The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1721-1730

        A brutal touch flashed across Wang Qingyu’s face.

        Those who do big things have to be cruel.

        This is his consistent principle.

        Although he came from a medical family.

        But medical skills can save and kill people.

        Over the years, Wang Qingyu has mostly cultivated murderous medicine.

        Wang Qingyu agreed.

        The Doctor King also had to agree.

        “Well, that’s right! Let us feel sincerity, so that we are a family! Prepare as soon as possible! I only give you half a day!”

        Richard left with a smile.

        They began to consider their next plan.  

        After all, the Western Territory has already been taken.

        The Doctor King and the crowd fell into depression.

        Lei Baiqing’s death is certain.

        They didn’t think they were going to kill.

        No matter how shameless they are.

        But when they really went to kill these acquaintances, they were also very entangled in their hearts.

        For example, when Lei Baiqing insulted their traitors and betrayed their ancestors, it was still irritating to them.


        “I can’t bear it, I can’t help it!”

        The medical king was embarrassed.

        “Grandpa, kill it! If you don’t kill them, we may die! This is the Domination Alliance to test us!”

        Wang Qingyu’s eyes were full of killing intent, showing no mercy.

        “Grandpa, you can’t bear it, let me lead the team!”

        Wang Qingyu is eager to perform meritorious service and can’t wait.

        “it is good!”

        In the end, it was decided to let Wang Qingyu lead the team to remove it.

        “Wang Qingyu, you are a beast! You not only surrendered and betrayed, but you also want to kill your own compatriots. Do you have a good 


        Seeing makeup, Abigail also cursed.

        Wang Qingyu smiled and said, “Abigail, you are also a traitor yourself! You also have your share of the credit for killing them! You can’t escape!”

        “You…you really can’t die!”

        Abigail wanted to cry without tears.

        But she has no way.

        Once the message goes out.

        She is also a traitor to Erudia!

        She couldn’t prove it to herself at that time.

        “Abigail, you are getting worse and worse. If you do this, I will kill your brother-in-law and them all! You also understand that Erudia will be 


        Wang Qingyu smiled arrogantly.

        Abigail was silent.

        After she came to dominate the alliance base camp.

        Really feel their power.

        They have too many cards.

        What I saw before was just the tip of the iceberg.

        Erudia may really not be able to hold it…


        The army led by Levi Garrison was on the way.

        “Bao, Wang, and most of the family of medical kings have already turned to dominate the alliance! Now only a few thousand people remain on the 

fourth line of defense!”

        The spies ahead sent the message.

        Upon hearing this, Levi Garrison roared: “Damn, these traitors!”

        “Yes, the scum of the medical king family, I really look up to them!”

        “We hurried to clear the door and kill this group of traitors!”


        The act of surrendering is not ashamed of everyone.

        All eyes were red, trembling with anger.

        Skills are not as good as people can.

        It’s okay to be weaker than the opponent.

        How can you surrender?

        It is still being named the King of Medicine and the Existence of God!

        “Okay, speed it up! I personally educate these bastards!”

        Levi Garrison was also very angry.

        The fourth line of defense.

        Thousands of people including Lei Baiqing and Li Taishan guarded.

        There was no one talking in the huge scene.

        They are waiting to die.

        Everyone has a look of death at home.


        Soon after, they heard the shaking of the earth and the mountains.

        Obviously, the enemy is coming.

        “All are ready to fight!”

        “We will not leave the battlefield alive!”

        Li Taishan and Lei Baiqing shouted.

        “Aside from the nickname, something big has happened in the Western Territory Theater!”

        “The medical king of the family of medical kings and dozens of great forces brought tens of thousands of warriors to surrender and join the 

dominance alliance!”

        “At present, there are only a few thousand people in the West Frontier Theater, and within a long time, the West Frontier Theater will definitely fall!”

        “The five lines of defense in the western theater are broken. Due to the special terrain, it is equivalent to opening the gates of Erudia to allow foreign 

enemies to invade!”

        “Erudia is going to fall! The fifth line of defense in the west is broken, which is equivalent to half of Erudia being taken down!”

        “If the fifth line of defense in the Eastern Frontier Theater is breached again, or something goes wrong with the capital. The entire Great Xia is at 



        Soon the medical king family took tens of thousands of warriors to surrender and betrayed throughout Erudia and the world.

        Erudia, who had been so arrogant, was heavily poured with cold water.


        Everyone in Erudia, whether it was Messiah or the people, was dumbfounded.

