The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1681-1690

        In order to destroy these monsters in one wave.

        Levi Garrison asked his subordinates to drop a large number of powerful deep-sea torpedoes.

        In the deep sea.

        A deep-sea monster and fierce beast that has never been found in the record, is opening its blood basin, and marching wildly.

        They obeyed the command of the orc trainer in the Sea King Palace and rushed into the front line of defense.

        Bite everything…

        “Swish swish…”

        At this moment, strange waves and sounds came.

        A faint light flashed above them.

        Soon a large area of deep-sea torpedoes were launched.

        Although it is fast. ..

        But these monsters are not slow.

        When they perceive the arrival of the torpedo, they subconsciously want to eat it and swallow it in their stomachs.




        A torpedo was swallowed by the monster.





        The next second, a torpedo exploded in the belly of the monster.

        And there are dense torpedoes launched all at once.

        They all have location tracking devices, which are aimed at monsters.


        In the depths of the sea, an unprecedented bombing is unfolding.

        Although the bodies of these monsters and sea beasts can be called copper walls and iron walls.

        But what Levi Garrison deliberately used was a powerful torpedo, which was close to a small nuclear weapon.

        Just enough to tear apart the monster’s body.

        The bodies of the monsters were still exploded during the bombardment.

        There are no scum left.

        In order to destroy these monsters at once, Levi Garrison gave an order to carry out six coverage bombings.

        “Report, the hunt is complete! There is no monster left!”

        After the good news came.

        All cheers.

        “Next, listen to my order and take advantage of the other side’s attention! The army presses over!”

        “The fighter plane took off, and the warship set off immediately!”

        “To deal with warriors, we must avoid hand-offs with them! We must attack them with modern weapons!”

        Levi Garrison commanded the army to advance quickly.

        Long Hanzhou in the rear, they are still paying attention to the situation ahead.

        “What are these idiots doing?”

        “God, they attacked! What a bunch of lunatics!”

        Long Hanzhou shook his head: “Ho ho, it’s still too young, let alone, just encountering those deep-sea monsters, they will have to die 100,000!”

        When they were entangled with monsters, they didn’t know that they were all destroyed by Levi Garrison.

        On the sea ahead.

        There are densely packed ships.

        There are modern ships and some ancient ships.

        There are many people hiding in the sea.

        Dominate the alliance maritime coalition forces.

        Headed by the Sea King Palace.

        Most of them are mysterious forces active on the sea.

        There is no shortage of supreme powerhouses.

        At sea, they are the overlords.

        Behind them, followed by a large number of masters.

        They are going to log in.

        Everything in the sea area is handed over to them in the Sea King Palace.

        When I landed, I had to change another group of people.

        “If nothing else, the deep sea beasts are already attacking them now!”

        “Yes, that’s wrong, I can’t even receive their breath anymore, it means they are biting and fighting!”

        “Before dawn, we will definitely be able to break through the enemy’s fourth and fifth lines of defense! At that time, landing will be easy, and the 

southern border of Great Xia will be under our control!”


        Everyone showed grim and satisfied smiles.

        In their view, the high probability is already a victory.

        The other party can’t stop it.


        At this moment, suddenly, there were terrifying waves from the depths of the sea.

        Especially the strongest of the supreme class have the strongest perception.

        “Is the deep sea beast back?”

        This is the first thought of most people in the Sea King Palace.

        They catch the domesticated deep-sea beasts every time.

        “No, no! Very strange energy fluctuations! Not good!”

        “Boom boom boom!”


        The next moment, a special weapon fired from the deep sea.

        It exploded in the sea.





        In an instant, this area was bombarded with coverage.

        again and again.

        Soon, it became a sea of flames.

        There were screams everywhere.

        Too many ships were blown up.

        Under the bombardment of this kind of weapon, no one can stop it except for the supreme-level powerhouse.

        In addition, the naval forces that dominate the Alliance are too close.

        Under this intensity, the casualties were heavy.

        Even many supreme-level powerhouses have suffered a lot of skin trauma.

        “Hit, hit!”

        Levi Garrison came here from the rear, and everyone cheered.

        “Wang, you are so amazing!”

        Everyone looked at Levi Garrison with admiration.

        It turned out that Levi Garrison had just launched deep-sea submarines with delayed weapons.

