shielding was not only about shielding itself, but also shielding all the enemy’s signals.

        This is one of Levi Garrison’s plans.

        He cannot let the outside world know what is happening here.

        Including his strength.

        Otherwise, if the Domination Alliance or the others in Erudia know, they won’t have unexpected effects.

        He planned to attack the other three major war zones quietly after solving the Southern Territory Theater.

        So we must cover everything here.

        “Wang, done!”

        “How far is the enemy from us?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        “The nearest enemy is no more than 80 nautical miles. They are moving very fast and are approaching here!”

        “Our instrument explored abnormal movements in the deep sea, and unknown objects were approaching. Although their energy signals were very 

weak, they were still detected!”


        Upon hearing the message, Levi Garrison smiled.

        “No surprise, these are the monsters and beasts we encountered! They are very good at hiding their breath, but the energy in the body will still be 

detected! This is the benefit of modern technology!”

        Now the warriors are the main ones who go to the front line to fight, they have abandoned modern weapons, modern warriors.

        It’s basically a struggle between warriors.

        They are powerful and magical.

        Give up everything about modernization.

        Or they look down on it.

        However, modern weapons and military forces also have advantages.

        If used properly, it can be a factor in turning the tide of the battle.

        For example, the monster bears that Long Hanzhou and the others didn’t discover at the beginning have caused them heavy losses.

        At this moment, it was discovered early by modern weapons.

        Levi Garrison is determined to teach them the style of modern army play.

        Let the world know that ordinary warriors can also defeat powerful warriors.

        Levi Garrison smiled: “When you get close to fifty nautical miles, give these beasts a big gift!”

        “The target has entered the range of fifty nautical miles!”

        Levi Garrison gave an order: “Drop the bomb!!!”

        “Swish swish…”

        Many deep-sea fish are launched towards the deep sea.


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