The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1770


    “Boom!” A 

    thunder and lightning. 



    Another thunder and lightning. 



    Warhawk Thor roared like crazy. 

    Soon, thousands of thunder and lightning smashed down one after another, as dense as the sea, 

smashing towards Levi Garrison. 

    “Boom…” In 

    an instant, the radius of a hundred miles turned into scorched earth, and no grass grew. 

    Everyone was stunned by the flash of lightning before them. 

    The warhawk Thor’s trick alone is afraid that hundreds of thousands of troops will be wiped out in an 


    The Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is really like a god. 

    Today, everyone is an eye-opener. 

    How terrible is the control of the Seventh Heaven Powerhouse? 

    Being like a god. 

    Can Levi Garrison stop it? 

    In an instant, tens of thousands of lightning strikes. 

    Submerged Levi Garrison. 

    In the center, Levi Garrison shouted: “Block! Block! Block!” 

    ” Block, block …” What’s 

    terrible is that Levi Garrison used his fist to knock down a thunder and lightning, and another thunder and 

lightning with one fist… 

    One fist! 

    Two punches! 

    Three punches! 


    Soon, Levi Garrison has swung tens of thousands of fists, smashing thousands of lightning bolts down. 

    Resist thunder and lightning with a hard body? 

    Unheard of! 

    Jefferson and Xu Zhengjie were frightened and passed out. 


    Levi Garrison’s every punch was shocking. 

    The earth trembled, the air wave surged, and the shock wave dissipated even more. 

    “Uh ah!” 

    “Uh ah!” 


    around fighters in the country’s strong they suffer numerous casualties. 

    “Bang bang bang…” 

    Levi Garrison continued. 

    Smashed all the thunder and lightning with a fist abruptly. 

    He was not injured at all! 

    “It’s me!!!” 

    Levi Garrison roared long


12 thoughts on “The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1770”

  1. Carmelita caga

    Now erudia knows that it was Levi who rub erudias traitor. .
    And he must given the due credit
    I’ll be following this
    Thank u

  2. After war is completed.. Levi won’t get any credit.. he won’t disclosed his identity.. or someone will take his credit.. or Levi will disappear again.. or missiah will tell for security and enemies are out. Please disclose your identity.. live normal ordinary person for eduria future..

  3. I’m too confused with the changes in names. With the new names being mentioned, who is Merideth, Robert, Harry, Aaron, Caitlyn and the pretentious grandraughters and grandsons of Black Family. They seem to have changed all their names. Can someone please map out the new names to the old names? haha

    1. To be honest it feels like I’m reading a different new novel altogether.

      All the characters that was in it before are all irrelevant and even the love between Levi and Zoey seems to have gone too

      But having said that the last 50
      Chapters have improved significantly

      Keep up the good work

  4. So a stranger like Jefferson can easily identify Levi by his structure but Messiah and the foolish wife zoey cant identify levi thru his physical appearance. This author is so on drugs

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