The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1731

 Richard smiled and said, “Erudia has an idiom, called Mantis arm as a car.”

      “Today I finally understand this idiom.”

      “Unsurprisingly, it should be Erudia’s recent active army. They didn’t go to the East Territory Theater, and they came to the West Territory.”

      “Haha, anti-routine. It’s a pity that our strength in the Western Territory is too strong. He can’t use surprise attacks. It’s useless at all.”

      “Now it’s changed from the frontal attack, relying on these people? It’s ridiculous!”


      After clarifying the situation.

      The Domination Alliance laughed.

      In their opinion, Levi Garrison’s offense was a very stupid act.

      Not only did they think that, but Li Taishan, they couldn’t believe it.

      “Grandpa save me!!!”..

      At this moment, a voice came.

      “What? My grandson?”


      The Doctor King and his family couldn’t help it.

      It’s all crazy.

      The mountain top in the distance.

      Wang Qingyu knelt on the ground.

      A black saber was standing right around his neck.

      Wang Qingyu screamed frantically.

      “Grandpa save me, they want to kill me!”


      The King Doctor was anxious.

      “Hurry up and let go of my grandson, or I will make you worse off than death!”

      “Hurry up, or we will strip you alive!”


      The Doctor King shouted.

      In the distance, Levi Garrison stepped on Wang Qingyu’s sorrow, holding a knife in one hand.

      He shouted into the distance: “Nothing else, I just want everyone to see the fate of the traitor!”

      “Your family of medical kings is wasting the benefits that Messiah has given you. You are not worthy of being Erudia people, a group of traitors, 

killing without mercy!”

      “Don’t don’t…”

      Doctor King what they realized.

      Not only shouted.

      Wang Qingyu felt the fear of death even more, and shouted, “No, no, no…”

      “Traitor, damn it!”

      Levi Garrison picked up the knife and fell.

      Blood splattered.

      Wang Qingyu thumped and fell to the ground.


      Levi Garrison sneered: “Did you see it? This is the fate of the traitor!”

      The traitors who watched this scene were shocked.

      At that moment, they all replaced themselves as Wang Qingyu.

      It seems that the fate of these traitors is like this.

      “No, you are looking for death! My grandson!”

      “Ah!!! I must kill you!”

      “I’m not finished with you!”

      Everyone in the medical king family is crazy.

      They don’t even ask Richard for instructions, they will attack directly.

      Levi Garrison smiled: “Don’t worry, you traitors will die later! Come one by one!”

      A word of excitement made the family of medical kings go to the head.

      “Brother save me!”

      But just at the very moment, a cry for help came out.

      Richard was shocked.

      That was the voice of his younger brother Jefferson.

      “Slow, wait, stop for me!”

      Richard abruptly prevented the medical king family’s actions.

      Because he saw Jefferson on the top of the hill.

      Kneeling like Wang Qingyu.

      Is he going to be killed too?

      Thinking of this, Richard broke into a cold sweat.

      “Calm down, calm down, don’t do it!”

      “What’s the matter to discuss! Calm down, don’t kill anyone!”


      Richard said in horror, pressing his hands down.

      Instructed Levi Garrison to calm down.

      Levi Garrison smiled and said, “Guess I will kill him?”

      Hearing this, Richard panicked.

      “Don’t, be calm!”

      “Let’s talk about the conditions!”

      Richard hurriedly said.

      “Okay, promise me a condition not to kill your brother!”


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