The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1778


    “Repair, quickly repair!” 

    “How long will it take to repair?” 

    Richard quickly shouted. 

    “It will take more than 20 minutes at the earliest!” 

    “We will try our best!” 


    technicians began to repair frantically. 

    No one expected this. At the most critical moment, such a problem would happen. 

    In the crucial twenty minutes, Levi Garrison had already left War Eagle Nation. 

    Can’t let the scepter of God bloom on the land of other countries, right? 

    There was dead silence in the entire base. 

    Richard was even more angry and hit the table. 

    But after he turned around, a successful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. 

    It turned out that the launch system malfunctioned and he arranged it alone. 

    The purpose is simple-he doesn’t want the scepter of God to be launched, and he doesn’t want his 

brother Jefferson to die. 

    Richard is a man who cares for his shortcomings and loves his brother very much. 

    Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made so many crazy moves before. 

    Now that he kills his own brother himself, he can’t do it. 

    In his opinion, the reputation of the war eagle is not as important as the fate of his brother. 

    Today, the humiliation that Erudia master brought to the War Eagle, he can completely repay it if he finds 

a chance in the future. 

    His brother died but he was gone forever. 

    The scepter of God failed to launch successfully. 

    It means that the Eagle Nation has completely failed to block Levi Garrison. 

    Levi Garrison dragged the two to the border. 

    He smiled and said, “Why do you want to kill me?” 


    Xu Zhengjie and Jefferson didn’t expect Levi Garrison to leave so easily. 

    “Let’s go, come back to Erudia with me and get the punishment you deserve!” 

    Levi Garrison took the two of them out of the boundary of War Eagle Nation. 

    Subsequently, Levi Garrison inserted half of the North Ming War Sabre on the border of the War Eagle 


    The meaning is very obvious! 

    Take the knife as proof! 

    I, Levi Garrison, once entered the war eagle country and took away two people… But 

    this is a great shame for the war eagle!

oon, many masters came to the border of the war eagle country. 

    See the North Ming sword inserted in the ground. 

    It stings their eyes like a blazing sun. 

    This knife is stuck in their dignity! 

    It’s a shame for them! 


    one person shouted wildly, and was about to pull out the North Ming sword. 

    “Hold on!” The 

    leader stopped him. 

    “This knife can’t be pulled! Always stick it here! This is the shame the enemy has brought us! It reminds us 

of this all the time!” 

    Everyone on the scene looked at the Beiming Sabre with red faces! 

    Everyone clenched their fists… 


    The entire Warhawk Nation was silent. 

    They almost took out everything, but they still couldn’t stop Levi Garrison! 

    At the last moment, Richard’s small actions prevented God’s scepter from launching successfully. 

    Let Levi Garrison leave completely. 

    When Levi Garrison stepped out of the border, the whole world was full of doubts. 

    The Eagle Nation just let Levi Garrison leave? 


    No reason! 

    But the facts are here! 

    he left. 

    The circles of the Warhawk Nation have exploded… 


    Today, the most shameful! 

    “Erudia, this Liangzi is completely knotted!” 

    Many people clenched their fists and looked crazy. 

    Richard also clenched his fist: “Brother, I will save you again! And Erudia, I won’t let it go!” 

    He believed that even if it was Erudia, he would not die. 

    His plan was achieved… After 

    learning the news, Erudia was completely boiling. 

    The first is to completely defeat the Domination Alliance. 

    Now the mysterious master single-handedly took away the two in the Eagle Nation.

 All show the power of Erudia! 

    Erudia is not afraid of anyone! 

    The sleeping dragon has gradually awakened, who can be the enemy? 

    Now Erudia is showing a super power, not afraid of anything! 

    In this way, the rich celebrities who had escaped from Erudia before, etc. were completely dumbfounded. 

    After desperately leaving at the beginning, who knew that the crisis would be resolved soon, and it would 

show such a strong side. 

    Who can think of this situation now? 

    Erudia is the best! 

    It’s difficult to go back now, after all, everyone has left their nationality. 

    The most difficult thing is the Erudia people who fled to the war eagle country. 

    In the beginning, Xu Zhengjie wanted to be a king, and he would almost have a face to solicit everything. 

    But now Xu Zhengjie was taken away, and everything about them fell apart. 

    Especially Li Wenhai, Zhang Wentao and the others were completely dumbfounded. 

    They could have become masters. 

    Everything was gone in an instant. 

    They still watched as they were deprived of everything. 

    Li Wenhai, Li Wenfei and his party returned to the manor. 

    They turned on the TV and were watching the latest situation. 

    At this time, Zhao Junfei suddenly changed her face because she saw a terrible news. 

    After Levi Garrison took away the two Jeffersons, the Eagle Nation was furious. 

    In a fit of anger, the Warhawk Nation issued a message: these people in Warhawks who used to have 

Erudia nationality will be expelled from the Warhawk Nation after all property and deprivation of their 


    The list of people to be expelled will be announced soon. 

    Concubine Zhao Jun quickly saw her name on it. 

    “The big thing is not good, look at the news!!!” 

    Concubine Zhao Jun reminded. 


    Everyone started to check the list. 

    Everyone present saw their name on the list! 

    The Eagle Nation wants to confiscate all their property and expel them. 

    In an instant, they were equivalent to being driven out of the leftover pants… 


    Li Zhao’s family and these people are ashamed…


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