The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1774

 A group of men and women in suits and leather shoes got off a few off-road vehicles. 

    Most people are not superpowers or warriors. 

    They are like white-collar workers in shopping malls. 

    The corner of Levi Garrison’s mouth 

    raised , and he smiled and asked: “What are you doing?” The headed man and woman approached Ye 

Levi  vigilantly, raising their hands and saying: “Dear Sir, please calm down, we… We are not malicious, we 

just want to Talk to you!” 

    “Yes, we want to talk to you, it doesn’t make any sense for us to call like this!” 

    Levi Garrison sneered, “What is there to talk about? Quickly let the road go and let me take these two people 

away.” ! ” ” 

    Dear sir, please listen to us! ” ” 

    we want you to talk about, want you to make a deal! ” 

    They looked wary leaf monarchs. 

    “Let’s talk about it, what deal?” 

    Levi Garrison was curious. 

    “Sir, we can completely turn fighting into jade, and turn the enemy into friends!” 

    “Yes, you have no grievances with us, why are you so desperate?” 

    Levi Garrison smiled: “How to say?” 

    “Actually, you don’t need it. If you are working for the great summer, you just join the war eagle 


    “We promise to fulfill any conditions you want! For example, if you want to be a king, be a king and do 

whatever you want!” 

    “As long as you agree to join the war eagle country, You will achieve whatever you want! For example, 

further increase in strength! For example, having the most wealth and the highest rights!” 


    This man and woman are negotiation experts. 

    Sing and make a peace, if one doesn’t pay attention, they will really be tempted by the two. 

    At this time everyone knew what the strategy of the War Eagle Nation was. 

    Although I can’t stop you, I can let you join. 

    Once agreed, this will kill two birds with one stone. 

    Levi Garrison smiled and said, “Okay, achieve whatever I want?” 

    “Yes, as long as you dare to think, we dare to promise! I’m here on behalf of Tianshield and can meet all 

your requirements!” 

    These people are confident. full. 

    Levi Garrison looked at several people and said, “That’s good

, My condition is very simple. Let me be the master of Warhawk Nation! As long as I promise, I will join 

without hesitation! ” 

    ” Boom! “The 

    words are not astonishing and endless. 

    Everyone was shocked when Levi Garrison said this. 

    His condition turned out to be the entire Warhawk Nation? 

    He should be the master of the Warhawk Nation! 



    “Sir, don’t be kidding. We are sincere! “A 

    few people said coldly. 

    “Nonsense, Lao Tzu is sincere. Didn’t you say that all my conditions are met?” I brought it up, why am I 

not satisfied! ” 

    Levi Garrison asked back. 

    “Don’t deceive others too much, don’t fool us on purpose!” “The members of the 

    Sky Shield Bureau were angry. 

    “If you don’t have any sincerity, then get out!” ” 

    Levi Garrison slapped. 

    A terrible invisible force slapped all the people and vehicles of the Sky Shield Bureau. 

    Levi Garrison continued to move forward. The 

    talk collapsed! 

    This completely disrupted the Sky Shield Bureau’s plan. 

    I thought that no one would refuse the invitation of the War Eagle Nation. I 

    didn’t expect Levi Garrison to offer such a condition! 

    Levi Garrison continued to advance, and the thousands of troops in front continued to stop 

    him . “No, it’s the last moment. There are still three hours. , He must have left the war eagle country! ” 

    Even if Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson are dead, we can’t let him leave War Eagle Nation!” ” 

    ” How to do? Think of a solution, hurry up! ” 


    time flies. 

    It was an hour before Levi Garrison left the Kingdom of War Eagle. 

    “Hey, it really can’t work, you can only use it!” 

    “What? Use it???? Are you crazy?” 

    “No way, for the current plan, only it can work!!!”


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