The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1754

      Before the big summer, the country was in trouble.

      There are not a few people who quit Erudia nationality.

      Overseas countries actively accept elite talents from Erudia.

      According to the statistics.

      The three countries that receive the most talents from Erudia are the War Eagle Country, the East Island and the Star Country.

      War Eagle Nation: 570,000 people.

      East Island: 420,000 people.

      Star Country: 330,000 people.


      Unimaginable numbers.

      These are really a large list of talents recruited by various countries. ..

      More are not found.

      This wave of great summer difficulties has detected people’s hearts.

      How many people were defeated and escaped from Erudia.

      But what they didn’t think was that Erudia had won.

      So ninety-nine percent of people are facing an awkward situation-can’t go back to Erudia?

      Before leaving Erudia, it was not because they could live a better life abroad.

      But Erudia was in dire straits and was about to perish.

      They just left.

      In fact, joining other countries will not necessarily develop better than in Erudia.

      After all, not everyone is Xu Zhengjie, who can be a king, so that the Eagle Nation can meet all his conditions.

      Most people find that after joining another country, they are not as beautiful as they imagined.

      Countries like the War Eagle Nation simply don’t treat them as their own people.

      Just fancy their money, resources, talents and so on.

      Fortunately, those who are talented and capable can be reused.

      But like most people will only be squeezed to a large extent.

      When their value is squeezed out, these countries will absolutely kick them away without mercy.

      Although everyone doesn’t say this point, they feel like Ming Spiegel in their hearts.

      Especially Zhang Wentao, who came to War Eagle Nation, and Lopez and Black’s family.

      They understand better.

      Because of this period, the War Eagle Nation began to squeeze them in all aspects.

      In a short period of time, their money has been squeezed by a third.

      These people from the Lopez and Black family who fled were actually nothing in their respective families.

      Everyone’s abilities are very average, they need to be literary and literary, but they need to be martial.

      It’s all relying on the shadow of the family.

      Without the foundations of the family, the Western Shu family, and even Wushuang City.

      They are nothing.

      After Erudia’s victory, they became more aware of their situation.

      Now they have huge sums of money and even resources.

      But all this will be used up.

      The family will not provide them with continuous supply.

      Zhang Wentao, Li Songkui, Li Wenhai and others all gathered together to discuss solutions.

      Concubine Zhao Jun and Li Mengyue themselves yearned for a leisurely life abroad.

      The two unanimously expressed that they were unwilling to leave the war eagle country.

      If they can, they will always be in the Eagle Nation.

      Li Songkui and Zhang Wentao also liked their lives in War Eagle Nation.

      “According to the current situation, we can definitely live in Warhawk Nation for four or five years, but what should we do after four or five years?”

      Li Wenfei was more sensible and asked everyone.


      Everyone hesitated.

      They all understand that all the resources and money on hand will be exhausted one day.

      “Then we go back to Erudia?”

      Li Wenhai asked tentatively.

      “No, it’s shameful! Now they all treat us as traitors! It’s very difficult for us to return to Erudia! Besides, the elderly in the family disagree, after all, we 

are unscrupulous descendants!”

      “Furthermore, what are we doing back to Erudia? The Eagle Nation is so good!”


      Seeing that everyone is reluctant to go back.

      Li Wenhai said: “I have a way!”

      “What can I do? Say it!”

      Everyone looked forward to it.


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  1. I’m too confused with the changes in names? Who is Merideth, Robert, Harry, aaron, Caitlyn and the grandraughters and grandsons of Black Family. They seem to have changed all their names.

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