        Such as falling into the ice cave.

        The morale went down in an instant, and it sank to the bottom.

        Sure enough, the North-South theater is not important at all.

        The important thing is the Eastern Theater and the Western Theater.

        These two major war zones can truly threaten the safety of Great Xia.

        Sure enough, what is the most afraid of…

        Now the western border is equivalent to being lost.

        Next, I am afraid that the Eastern Territory Theater will not be able to hold it.

        The darkest and most difficult moment of Erudia has arrived.

        Erudia was immersed in the suffocating atmosphere one after another.

        No one even scolds those traitors…

        To no avail.

        Now I can only wait silently for the coming of destruction.

        For a moment, no one was seen on the street.

        All walks of life have stopped.

        Everyone is quietly waiting for that moment to come.

        Even a child knows what it means to be defeated in the Western Frontier Theater.

        “Think of a way! This is really over!”

        “Now we can’t get in touch with that amazing soldier!”

        “It doesn’t work if you get in touch, they must have gone to the Eastern Frontier Theater!”


        Messiah was also at a loss.

        The current situation in Erudia has completely boiled overseas.

        Countless people are laughing.

        Among them are traitors like Li Wenhai who ran out.

        The worse the situation in Erudia, the more it shows the significance of their escape.

        Dominate the alliance base camp.

        Wang Qingyu brought the army and pressed over.

        Know the defensive deployment of the opponent, and even the details to each person’s combat strength.

        Therefore, Wang Qingyu’s expression was relaxed, and he didn’t panic at all.

        He also deliberately brought Abigail.

        He wanted Abigail to participate in this matter all the way.

        At that time, she couldn’t argue, she couldn’t get rid of it at all.

        “Wang Qingyu has a seed, so let me go!”

        Abigail scolded.

        “Abigail, curse, and soon you will stop cursing! After this battle is over, our message will quickly spread throughout Erudia and the world. At that 

time, everyone knew that you Abigail was Erudia’s traitor! “

        Wang Qingyu told Abigail a fact.

        Abigail was silent immediately.

        At that time she will bear the name of a traitor.

        I am afraid that immortality will not be able to step into the great summer.

        Wang Qingyu is too insidious!

        Abigail was completely chained to death.

        I’m afraid it’s hard to get rid of…

        Soon, Wang Qingyu led the army to the fourth line of defense.

        “I really didn’t expect it to be a group of you traitors! You are the traitors, you are the puppet army!”

        Seeing Wang Qingyu and others, Li Taishan, who had a fierce temper, had already scolded them.

        “It’s a pity, I’m not willing to die in the hands of these thieves!”

        Everyone is unwilling.

        “Suicide! Don’t force me to do it myself!”

        Wang Qingyu smiled.

        “Little boy who gives you the courage!!!”

        Suddenly there was a loud shout, like a billowing thunder.


        Everyone’s ears roared.

        Everyone was shocked!

        Even the ghost appears in front of me.

        One can imagine how terrible this sound is.

        I don’t know if Abigail is confused or what, hearing this voice feels a bit familiar.

        “Look! Look!”

        The next moment, Wang Qingyu’s subordinates exclaimed.

        Because on the top of the mountains on both sides, there were a number of figures.

        Bring them inexplicable threats and pressure. ..

        Everyone just felt short of breath and extremely depressed.


        Wang Qingyu’s face changed drastically.

        He has a bad feeling.

        The right eyelid began to jump wildly.

        “Who are they?”

        This is the question of everyone Wang Qingyu.

        After holding their positions, Li Taishan and Lei Baiqing looked at each other, and suddenly burst into laughter.

        “Brothers, reinforcements are here! Our efforts were in vain!”

        “Brothers follow me to prepare and fight back with the reinforcement brothers!”


        Thousands of people’s blood was completely ignited, wailing one by one.

        Standing on the top of the mountain.

        Levi Garrison’s eyes were cold.

        The tens of thousands of troops led by Long Hanzhou and Longhu Divine Monk are looking forward to it, waiting for Levi Garrison’s order.

        “He who betrayed my Erudia, kill!”

        “Those who kill my compatriots must kill even more!”

        “Send my order, kill, kill, kill! Don’t keep one!”





        Give an order.

        Tens of thousands of warriors from all directions madly killed Wang Qingyu and the others.


        Wang Qingyu was instantly dumbfounded.

        In fact, he didn’t bring many people.

        Only one-third of all forces, 20,000 people.

