The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1711-1720

        Everyone is guessing and analyzing!

        Ninety-nine percent of people guessed that they would meet Fu Dong Jing!

        First, the Eastern Frontier Theater is too close to the capital, and the threat is too great.

        Secondly, the Eastern Frontier Theater dominates the Alliance slightly weaker. According to Levi Garrison’s previous attacks on the Southern and North 

Frontier Theaters, they all went from weak to strong.

        Third, the dominating alliance in the Western Theater is too strong and too strong! It can’t be captured in a moment! Even said it is invincible!


        As a surprise team, how can we pick soft persimmons!

        The Eastern Territory Theater is the first choice!

        With four or five lines of defense in the Eastern Frontier Theater, Xiao Feng and the others were completely trapped by the enemy.

        Not only that, the enemy has also increased its strength.

        They are even more uncomfortable.  

        Up to three more days.

        However, Xiao Feng raised his mouth and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, brothers! Reinforcements will be here soon!”

        Hearing the news of the victory in the Northern and Southern Territory theaters, Xiao Feng knew that it was Master Levi Garrison.

        Through his analysis, Levi Garrison will definitely come to the Eastern Frontier Theater next, and after he has cleaned up the enemy, he will fully attack 

the Western Frontier Theater.

        So he firmly believes that Levi Garrison will come soon.

        Even in this situation, he was full of confidence with a smile on his face.

        Everyone was encouraged and turned from defense to offense…

        The situation is much better.

        But what no one thought was that after Levi Garrison finished fighting in the Northern War Zone, he took Long Hanzhou and Dragon Tiger Divine Monk 

directly to fight in the Western War Zone.

        According to Levi Garrison: meet on a narrow road, the brave wins!

        Now it’s a showdown!

        The other party has known about you guys a long time ago, and they have deliberately defended and targeted.

        Going to the surprise attack again, it doesn’t make any sense.


        You have to fight them head-on!

        Anyway, if you want to win, you have to defeat both the Eastern Theater and the Western Theater!

        Which one to choose has no meaning!

        Pick the one that is close, and pick the strong one!

        This time.

        Levi Garrison led the people to no longer hide and attack directly.

        It’s all f*cking f*cking!

        Breaking the conventional thinking will be a bit miraculous.

        Li Zhengguo and Xu Zhengjie in the Eastern Frontier Theater were ready and waiting for Levi Garrison to come.

        Xu Zhengjie was even more excited: “The thousand energy boxes I have stored will also come quickly!”

        In order to improve his position in dominating the league, Xu Zhengjie directly took out his hole cards.

        A thousand energy boxes are almost all belongings.

        “Okay, now everyone thinks that your killing weapon is invalid! Your killing weapon is reserved for Erudia, a wonderful army!”


        Everyone laughed.

        The Sanxing Group and other major forces have long been arranged.

        Just waiting for Levi Garrison to come…

        Western theater.

        The strongest forces on both sides are located here.

        It was also the hardest hit.

        Both sides suffered heavy casualties, especially Erudia’s side was crushed and beaten, and the damage was even greater.

        Weeping all over the place ceaselessly.

        At this time, the field medics came in handy.

        Timely treatment and rescue can reduce a lot of losses.

        On the battlefield, many doctors in the field are active.

        It is mainly based on the family of medical kings and other major ancient medical schools.

        It’s a battle of warriors now.

        It is difficult for modern doctors to play a role…

        Ancient medical techniques can quickly stop the injury and restore your combat effectiveness in the shortest time…

        This is the advantage of the family of medical kings.

        This allowed them to fight with the strongest core that dominates the alliance. So far, the fourth line of defense is still completely defeated.

        On the battlefield, there was a familiar figure.

        It turned out to be Abigail.

        After the wedding stopped, she followed to the battlefield.

        Seeing more and more casualties, Abigail was also desperate.

        The Western Territory Theater is really a purgatory on earth.

        The war zone with the most casualties.

        If it weren’t for medical skills, the magical medicine would hold on.

        The fifth line of defense in the west has long been broken.

        The opponent is too strong and too strong.

        One offense is stronger than one!

        There are harassment and oppression by evil people in the rear.

        The medical king family has already lost half.

        They can hold on for two more days at most, not as good as the Eastern Territory Theater.

        “Isn’t Messiah’s reinforcements coming?”

