The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1732

      Levi Garrison said so.

      Everyone in the medical king family felt a little throb.

      Levi Garrison’s condition shouldn’t be…

      Richard repeatedly nodded: “Okay, you say! As long as I can do it, I promise!”

      “You want your brother to survive, one way! Kill all of them in the medical king family!”



      As soon as Levi Garrison said this, the audience gasped.

      This condition is terrible, right?

      The complexion of the doctor king and others changed drastically.

      Want to kill them all?

      Let them fight infighting?

      This is too insidious.


      When Richard heard it, he was dumbfounded.

      He hesitated.

      Levi Garrison’s intention couldn’t be more obvious, just to let them fight in their nests.

      A great loss of their strength.

      Get rid of these fifty thousand traitors by their hands.

      But how could he?

      Suddenly, the Doctor King and all the top executives who dominated the alliance looked at Richard.

      “No, you have to calm down and don’t act irrationally!”

      “Yes, they dominate the alliance just like us now!”


      Everyone persuaded.

      At this time, Levi Garrison’s voice sounded: “It looks like your brother doesn’t take him seriously, you should die!”

      “Brother save me!!!”

      Jefferson screamed hysterically.


      Richard was moved.

      “No, Mr. Richard must calm down!”

      “Calm down!”

      Everyone persuaded.

      The Doctor King was also scared and shouted: “Mr. Richard, he deliberately, deliberately instigated discord! Don’t be fooled!”

      “Yes, let’s try to save people!”

      Richard yelled: “Save me a fart, at this distance, the Sixth Heavenly powerhouse is still not enough, my brother is dead!”

      “You calm down, there must be other ways!”

      Levi Garrison’s voice sounded: “I only give you three seconds!”


      “No, brother, save me!”

      At the beginning of the countdown, Jefferson was terrified.

      During this period of time in Levi Garrison’s hands, it can be said that no one knew Levi Garrison better than him.

      He will do what he says.

      “Don’t, calm down, don’t be fooled!”


      At the beginning of the countdown, the atmosphere in the field went to extremes.

      Richard was still in a cold sweat, his veins violent and his body trembling.


      “Brother, save me! I don’t want to die, brother, brother, save me, save me!!! Save…”

      Jefferson was crazy, and quickly shouted.

      “Don’t promise, don’t promise…”

      “Calm down, calm down, calm down again. Don’t ruin globality just because of one person!”


      The Doctor King and the others were so nervous that they were about to vomit blood.

      The same is true for others.

      Everyone’s heart is hanging, breathing is fast, and the eyes are about to fly out.

      The most nervous is Richard.

      On the other side is my brother’s life.

      On the other side are the lives of tens of thousands of people.

      It’s all between his thoughts.

      Richard’s complexion was flushed, even purple, and his whole body was wetted with cold sweat like a torrential rain.

      His body was trembling crazily.

      He clenched his fist tightly.

      This decision is too difficult and too difficult.

      Levi Garrison was expressionless, as if everything in the court had nothing to do with him.

      His lips squirmed, and he slowly uttered a word: “One!”

      The moment this number is called out, it means that the dust has settled.

      “I agree to your terms!”

      “I agree, whistle whistle whistle whistle…”

      In the end, Richard agreed.

      He was panting heavily.

      I have never been so nervous in my life.

      But the 50,000 people of the medical king family and other forces were all dumbfounded.

      All of them looked pale.


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