The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1691-1700

        Some are complete and some are incomplete.

        There are people and monsters…

        “Monster’s corpse, look! These monsters are dead! Look!”

        Human corpses are commonplace and will not be shocked.

        But when the corpses of those monsters appeared, everyone was taken aback.

        Why were the three lines of defense in the sea broken?

        The biggest reason is these monsters and sea beasts.

        They are too scary and too powerful.

        In their hands, too many people were killed and injured.

        Even the supreme-level powerhouses like Long Hanzhou are afraid of this monster.

        Unexpectedly, the corpses of these monsters are floating in groups on the sea.

        Judging from the scale of numbers, the monsters were wiped out.

        So who did it?

        Except for Levi Garrison’s army, who else will it be?

        Could it be…

        A terrible and absurd idea was born in his mind, and Long Hanzhou was startled in a cold sweat.

        “God, look at these corpses! They belong to the enemy! They are not his own!”

        Someone exclaimed.

        Everyone carefully looked at the corpses floating on the sea, all of them were different from the faces of Erudia people.

        Skin color and clothing are different.

        The sea is densely packed, and thousands of floating corpses are not from Erudia.

        That’s the enemy’s! ! !

        Seeing this, everyone looked at each other and was shocked in a cold sweat.

        Their battleship came along and found dead bodies everywhere.

        It’s all the other party’s.

        “This, this…”

        Long Hanzhou’s mouth trembled, and his eyes were full of shock.

        Did Levi Garrison and the others do this?

        how come?

        An ordinary person with a group of ordinary people actually killed a lot of supreme-level powerhouses?

        how can that be!

        At this moment, everyone saw Levi Garrison returning from the voyage.

        He stood majesticly on a battleship, the Great Xia Dragon Flag flying.

        Next to it are the corpses of eleven six-layer powerhouses such as Haiwangdian Haiwang…

        “This, this, this…I’m going crazy! Is he or he… still human?”

        Long Hanzhou’s body weakened and fell to the ground with a puff.

        “The great event of the gods is not good! All the enemies in the southern sea area have been killed by them! No one is left!”

        “The most terrifying thing is that the 400,000 army has no casualties!”

        At this moment, his subordinates suddenly came to report a message.

        After Long Hanzhou heard it, he almost fainted.

        “Aren’t they ordinary people?”

        Someone shouted.

        “Who said this?”

        Levi Garrison’s majestic voice came.

        After Levi Garrison arrived, the coercion dissipated, making everyone unable to stand up straight, including the supreme powerhouse.

        “Long Hanzhou, from now on, you and your subordinates will be taken over by me and obey my orders unconditionally! Do you have any 


        Levi Garrison asked with full momentum.

        Long Hanzhou now understands everything and feels the terrifying aura of Levi Garrison.

        Where did he dare to say a word?

        “I have no objections, and I am willing to obey your instructions!”

        He nodded quickly.

        “Okay, leave a quarter of the people here, you take the rest with me!”

        Levi Garrison ordered.


        Long Hanzhou immediately took 20,000 warriors and followed Levi Garrison to land.

        He didn’t dare to ask where to go next.

        Eleven strong men of the sixth heaven were beheaded by him!

        How terrible is this man in front of me?

        He Tiandao said that there are six heavenly powerhouses in town, and he was awarded the title of protector of the country.

        But Tiandao Island is in this hand, I’m afraid it can be destroyed at the fingertips.

        Levi Garrison took people away.

        After 400,000 troops cleared up the mess, they also mysteriously disappeared…

        No one knows where it is.

        There is nothing else in the Southern Territory Theater except the quiet sea area.

        Occasionally can smell a pungent bloody smell.

        Quiet and empty.

        Regarding the southern theater, especially the sea area is still covered.

        The outside world has no idea what happened?

        Even Messiah didn’t know.

        “What’s the matter? Is the Southern Border Theater still unreachable?”

        Messiah was very anxious.

        “Unable to contact, the entire Southern Territory Theater has lost contact. The people we sent have also disappeared, and there is no message 

coming back!”

        “The Southern Territory War Zone is not guaranteed! Levi Garrison brought a 400,000 army over, and I’m afraid it will all be sent to death!”


        Everyone has no hope for the Southern Territory Theater.

        “What about other theaters?”