        The doctor king looked depressed. ..

        He was also covered in blood.

        The old man is extremely powerful.

        Just one person killed two Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses and eight Five Heavenly Powerhouses.

        “Now Messiah’s reinforcements are all stopped by the Huangquan Temple and the evil sects of the Blood Demon Temple, and they can’t come 

to us at all!”

        Wang Qingyu was even more depressed and said, “Grandpa, I said that I shouldn’t have come! We worked hard for them in front! It’s not worth it!”

        “That’s right, if the Doctor King continues to fight like this, we will all be fooled! I still don’t even figure it out now, why are we here desperately?”

        “We are all supreme beings of both medical and martial arts, so why do we work hard for ordinary people?”


        Hearing everyone saying this, the doctor king’s face was extremely gloomy.

        How powerful the other party is, they know better than anyone else.

        If this continues, they will all have to die!

        “Wrong, there are reinforcements! A surprise attack on the North and South theaters! But after all, it was a surprise attack. You don’t need to think 

about it. What is the use of a small force against the army of the Upper West? Not to mention that people are now fortified and are preventing your 

attack! “

        Someone immediately said.

        Wang Qingyu echoed: “Yes, it’s wrong! What’s more, this atrocious soldier must go to the Eastern Theater first! Let alone how powerful the enemy 

is in the Eastern Theater, even if this atrocious soldier succeeds, it will take a long time. , We were all destroyed by then!”

        “So no matter what, we are a dead end!”

        “The meaning of our existence now is to extend the time for Erudia and block the most powerful enemy!”


        After Wang Qingyu analyzed the results.

        The audience was silent.

        “In other words, if we stick to it, it will be a dead end!”


        “The f*ck, I won’t do it! I didn’t want to come! It’s not worth working for Messiah, for the ordinary people!”

        “Yes, I quit!”

        “I don’t want to die!”


        “Then what do you say?”

        The majestic voice of the Doctor King sounded.

        Wang Qingyu thought for a while and said: “Just surrender! Just store our strength! Even though our interests are greatly damaged, most of our 

strength can be preserved in this way!”

        “Yes, I think Grandpa is right! Many forces in Erudia choose to protect themselves, just to store their strength!”

        “If you think about this battle, it actually doesn’t have much to do with us. The big deal, we suffer a loss. No matter how hard it is to be bound by 

the covenant of the gods?”

        “Also, in case we surrender and receive more favorable treatment, it is not impossible!”

        The Doctor King sighed and said: “I’ve heard about this. The Domination Alliance is composed of warriors from the major forces. What they want is 

to divide Erudia. If we join in, it will be the same!”

        “If you want to surrender, dominating the league is definitely welcome. After all, we are also very strong!”

        “What do you think of the King Doctor?”

        Everyone on the scene looked at the Doctor King.

        After hesitating for a moment, the Doctor King gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, then surrender and join the Domination Alliance!”

        “Okay! Surrender is the most wise choice!!!”

        Almost all the supreme-level powerhouses present cheered and exclaimed.

        The Doctor King glanced at everyone and said: “Surrender, no, whether to join the Domination Alliance or not, it is up to everyone to vote!”

        “I agree to join the Domination League!”

        “I also agree to join the Domination League!”


        Soon, dozens of senior officials expressed their opinions.

        Almost everyone agreed to surrender.

        “I don’t surrender! There is no word for surrender in my dictionary!”

        “Yes, it’s too shameful to join the enemy army, I can’t do this, Lei Baiqing!”

        “It’s wrong, no matter what, I, Li Taishan, can’t betray Erudia and my ancestors!”


        But there was still a different voice.

        There are still warriors who understand the righteousness and love Erudia.

        Although there are only a few digits, there are always some.

        “Lei Baiqing, Li Taishan, you are crazy! If you don’t join the Domination Alliance, you will die! Everyone will die!”

        “Is it worth working hard for ordinary people?”


        Several people from Wang Qingyu scolded immediately.

        Everyone looked at a few people as if they were looking at a fool.

        Li Taishan smiled and said, “I don’t know if it’s worth it! But there is blood flowing in my body! I am all loyal in my bones! I will not betray my 


        “Wrong! As long as we live, we won’t give up the land under our feet!”


        The tough statements of several people drew the support of their men.

        But in Wang Qingyu’s eyes, such behavior is very stupid and brain-dead.