        Mainly because the supreme powerhouse is too alert.

        The speed of weapon launch is indeed super super fast.

        But they can sense it.

        Usually when the bombing comes, they can avoid it.

        Even all precision-guided weapons can’t kill them.

        This is the reason why modern weapons are helpless to super warriors.

        For example, a supreme-level powerhouse, can he really hold nuclear weapons physically?

        The answer is unsustainable.

        But it is very difficult for you to beat the supreme-level powerhouse.

        Their speed and response are all too fast.

        Can avoid it completely.

        Even if they were bombarded by nuclear weapons.

        They could definitely escape from the core explosion area, and the other surrounding areas exploded, as well as the remaining power that radiated 

out, naturally they could not be injured.

        Therefore, the supreme-level powerhouse is not afraid of nuclear weapons.

        If it really hits, then they can’t hold it.

        If you want to kill the supreme-level powerhouse, first, you have to hit.

        Xu Zhengjie’s killer weapon uses this point.

        Once locked, the supreme-level powerhouse cannot escape.

        So one kill is accurate.

        Levi Garrison is based on this.

        Let deep-sea submarines use time-lapse weapons.

        In this way, the movement is small, and the possibility of the opponent’s discovery is minimized.

        Sure enough, a miraculous effect!


        The bombing on the sea just ended.

        Suddenly, a fighter plane appeared in mid-air.

        The bombing of this area was carried out in turn.

        Even if they were a group of supreme-level powerhouses, they didn’t react.

        Suffered from the frenzied bombardment of thousands of fighters.

        “Boom boom boom…”

        Not only that, but after a long distance, warships began to show off.

        A missile cannonball locks and attacks the target area.

        Levi Garrison controlled all the three strongest armies in Erudia.

        Possess the most advanced weapons, the largest number.

        All weapons launched Weilai.

        Simply unstoppable.

        The naval forces that dominate the Alliance suffered heavy damage.

        This wave almost wiped out all the warriors who were not supreme-level powerhouses.

        The most annoying thing is that these supreme-level powerhouses are not even able to fight back.

        Can’t find where the opponent is?

        The only fighter that can be seen is also several kilometers in the air.

        Levi Garrison led the team, and in just one large-scale attack, two-thirds of the opponent’s strength was killed.

        “Evacuate! Evacuate first!”

        Haiwangdian hurriedly ordered.

        They retreated.

        If you don’t know the situation, you will suffer a big loss.

        “Want to escape? Is it possible?”

        A sneer crossed the corner of Levi Garrison’s mouth.

        Levi Garrison is the battlefield commander.

        This situation is common.

        Everything is in his plan.

        They want to escape?



        Sealed up early!

        “Offensive! Squeeze over! Everyone has their weapons!”

        Levi Garrison ordered a chase.

        Not only that.

        The team he secretly trained and the masters of the Four Gate Valves are also actively acting, showing a momentum of encirclement.  


        “I’ll go, the fight is so intense!”

        “Sure enough, hundreds of thousands of people are fighting together, so shocking!”

        “Death to death is so intense, I have never seen it before!”


        Because Levi Garrison ordered all signals to be blocked.

        So Long Hanzhou didn’t know what happened ahead.

        Only the scene is intense.

        “Let’s get ready! Levi Garrison and the others are really here to buy us time!”

        “Yeah, these 400,000 people have to carry at least one day and one night, right?”

        Long Hanzhou said with a smile.

        the other side.

        Haiwangdian led the major forces to retreat in a hurry.

        It’s not that they are incapable.

        Mainly in panic.

        Even the enemy can’t see where it is.

        “Modern weapons are so powerful? We have all lost two-thirds of our people!”

        Everyone was stunned.

        This is something they have never encountered before.

        “Are modern weapons so powerful? The first time I knew that modern weapons can hurt me?”


        Many supreme-level powerhouses are injured.

        This time they are too dense.

        They were hit by weapons one after another.

        “Evacuate first, and then discuss the long-term plan!”

        “Call the headquarters immediately!”


        When everyone wanted to contact the Domination Alliance headquarters, they found that the signal was out of order.

        Everyone realized that something was wrong.

        At this moment, the master of the Alliance ahead was suddenly attacked.

        In an instant, there were countless casualties.