        “The current situation is the best in the Eastern Frontier Theater, where the two sides are stuck. The second is the North Frontier Theater, and the 

worst is the West Frontier Theater, completely crushed! These warriors seem to be reluctant to contribute, and they retreat under pressure…”


        “What can we do now? We can only actively seek support! If there are so many warriors in Erudia, if they are united and united. I think how many 

people dare to invade Erudia?”

        “Isn’t it, Erudia warriors are numerous, powerful, and invincible together. But everyone has different minds, and there is no sense of belonging to the 

country! Always treat yourself as an individual! It is difficult to unite!”

        “Especially those evil people who don’t want to take refuge in foreign enemies, they even imposed a ban!”

        “At the moment we are working hard to unite as much as we can!”



        At this moment, the sirens sounded loudly in the Messiah base.

        “Eastern Territory Theater has rushed. Our rear was attacked and suffered heavy losses! Now we are attacked by the enemy, and we ask for 


        “An emergency call from the Northern Territory Theater! Our rear is under attack…”

        “Western theater emergency call…”


        At this time, all major bases and areas in the three major war zones sent urgent calls.

        They were both beaten up and down.

        There is no other reason.

        Erudia’s evil sects have taken action.

        They attacked the warriors of Erudia from the rear.

        Let it suffer from the enemy.

        For a time, the situation became more difficult.

        “Support, support, hurry up and support!”

        The senior officials of Messiah shouted.


        The southern sea area defense line.

        Ghosts and ghosts appeared one after another.

        They are the supreme powerhouses of the Skull Island and Blackwater Palace, and they are responsible for attacking the defense line of the 

southern sea area behind their backs.

        They formed a situation of flanking back and forth with the Sea King Palace.

        They were dumbfounded just after coming here.

        This sea area is quiet to death.

        There is nothing.

        Don’t talk about people, you can’t even see a fish.


        It’s weird!

        The largest defense zone in the sea is actually undefended?

        This is how the same thing?

        There is also no response from the Domination Alliance.

        What is going on here?

        With curiosity, these wicked people continue to walk deep into the sea.

        Until the first and second lines of defense.

        Still no one to see.

        But at this time, they saw dead bodies floating on the sea.

        Densely dense, countless.

        “This… what’s going on?”

        The evil ways are dumbfounded.

        Is the war here over?

        How did they not get the message?

        I can’t get in touch with the Domination Alliance, how did you fight this battle?


        But at this moment.

        Suddenly there was movement from the depths of the sea.

        “It’s not good, it’s dangerous!”

        They reacted immediately, but it was too late.






        The next second, it exploded here.

        Epic bombing!

        The area covers two lines of defense…

        In an instant, it became a sea of flames.

        There are countless deaths and injuries among the evil ways.

        Although the supreme-level powerhouses can hold it, they are still injured somewhat.

        After all, this explosion is too powerful!  

        Why did it explode?

        That’s because Levi Garrison arranged all the delayed ammunition under the sea before they left.

        When the time expires, there will be no movement in the delayed ammunition.

        All evil ways will not be aware of it.

        Suddenly all the delayed bombs started together, and they were caught off guard.

        The point is that they don’t see anyone.

        “Withdraw! Withdraw all!”

        These crooked ways are in fact a clumsy chopstick.

        They just want to get benefits, they won’t really go desperate.

        Now as soon as there is a casualty, I immediately want to run.

        So the hostile force behind the southern border disappeared.

        If it spreads out, the other three major war zones will be unbelievable.

        The battle in the Southern Territory Theater is basically over…

        But what Levi Garrison didn’t even think of was that there was a fish that slipped through the net.

        The commander who dominates the Alliance Army in the Southern Territory Theater is not the eleven supreme-level powerhouses, but the Southern 

Master of the four masters.

        He and his men were at the rear of the team at first, but they were blown up later.

        Because the distance was too far, Levi Garrison was also unable to find it here.

        When the South Lord woke up, he was on an unknown island.

        He was bruised all over.

        What makes people think is that one of the four masters is not a supreme powerhouse.

        He crawled hard on the beach, leaving a spot of blood.

        “I have to leave as soon as possible and tell everyone what happened in the southern border!”

        “Erudia has a hole card, we failed!”


        This is how Levi Garrison hadn’t thought of it.

