The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1768

 Richard also put on his exclusive mech, which is one of the top armors in their 


    It was much more advanced than the mecha that was split in half by Levi Garrison 


    After all, the cost of this mecha is too expensive. 

    The armor that Richard wears is more than 300 million yuan. 

    “You don’t take the Warhawk Nation too seriously. The Warhawk Nation almost 

possesses the most advanced technology and the most powerful force in the world!” 

    “You are provoking the entire Warhawk Nation! Don’t say you are an unknown 

person, even if you are a big one. The gods in the myth of Xia are here, don’t even 

think about going out!” 

    ” Go !!!” 

    … the 

    earth-shattering battle has begun. 

    Warriors, mech warriors, super-powers, modern warriors, modern weapons, killers, 


    all kill Levi Garrison in one mind. 

    This is not the same as the war dominates the alliance. 

    The Domination Alliance is a mob. Although the strong are like clouds, they can’t 

exert their power at all. 

    However, the enemies Levi Garrison is currently facing are properly configured and 

complement each other. 

    In this formation, even an ordinary person can deal Levi Garrison the hardest blow. 

    The war begins. 

    The masters started to kill Levi Garrison from all directions. 

    The first thing they had to do was to distract Levi Garrison’s attention. 

    Make him unable to care about each other. 

    In this way, they can rescue people. 


    A helicopter hovered in mid-air, with infrared rays crisscrossing on the helicopter, 

aiming at Levi Garrison. 

    “Too annoying!” 

    Levi Garrison suddenly flashed his eyes. 


    The North Ming sword in his hand was thrown out. 

    “Return to Dragon Slash!” 

    Levi Garrison shouted. 

    The North Ming Sabre shot out like a cannonball, with a long wave of air behind it, 

shooting into the air. 

    Swirling like a dragon! 

    So this combat technique is called Huilong Zhan. 


    Beiming’s sword surrounded his body, making a sizzling sound, as if it was about to 


    Swipe it out! 

    A helicopter was abruptly split in half! 

    Falling to the ground in heavy smoke, making a rumbling sound.

 “Shit!” With 

    another stab, another helicopter split and fell. 

    “Shit!” The 

    third plane split. 

    “Shit!” The 

    fourth frame! 

    …… The 

    North Ming sword turned like a dragon, and one helicopter after another was split in 





    The hundredth frame. 

    Helicopters kept falling to the ground, and this area became a sea of flames. 

    On the ground, although the major masters have levels, orderly and coordinated 

attacks against Levi Garrison. 

    But Levi Garrison could take it anyway. 

    They couldn’t save people at all, instead they died and injured a lot. 


    war has been going on. 

    Levi Garrison is simply too strong for one person. 

    No matter how terrifying the fighting power, Levi Garrison can take it, and he is stronger. 

    In a short period of time, he dragged the two of them out of a distance of 

thousands of meters. 


    Great shame! 

    Now the whole world is paying attention. 

    Levi Garrison is also swift and fierce, the more shameful it is to War Eagle! 

    In particular, the people of the Warhawks went crazy one by one. 

    They felt a great degree of shame! 

    The fighting lasted an hour later. 

    This area is filled with tens of thousands of corpses. 

    The damage to the helicopter is also extremely serious. 

    “Come on, that’s it?” 

    Levi Garrison opened the way with the Beiming sword in his hand. 

    The opponent was scared. 

    Quite a few people started to back down. 

    “Come on! Give it to me!” 

    Richard yelled. 

    “Warhawk must not be insulted!” 

    “I’ll kill him!” 

    a shout came. 

    The world rumbling. 

    “Senior Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse…”


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