        The sea is soaked with blood.

        “No, I’m a supreme powerhouse, there are many!”

        The Sea King Palace found that there were many powerful auras ahead.

        The masters of these attacks are the special team that Levi Garrison trained secretly.

        There are not many people, but each is a supreme powerhouse.

        What’s more, Levi Garrison taught them powerful combat skills.

        They had been waiting for them on the escape route that dominated the Alliance army.

        Suddenly attacked and killed the opponent by surprise.

        Suddenly, the loss of the army dominating the alliance increased.

        They dare not move forward…

        After the attack, Levi Garrison’s secret team quickly evacuated, and didn’t like to fight at all.

        “Boom boom boom…”

        At this moment, the Sea King Palace and the others were attacked by artillery fire again.

        No less than the artillery fire just now.

        This time Levi Garrison was also free.

        All the assets of the three armies were taken out.

        Covered bombing again and again.

        Fighting the Sea King Palace and other forces are all dumbfounded.

        They don’t know where to hide.


        Finally, under the harassment of artillery bombardment and various attacks.

        The remaining forces that dominate the alliance’s maritime forces are forced into a specific area.

        Of course it was for Levi Garrison.

        All they have to do now is to cut off their retreat and push them into this area.

        Then catch it all in one go.

        At present, the remaining forces are the strongest, and they are basically the supreme-level powerhouses.

        Conventional weapons can only slightly injure them, but cannot kill them.

        What Levi Garrison has to do now is to gather them in a designated area.

        Then use a special weapon to destroy them all at once!

        This weapon is as powerful as nuclear weapons!

        Just to kill the supreme-level powerhouse!

        “Wang, do you immediately release the destructive weapons No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3!”


        Levi Garrison gave the order.

        At this moment, the major forces headed by the Sea King Palace were forced to a specific area under repeated harassment.

        Most of them are supreme-level powerhouses, and the number is about fifteen.

        After all, it is at sea, and it is even harder to see the Supreme Powers.

        This amount is scary enough.

        “Why do I feel something is wrong?”

        The bad premonition of a supreme powerhouse is particularly strong.



        The moment Levi Garrison waved his hand.

        A weapon of destruction was launched…

        The powerhouses of the Sea King Palace had already foreseen that the danger was coming.  


        At the next moment, the earth moved and the mountains shook.

        It seems that the sky is trembling.

        Not to mention the sea.

        There was a terrible rumbling movement from the deep sea.

        “Puff puff puff…”

        The sea churned, as if it had been boiled.


        Suddenly, a fire suddenly appeared in the sky.

        A ball of fire came straight towards them.

        Immediately, the place was illuminated as bright as day.

        Everyone panicked.

        Including the supreme-level powerhouses.

        The movement of this weapon is too large, and too fast, and the coverage is too wide.

        It is too late for them to avoid.

        Escaped dozens of miles in an instant, still within the bombing range of this weapon.


        Under the gaze of thousands of people, destructive weapons fell.

        It exploded instantly.

        At this moment, a ball of fire expanded infinitely, completely enveloping this area.

        As if to swallow the whole world.

        Like a big collision between heaven and earth, at this moment, I completely lost my voice.

        Everyone’s ears are numb.

        No sound can be heard at all.

        The most terrifying thing is the sea, which is completely reduced to a sea of flames.

        For a moment, I don’t know how much seawater evaporated.

        The sea level dropped rapidly.

        A deep sea pit on the scale of a small town was formed.

        Even this time the power spread to tens of thousands of meters deep in the sea.

        In this area, all creatures within 10,000 meters from top to bottom are extinct!

        They are densely floating on the surface of the sea.

        Most of the ones that disappeared directly…


        The shock wave exploded by the weapon is the most terrifying, spreading rapidly outward.

        Even Long Hanzhou, the fourth line of defense, was affected.

        Almost even the defensive base was overturned.

        “This…what’s going on? It’s too loud!”

        Everyone was frightened.

        what’s going on?


        The center of the explosion is the area where the supreme-level powerhouses gather.

        Suffered an unprecedented devastating blow.





        Under the power of this weapon, even a supreme-level powerhouse could not hold it.

        Many were torn on the spot.

        Some were smashed directly, leaving nothing behind.