        Now the major war zones in Great Xia are at stake.

        There are constant messages of help coming.

        The various battle lines suffered heavy casualties and were beaten into desperation by the enemy.

        People in Erudia also began to worry about panic.

        The streets and alleys are all discussing war.

        This is about the future of Erudia.


        Extremely worried!

        People or clan forces who originally thought something was wrong also began to panic.

        It’s dangerous if it goes on like this.

        If the fifth line of defense is also broken.

        That is equivalent to Erudia opening the door to allow foreign enemies to enter.

        It was the end of everyone at that time.

        “Run away! Run abroad quickly!”

        “Hurry up and transfer funds to overseas accounts!”


        The big consortia and the wealthy people realized afterwards and quickly transferred their assets and tried every means to escape abroad.

        At this time, the celebrities and rich people who have fled abroad early.

        Watching a play in their mansion overseas.

        People who make fun of Erudia are waiting to die in Erudia.

        At this time, celebrities and Internet celebrities no longer care about their fans or call their families.

        They only watch the jokes of the fans and scold the fans.

        “If this goes on, Erudia will be breached sooner or later! A group of fools think Erudia is their harbor?”

        “Erudia is facing a world-wide enemy situation! Soon there will be situations where other countries will step on a foot! Erudia must not be able to 

hold it!”

        “Yes, how good is it to leave Erudia early? The outside world is the most exciting!”

        “Look at the nationality of the Star Country now, and I have become a star country’s first-line traffic star!”

        “I’m not bad, I already had a lot of fans in Dongdao, now I am from Dongdao!”

        One after another, at a critical moment, quit Erudia and became a citizen of another country.


        “Haha, I have already transferred my assets and business, and I will develop overseas in the future!”

        “Mr. Zhang, you are still fast, and the transfer is clean, and I will be well soon!”


        The rich and powerful people moved quickly, sending their families out and transferring money and assets.

        And more and more people in Erudia want to escape from Erudia.

        Not only are they ashamed, they are proud of it.

        Today, they all enjoy their lives overseas.

        Watching the people of Erudia suffer hardships, they are in dire straits.

        After all, from the perspective of the situation, Erudia will undoubtedly lose.

        In the eyes of many people who want to escape from Erudia.

        At this time, the War Eagle Nation, the Star Nation, the East Island, and dozens of hundreds of countries all over the world issued 

announcements. ..

        They are willing to accept the people of Erudia to join them.

        They opened a green channel to make it easier for Erudia people to join their nationality.

        There are many discounts and benefits.

        Such as providing various policies, even housing and land.

        Of course there are conditions.

        They warmly welcome people with social status to join.

        In other words, people who are powerful, wealthy and armed.

        It is the high-end crowd.

        Among them, celebrities and rich people are the most popular.

        Every country welcomes Erudia’s elites to join, and ordinary people stay cool.

        Never accept it!

        If the rich want to escape from Erudia, countries will find ways to bring you out.

        Even when passing through the war zone, they all have green passes.

        After the announcement of various countries, Erudia was completely boiled.

        Some small and wealthy people suffer from no way to go abroad, and even no way to become a citizen of another country.

        Now it’s good, all kinds of green channels are open.

        They can leave Erudia and join the country they want to go to.

        For a time, more and more people left Erudia and joined other countries.

        Especially those who went to other countries before, get particularly generous benefits, which deeply attract and seduce people from other high-

level circles in Erudia.

        When they leave Erudia, not only can they escape the flames of war, they will not be displaced.

        You can also earn more money and enjoy a better life.

        Why not do it?

        But after all, it was a small group of people who fled Erudia.

        Most people are still willing to stay in this land.

        Even if you die.

        “Traitors! All traitors!”


        This move caused dissatisfaction among many people in Erudia.

        There is no way.

        I can only watch them leave.


        “You really want to leave?”

        Wu Mulan and Zhao Jianguo looked at a few people with hatred of iron and steel.

        “Grandpa and grandma, let’s go together too! War Eagle Nation is much better than here!”

        “Don’t you understand the situation? Erudia is bound to lose! Run away quickly! Isn’t it good to enjoy life?”

        It turned out that Zhang Wentao and Zhao Junfei were leaving Erudia.

        There are also Li Songkui, Li Wenhai, and Li Wenfei who are all leaving.