        “What age are you still talking about betraying your ancestors!”

        “Anyone who knows the current affairs is a brilliant! If you don’t know your mind, you have to die, and we have no way!”

        “Let’s join the Domination Alliance, you just wait to die!”


        The medical king family and other forces decided to abandon Lei Baiqing and them to join the Domination Alliance.

        The Doctor King even ordered: “Qingyu, take a few people to discuss with the Domination Alliance to show our sincerity!”

        “Okay, Grandpa, I promise to complete the task!”

        Wang Qingyu was already overjoyed.

        They are finally out of danger.

        “Things that betray the ancestors, you must die!”

        “Traitor, a group of traitors! You are not worthy of being Erudia people!”

        Lei Baiqing shouted angrily.

        Wang Qingyu smiled and said, “You are just stubborn. When death comes, will you still be stiff?”

        “Shameless, traitor!”

        “The ancestors are going to be ashamed!”

        Several people roared.

        “Good scolding!”

        “How can you be traitors? How can you betray your ancestors?”

        A cold female voice sounded.

        Abigail came to the court.

        He just heard that Wang Qingyu and the others were about to surrender, but she still didn’t believe it.

        The family of medical kings was crowned king.

        Even Wang Qingyu is a protector of the country.

        How can you surrender.

        After coming here, she was disappointed.

        Is this the person she is going to marry?

        “Abigail, what is betrayal? This is what is known as a wise man! What is surrender? We are only negotiating to join in cooperation. We are just 

storing our strength!”

        “Originally, this matter has nothing to do with us! Look at how many ancient forces there are in Erudia to protect themselves? To put it bluntly, it 

doesn’t matter much! We can fight, and we are all benevolent! Those ordinary people who love to protect whom Go!”

        “Not only do we join the Domination Alliance, you also have to join!”

        Wang Qingyu said.

        Abigail immediately shook his head: “No, I won’t surrender with you!”

        “I am a big summer, how can I join the enemy camp! Impossible!”

        Abigail was resolute.

        Wang Qingyu sneered coldly: “That’s not up to you!”

        “You are my woman, the husband sings and the wife accompanies you, wherever I go, you have to follow it! Come here, look after Abigail! I’m 

going to dominate the league!”

        “Do not……”

        “I do not……”

        Although Abigail tried his best to refuse.

        But still controlled by the other party.

        Dominate the base camp of the Alliance West Theater.

        Richard and all the top executives are here.

        Everyone is discussing the next step.  

        Hearing Wang Qingyu surrendering with sincerity, Richard and others all smiled.

        Unexpected, also expected.

        When he saw Wang Qingyu, Richard smiled: “There are still smart people! Everyone can cooperate. Why do you want to be opponents and 

sacrifice in vain?”

        “Haha, we all figured it out. Want to join the Domination League!”

        “But we have the conditions…”

        Wang Qingyu explained the conditions for surrender.

        “These conditions are too easy for us, so let me promise, when Erudia is captured, you have the qualifications to carve up Erudia! If you want land, 

you want land, and you want resources, resources!”

        “After all, Erudia has a lot of resources, and it is difficult for us to eat! It’s not bad for you!”

        “I can also give you a contract, a promise guarantee!”


        In the end, Wang Qingyu hit it off with Domination Alliance.

        Tens of thousands of thousands of forces, including the medical king family, have chosen to join the Domination Alliance.

        Wang Qingyu brought the message back for the first time.

        “Haha, it’s great, it is full of sincerity to dominate the alliance. Join them, we will get more benefits!”

        “Are you sure you won’t be with us? We want to drink spicy food, you can only wait to die!”

        The King Doctor also asked Li Taishan several people.

        “Traitor, traitor!”

        “We are not ashamed to be with you!”

        “Guys who betrayed the ancestors, hurry up! You will not end well!”

        Lei Baiqing said angrily.

        The traitors laughed.

        They looked at Lei Baiqing and the others mockingly: “Who is it that ended up worse? Hahaha! Wait for your death!”

        Wang Qingyu came to Abigail deliberately and smiled: “Let’s go, follow me to join the Domination League!”

        “Bah, what qualifications do you have? Get out, I don’t want to see you!”

        Abigail scolded.

        “You are my wife, of course you have to listen to me!”

        Wang Qingyu smiled.