        It was more than enough to deal with Li Taishan and the thousands of people.

        But who would have thought of this unexpected situation.

        “No! It’s Great Xia Qibing! They didn’t go to the Eastern Territory Theater, but came to the Western Territory!”

        “Withdraw, let’s withdraw quickly!”

        Know that the opponent is powerful.

        Wang Qingyu quickly evacuated with people.

        But will Levi Garrison give him a way to survive?

        will not!

        He had sealed his back road long ago.






        Soon, the two sides fought together.

        When everyone treats the traitor, they kill it!

        Coupled with all the advantages, Wang Qingyu kept falling in a pool of blood.

        Everyone was blushing.

        Especially in the face of these traitors.

        Even more merciless.

        One knife.

        One sword.



        There were screams everywhere.

        In particular, Li Taishan and others were the most angry, venting their grievances on the traitors.

        “Surrender, surrender, we surrender!”

        “We regret it!”

        To the back, the traitors knelt to the ground one after another, no longer struggling.

        Li Taishan and the others hesitated.


        “Treat the traitor, kill without mercy!”

        From behind, Levi Garrison’s cold voice came.



        The people continued to slaughter.

        In the blink of an eye, there were less than a hundred of 20,000 people left.

        “Hold on!”

        “If you dare to kill me, my grandfather and the family of medical kings will take revenge on you frantically!”

        “You also understand the gap with Dominating the Alliance! You will not end well!”

        “If you don’t kill me, you can take me hostage…”

        Wang Qingyu began to negotiate.

        In order to survive, he gave it up.


        Li Taishan and the others stopped.

        Reality broke a basin of cold water for them.

        Although this squad is here.

        But facing the dominance of the alliance, it is still too weak.

        They have to consider for the next.

        If Wang Qingyu were to be held hostage, the situation would definitely be better.

        “Wang Qingyu is stinky and shameless!”

        At this time, Levi Garrison came over.

        Hear this voice.

        Both Wang Qingyu and Abigail trembled fiercely.

        So familiar.

        this is not?

        When they saw Levi Garrison, both of them were frightened.

        Li Taishan and Lei Baiqing were also taken aback.

        Before, they also went to the wedding of Abigail.

        Also know Levi Garrison.

        They didn’t even think that it was Levi Garrison who led the auspicious soldiers.

        “It’s him?”

        Li Taishan also inquired of the Dragon, Tiger, and God monks.

        “Wrong, it’s him!”

        “He led us to win the North and South war zones!”

        “I saw with my own eyes that he slaughtered more than 30 powerful men of the sixth heaven!”


        Dragon, tiger, gods and monks still have lingering fears when they talk about it.

        He gasped again and again.

        “So scary?”

        Li Taishan’s expressions changed drastically.


        “It’s you?”


        When everyone saw Levi Garrison, their reactions were quite different.

        Abigail was surprised and delighted.


        She saw hope.

        Wang Qingyu was all shocked.

        I saw that Levi Garrison walked towards Wang Qingyu step by step.

        “It’s really shameless, being a traitor! You even came to kill your own compatriots! How did you do it?”

        Levi Garrison sneered.

        Seeing Levi Garrison approaching, Wang Qingyu suddenly raised the corner of his mouth, and a vicious look flashed across his eyes.


        He suddenly attacked Levi Garrison, trying to kill him.


        But what he didn’t think was that Levi Garrison had disappeared before his eyes.




        There was a sound of cracking bones.

        Wang Qingyu fell to his knees.

        A heart-piercing sound came.

        His right leg was broken.

        “You, you…you are not ordinary people!”

        Only then did Wang Qingyu realize the problem.


        Levi Garrison slapped his face again.

        In an instant, Wang Qingyu’s cheeks were bloody, and all his teeth flew out.

        Abigail was pleasantly surprised.

        Sure enough, brother-in-law is not an ordinary person!

        She is so stupid!

        Still thinking about saving him and marrying Wang Qingyu.

        Too stupid.


        Levi Garrison gave an order.

        Soon, all the remaining traitors were killed.

        Only Wang Qingyu and Abigail were left.

        “Abigail, I want to kill him, you won’t stop me, will you?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        After all, he is Abigail’s fiance.

        “Abigail save me, I’m your husband! Please don’t let him kill me, brother-in-law!”

        Wang Qingyu became anxious.

        Abigail looked ruthless: “Brother-in-law, kill this culprit! I have nothing to do with him!”

        Levi Garrison nodded: “Okay, I will kill him. But not now!”