        Li Mengyue even found a boyfriend from the Eagle Nation.

        Now they have obtained green passes from the War Eagle Nation.

        The Eagle Nation specially sent a special plane to pick them up.

        Li Tianhao and the old lady couldn’t persuade them.

        “Unfilial descendants! Unfilial descendants! You are not comparable to Levi Garrison and Zhao Yuan!”

        Wu Mulan yelled.

        Zhao Yuan and the others bleed on the front line, but this group of people betrayed Erudia and took refuge in others.

        Finally, they got on the special plane.

        “Grandpa and grandma have a day you regret!”

        Finally, the special plane took off and left Erudia.

        Zhang Wentao’s mouth was full of smiles.

        They are about to start their ideal life…

        The fool stayed in Erudia.

        “Unfilial children and grandchildren!!!”

        Li Tianhao, the four old ladies roared.

        Although how unbearable a few elderly people are.

        But before the great justice, it was still tenable.

        Fleeing the land under their feet, being a traitor, being insulted by everyone, poking the backbone, they can’t do it.

        “These unfilial beasts have transferred most of their property, and Wushuang City has stolen most of the resources specially given to us! I’m so 

angry! What a shame!”

        The older generation felt ashamed.

        But people like Li Wenhai take it seriously, but are proud of it.

        Soon after, Li Wenhai’s group of people arrived at War Eagle Nation.

        They were warmly greeted by the War Eagle Nation.

        They are now financially strong, and everyone has the resources.

        Be treated as a guest.

        The Eagle Nation specially rewarded them with a manor.

        Also various news reports.

        Because of the identity of Li Mengyue’s boyfriend.

        Li Wenhai and Li Wenfei were also knighted.

        Enjoy everything in the war eagle country.

        They also told Lopez and Black everything.

        I want to take everyone over.


        Based on this situation, more and more people are leaving.

        Messiah had no time to take care of them.

        From the perspective of the situation, Erudia is heading for destruction.

        This is obviously a trick used by other countries deliberately.

        Kill two birds with one stone.

        Both accommodate the elite of Erudia.

        It also caused the chaos and distraction of the people in Erudia.

        This kind of public opinion is sometimes scarier than weapons.

        Destroying the people’s psychological defense is the biggest blow to Erudia.

        Let most people no longer believe in Erudia, and they feel that Erudia is about to end.

        Under this internal and external collapse, Erudia will really perish.

        In the three major war zones, all dominating the alliance have achieved terrible records.

        Before long, the fourth line of defense will be broken.

        The fifth line of defense must also be a matter of time.

        The Domination Alliance also deliberately declared that the world will break through the fifth line of defense in Erudia within a week and divide 


        As soon as this message came out, Erudia became more and more panicked.

        The people are living in darkness.

        Before everyone’s morale was high, they felt that Erudia was invincible.

        But afterwards, the momentum of decline slowly appeared, and there was already a shadow in everyone’s heart.

        But now, the other party directly limits the time.

        It is equivalent to letting you know that there are still a few days to die.

        Death is not terrible.

        But when you know you have a few days left, it is the most terrible.

        This invisible pressure spreads in the hearts of the people.

        More spread in the hearts of soldiers.

        Erudia’s morale was greatly reduced.

        Shows a trend of extinction.

        This is the great effect of psychological warfare.

        Undoubtedly let the other party play to the extreme.

        Erudia at this moment cast a shadow.

        Coupled with the betrayal of Erudia, the people who escaped tried their best to incite.

        Let Erudia form a strong contrast with overseas.

        Overseas is heaven.

        Erudia is hell.

        Those who live in Erudia are about to collapse.

        In a base outside Erudia.

        Richard, a man in a trench coat, gathered with several senior leaders who dominated the league.

        “Now Erudia’s major defense lines are already broken!”

        “Erudia is also full of complaints, miserable!”

        “The people complained more and more, and public opinion has turned Erudia into a purgatory on earth!”

        “Taking Erudia is just around the corner!”


        Everyone is proud of what we have achieved.

        Everyone smiled.

        At this time, Richard smiled: “This is not enough! We need to add fire! Completely defeat the belief of the people of Erudia!”

        “Oh, it seems that Mr. Richard has already thought of a way?”

        Everyone looked at him one after another.

        “of course!”


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