The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1744

      The Sanxing Group really united and wanted to give Xiao Feng their worst attack.


      The strongest of the major forces have been sent out.

      There are close to two hundred Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses in total.

      Three thousand and five heavenly powerhouses.

      All the major forces’ hole cards were taken out.

      It turns out that these forces are all false reports and concealed reports.

      Not willing to really contribute.

      For example, the strong in the fifth and sixth heavens are not willing to send out.

      It’s hard to see even the strong of the Four Heavens.

      This is also an important distant shadow captured by the Eastern Theater. mi. c

      Otherwise, with their true power, Xiao Feng and the others would definitely not be able to survive.

      All of Xu Zhengjie’s killing weapons were used except for the upgraded version.

      What they want is not to give Xiao Feng and the others a chance to breathe.

      It went out in a rush.

      “Shou, you must keep!”

      Xiao Feng and the others are holding the posture that the entire army is overthrown.

      The brothers in  LEvi’s Squad   have set an example for them.

      What are they afraid of?

      “Boom boom boom…”

      “Puff puff……”


      The two sides are fighting together.

      A real flesh-and-blood battle!

      The scene of the war was out of control for a while.

      The sky is falling apart.

      The sun and the moon are reversed.


      Erudia suffered heavy casualties here.

      The other side only had a small attack.

      Half of Xiao Feng fell down here.

      Xiao Feng was hit by the God of Death weapon, although he passed by.

      But he was seriously injured.

      The others were all seriously injured.

      But the enemy didn’t stop for a while.

      Continue to attack like crazy.





      The enemy’s offensive posture was too violent.

      Someone around Xiao Feng kept falling down.

      The loss was too heavy.

      Even the rest of the morale is about to be beaten.

      Everyone is going back.

      Can’t hold it.

      Can’t hold it at all.

      Xiao Feng hurriedly shouted: “Hold it up, let me withstand it! We can’t retreat! We want to attack!”

      “Even if we have one soldier and one soldier, we still have to attack!”

      Xiao Feng suddenly laughed.

      “Brothers don’t worry, even if we are all dead, then the master will avenge us!”

      “Erudia will not be defeated, and the dragon flag will be flying all over the city by then!”

      This is the firm will of the Erudia people.

      Xiao Feng and the others became more tenacious.

      The stronger the offensive to dominate the Alliance.

      They didn’t even give Xiao Feng the chance to surrender.

      In the end, all the rest of them were forced into the fifth line of defense.

      “Offensive, kill them all!”

      Above the plains.

      The army dominating the alliance collapsed and came with an aura that obscured the sky and sun.

      Xiao Feng and all of them were ready to die.

      “Goodbye brothers in the next life!”

      Xiao Feng smiled.

      Seeing the enemy close at hand, everyone was relieved.

      Isn’t it just death?

      I died for Erudia, it’s worth it!

      Not reconciled!

      We can’t hold the big summer!


      Too unwilling!


      But at the very moment of the moment, there was a sudden movement of the earth and the mountains.

      An invisible air current lay before dominating the hundreds of thousands of troops in the alliance.

      Completely separate them from Xiao Feng and the others.

      The ground shook and the mountains shook, and a big gap appeared in the battlefield.

      It is completely divided into two areas.

      The army dominating the Alliance was forced to stop.

      “Too cruel to my disciples, right?”

      A familiar voice resounded through the sky.

      After Xiao Feng and the others heard this voice, everyone wept with joy.

      “Master, the master is here!”

      The crowd chanted.

      The hundreds of thousands of troops dominating the alliance were all stunned.

      I saw a dead figure in the sky leaping down from the sky.


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