The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1745

      He descended like a god.


      The moment he fell, it was like a nuclear bomb hit here.

      The world is shaking.

      A terrible air current spread to the surroundings.

      The formation of one hundred thousand people dominating the Alliance army was pushed back hundreds of meters.

      Levi Garrison descended from the sky.

      It really complied with the gods coming from heaven!

      Where is Levi Garrison standing, alone against an army of hundreds of thousands.

      He has no fear.

      A faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “With me here, don’t you guys want to go one step further!”..

      “I order you to surrender immediately, or I will kill you all!”

      One person told the other party to surrender hundreds of thousands.

      How domineering is this?

      “Master is mighty!”

      Xiao Feng shouted.

      Everyone chanted.

      All the army dominating the alliance was stunned.

      Do one dare to ask them to surrender?

      Is this crazy or silly?

      “what happens?”

      “What’s going on in front?”

      “Why did you stop?”

      Li Zhengguo, Xu Zhengjie and others in the rear asked one after another.

      “No, it’s Levi Garrison. Levi Garrison has come to the Eastern Frontier Theater!”

      Soon someone recognized Levi ‘s arrival.

      Li Zhengguo’s expression changed: “Levi Garrison’s speed is too fast, right?”

      How powerful is Levi Garrison.

      Richard had already told them.

      The main part that dominates the alliance also didn’t stop him.

      How strong is his combat power?

      do not know.

      He only knows that the strong man in the fifth and sixth heavens can’t kill him.

      He is so outrageous!

      But Xu Zhengjie smiled.

      “Levi Garrison, you are finally here, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

      Xu Zhengjie’s eyes were full of heat and madness.

      Now dominate the task assigned to him by the Alliance.

      As long as he kills Levi Garrison.

      He can get everything he wants.

      One of the promises is to become the king of the West Island country!

      Think of the lord of a country coming over the world.

      Xu Zhengjie was indescribably excited.

      “Come, come, take out all the upgraded versions of the killing god weapons!”

      “From this moment on, all God-killing weapons will only deal with Levi Garrison!”

      Xu Zhengjie began to deploy.

      Put all the weapons of killing gods.

      “In order to increase the probability of killing Levi Garrison, you need to consume Levi Garrison to a great extent!”

      “At that time, I will use the killing weapon again, so that the success rate will be higher!”

      “But don’t worry, all the next killing weapons are prepared for Levi Garrison alone! He will definitely die!”

      Xu Zhengjie looked confident.


      Give an order.

      Dominate the all-out offensive of the Alliance army.

      Kill one person to Levi Garrison.

      “Good come! I can’t kill enough in the Western Territory!”

      Levi Garrison rushed forward with bare hands.

      Fight with the army.

      At first, Xiao Feng and the others were a little worried.

      You can see the momentum of Levi Garrison sweeping the army.

      Everyone was stunned.

      “Master is really strong! Strong and strong!!!”

      Erudia said excitedly.

      They just heard about one person fighting an army of 100,000.

      Now one person fights more than 100,000 warriors, but they have seen it with their own eyes.

      Too fierce, too fierce.

      Not only are they scared.

      The Domination Alliance was also frightened.

      On how strong a person is?

      He can beat hundreds of thousands of warriors.

      The more wars, the more courageous.

      He divides the line.

      Hundreds of thousands of people just stepped past.

      This is the power of Levi Garrison.

      He also played back the formation dominating the league.


      It’s so shocking!

      Is there such a strong one?

      “No, if this goes on, these people can’t stop Levi  from coming!”

      “Push! Push our position forward!”

      Xu Zhengjie immediately pushed forward.

      After reaching the designated distance, all the killing weapons aimed at Levi Garrison.


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