        In an instant, the seawater in this area was dyed red, and flames floated on the surface, forming a strange scene.

        The naval forces dominating the Alliance suffered heavy casualties…

        This specially-made destructive weapon is the ultimate trump card of the   Iron Brigade, and cannot be used at the last moment.

        Levi Garrison used it resolutely.

        Just don’t want to spend a single pawn to solve the enemy.

        Minimize casualties.

        “Won! Won!”

        The crowd began to cheer.

        This battle directly fought the enemy in the southern border too miserably.

        “No, it’s not over yet! There is the final net closing!”

        Levi Garrison shook his head.

        He knows that there are still some strong men, and this weapon can’t kill them.

        “Go ahead and clean up the remnants!”

        Levi Garrison led the army to this area soon.

        There are two to three hundred people in front of him.

        Some of them were seriously injured and some were slightly injured.

        Some people were slightly injured.

        The one who is slightly injured is the powerhouse of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven.

        Such a destructive weapon is actually useless against them!

        The leader is impressively the sea king, the lord of the sea king hall.

        They have eleven supreme level Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses.

        If the people in Wushuang City knew that there were so many supreme-level Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses, they would be scared to death.

        This has to be said, dominating the strength of the alliance.

        Win over the strongest from all over the world.

        “Yes, it killed us!”

        “But even with eleven of us, we can kill all of you!”

        Hai Wang glared blue eyes and roared.

        They are not telling lies.

        The sixth heaven is a qualitative leap compared to the fifth heaven, and the gap between the two is unimaginable. ..

        So Sixth Heaven is the god in the minds of countless supreme-level powerhouses.

        Even the use of destructive weapons with them is enough to show how strong they are.

        The big Xia army who had just been excited, the smiles and expressions on their faces were completely reduced.

        Everyone knows that everyone will die if the handover is handed over.

        Not to mention the use of destructive weapons on them, let alone them.

        I thought it was the end, but I thought it was the beginning.

        After all, we will lose.

        At this moment, Levi Garrison smiled and said: “Well, these people are mine. Go and clear the rest! The sea is full!”


        Levi Garrison said this.

        Everyone was taken aback.

        Two or three hundred supreme-level powerhouses, is he coming alone?


        “Wang, are you kidding me?”

        Everyone was surprised.

        “Am I like a joke?”

        Levi Garrison roared.

        “Well, an ordinary person, dare to provoke us?”

        “Kill, kill everyone! Originally we didn’t intend to make a move!”


        The sea king personally led the two or three hundred supreme class former to kill Levi Garrison.

        “Who told you, I am an ordinary person!”


        As soon as the voice fell, Levi Garrison’s momentum rose rapidly.

        He is like a dragon that has been sleeping on the bottom of the sea for thousands of years, awakening.

        This momentum shook the world.

        Even the aura of the destructive weapon just now made him so terrifying.


        Everyone was stunned.

        Including the Supreme Warriors.

        They felt a strange, terrifying, and unprecedented aura from Levi Garrison.

        Perhaps it is the seventh heavenly powerhouse who has been lost and has never appeared before.


        Levi Garrison smashed into the enemy group alone.

        Wherever he went, blood spattered.

        He is terrible.

        No one can stop him at all!

        Kill kill kill!

        Levi Garrison’s eyes were red when he killed him.

        Soon, none of these supreme-level powerhouses will survive.

        So far.

        The 400,000 army was shocked.

        The word side by side king is still the word side by side king!

        He is still at the top! ! !

        They won the first battle in the South!

        Then the army was dispatched.

        There are wandering warriors everywhere on the sea.

        According to Levi Garrison’s command, they avoided hand-to-hand combat and used modern weapons to solve the problem.

        It is estimated that in another six hours, the remnants that dominate the Alliance sea army will be completely eliminated.

        “You listen to my arrangements, so, so…”

        Levi Garrison was idle, arranging the next plan.

        “I’m going to an enemy they didn’t even think of!”

        Levi Garrison smiled.

        Long Hanzhou, located on the fourth line of defense, are waiting for the movement.

        “It stands to reason that 400,000 people are almost half dead, so there is no information at all!”

        “The big thing is bad, the big thing is bad! Come and see!”

        At this time, yelling outside.

        Everyone came outside.

        I saw a corpse floating in the sea…


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