        Li Taishan everyone immediately came up: “It turns out to be the king of the word side by side!”

        “Now with your support! The Western Territory Theater can continue to defend again! It’s great!”


        Everyone smiled.

        But Levi Garrison asked, “Who said he was going to defend it? Pass my order to launch a frontal attack on the Domination Alliance Base Camp!”

        “what? What?”


        “Am I dreaming?”


        The language is not surprising and endless.

        Levi Garrison said this.

        Everyone was dumbfounded.

        Not defending and counterattack?

        Just rely on this person!

        Or is it a frontal attack?


        Completely crazy!

        Those who are familiar with Levi Garrison’s style have a calm face.

        They understand that there is no defense in Levi Garrison’s dictionary, it is completely offensive.

        “Listen to the king’s command and launch a frontal attack!”

        I saw Dragon Tiger God Monk and Long Hanzhou actively carrying out Levi Garrison’s orders.

        “is this real?”

        “I, I, I…”

        Li Taishan and their mouths trembled.

        Never thought of an offensive day…

        Even if the team is integrated and moved forward.

        They are still dreaming.

        His mother seemed to be dreaming.

        Is this an offense?

        The enemy is dozens of times stronger than them, or even hundreds of times stronger.

        Still attacking?

        There are a lot of evil ways behind.

        This dare to attack.

        We are getting closer and closer to the base camp of the Dominating Alliance, and everyone is now fully awakened.

        They are doing something crazy-offense.

        Dominate the alliance base camp.

        Everyone didn’t even take this matter to heart.

        Thousands of people have not been wiped out in minutes.

        At this time, everyone was taken aback when they heard the movement outside.

        “Huh? So fast? You can’t use it for half an hour, right?”

        Everyone wondered.

        Although Li Taishan has only a few thousand people, they can at least last a long time by virtue of their tenacity.

        It’s too fast to solve in half an hour.





        At this moment, waves of shaking and shaking occurred in the base camp.

        Hundreds of balls were thrown into the base camp that dominates the league.

        After landing, everyone was almost frightened to death.

        Hundreds of spheres were bloody heads.

        “This, this…”

        “This is my master! This is my senior brother! This is our people! What’s wrong?”

        Soon, people from all major forces in the medical king family recognized these heads.

        “The big thing is bad, the big thing is bad!”

        “Hurry up, the big thing is not good!”


        All of a sudden, the base camp dominating the alliance was in chaos.

        The medical king, Richard and other senior officials heard the movement.

        All rushed out.

        I was also taken aback by the head on the ground.

        “Something happened, it looks like something happened to my grandsons!”

        The medical king quickly reacted.

        Richard looked surprised: “No, don’t you say that the other party has only a few thousand people? How could it be possible?”

        “I don’t know, I don’t know what happened, but something definitely happened.”

        The King Doctor started to be anxious.

        Just as the decision was being made, a very penetrating voice came from above the mountain top in the distance.

        “Dominate the alliance quickly surrender, and spare you not to die!”

        “I will dominate the alliance, I will do your ancestors, dare to invade Erudia, and look for death!”

        “Open the base camp quickly, everyone kneels on the ground and surrenders, otherwise we will attack frontally!”


        Hear all kinds of threats.

        Everyone in the Domination Alliance was dumbfounded.

        Isn’t his mother crazy?

        Let them surrender?

        Your brain was kicked by a donkey, right?

        Can’t see the situation clearly?

        Can’t figure out your situation?

        Still attacking frontally?

        Richard laughed.

        “Go, prepare the army, let’s go out and see who is clamoring!”

        Soon, hundreds of thousands of troops to dominate the alliance are ready.

        The remaining 50,000 people from the medical king family and other forces also joined the group.

        Open the base camp together and set off.

        A piece of black and heavy, spread out overwhelmingly.

        Hundreds of thousands of people have almost filled this huge terrain, and there is no gap at all.

        Li Taishan on the other side took a sigh of relief when they saw it.

        The opposite is too scary.

        Hundreds of thousands are still martial artists.

        Even the powerhouses of the five heavens and the six heavens are everywhere.

        How to play this?

        Before they relied on the terrain, so many enemies could not spread out, and they could only attack by tens of thousands at a time, and they could 

temporarily delay their attack.

        But now all the enemy’s army can be spread out.

        this is too scary.

        When the dominating coalition army saw that there were only tens of thousands of people shouting in the distance.

        They are all happy.

        “The egg hits the rock?”


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