        “When am I your wife? None of the weddings were successful!”

        Abigail was unwilling in every possible way.

        Wang Qingyu smiled greedily: “From the moment we held the wedding, I believe that you are my wife. No matter how far the wedding goes, you are 

my wife!”

        “In this life you don’t want to get rid of me, wherever I go, you have to follow wherever I go! From now on, you will also be the one who dominates 

the alliance. Don’t talk about surrender and traitor!”

        “Go, let’s go!”

        Abigail struggled wildly.

        But it’s not of any use at all.

        Wang Qingyu was dragged away abruptly.

        Soon, tens of thousands of people surrendered and joined the Domination League.

        The Domination Alliance held a grand welcome ceremony.

        Between four and five lines of defense.

        There are only dozens of forces led by Lei Baiqing and others.

        They add up to only a few thousand people.

        Next, thousands of them guard here.

        The situation is unprecedentedly difficult.

        “Even if my brothers die, we must guard!”

        Lei Baiqing and others are ready to sacrifice.

        Even if they die, they are at least worthy of their ancestors!

        In this era, interests are paramount and money is paramount.

        But there are still some things.

        For some “ridiculous” beliefs, some people are willing to sacrifice…

        The medical king family and other forces joined the camp to dominate the alliance.

        At first they were quite scary, and they were always vigilant.

        They are afraid that as soon as they join the Domination Alliance, the opponent will immediately kill.

        Get rid of them completely.

        But soon everyone discovered that worry was unnecessary.

        The Domination League welcomes them to join. ..

        Of course, dominating the alliance consumes a lot of money, and if there is one less enemy, one less.

        The King Doctor led everyone to meet Richard and them.

        “Huh? Ordinary people?”

        Seeing Richard, everyone was shocked.

        No matter how hard it is to think that the person in power who dominates the alliance is an ordinary person.


        It turned out that it was ordinary people who controlled hundreds of thousands of warriors and millions of troops to fight.

        Not long ago, I heard that ordinary people have invented weapons that can kill the supreme-level powerhouses.

        Are ordinary people so scary?

        Co-authored, the warriors who destroy the world are all chess pieces.

        It is ordinary people who control everything.

        Hearing this, Richard smiled and said: “I am indeed an ordinary person! But I can become a martial artist in minutes!”

        Richard relies on technology.

        As long as he presses the watch, he immediately becomes an existence similar to Iron Man.

        The whole body is the most powerful mecha.

        There are even reactors.

        Possess a powerful attack and defense.

        Moreover, Richard is not at the helm.

        He is also a chess piece.

        He comes from one of the most mysterious laboratories in the Warhawk Kingdom.

        His younger brother Jefferson had his body mutilated by the bombing, but he relied on the technology of this laboratory to come back to life…

        The establishment of the Domination Alliance is the common will of this laboratory and other figures.

        Richard and the others are just concrete pawns.

        Hearing what Richard said, the warriors were shocked.

        Can an ordinary person compete with them in an instant?

        Not even the most powerful magic medicine of the family of medical kings.

        “I’m glad you can join the Domination League!”

        “Does everyone see our sincerity?”

        Richard asked.

        “I see, the sincerity is too much!”

        The Doctor King was even arranged to be one of the helms of the Domination Alliance.

        “It’s time to show your sincerity!”

        Richard smiled.

        “Huh? How to show it?”

        The doctor asked.

        “I have no choice but to surrender, pretend to join us and attack us from the inside, should you work together inside and outside?”

        “No, how could we be fake!”


        Everyone immediately retorted.

        Richard smiled: “Then you have to take some practical actions to see!”

        “There are still people guarding the fourth line of defense, right?”

        The Doctor King nodded their heads: “Well, someone is guarding!”

        “Do you know how many people are left and the distribution of strength?”

        “It couldn’t be clearer!”

        Wang Qingyu nodded fiercely.

        “To show your sincerity, let you get rid of them! This is simple, right? With your strength, the battle will be resolved within an hour!”


        The Doctor King and the others were taken aback.

        They surrendered without hesitation.

        But going to kill those compatriots who are fighting side by side is a bit unbearable.

        “This is your task, and it is also your first battle to join the Domination Alliance! Think it over!”

        Richard couldn’t help but excite when he saw everyone hesitate.

        “Okay, leave it to us!”

        Wang Qingyu agreed


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