The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1779

In any case, I did not expect to experience great ups and downs in one day. 

    They, who were originally masters, will actually fall to this point. 





    Everyone’s mobile phones sounded at the same time. 

    After opening, there are shocking text messages. 

    All the assets in their overseas accounts have been emptied… 

    and even invisible assets, such as villas, manor cars, etc. have all been deprived. 

    In an instant, all of them had nothing. 

    Except for the clothes you wear. 

    Even where they live is on the deprivation liquidation list. 

    At the same time, they were expelled from their nationality by the war eagle nation. 

    They will have no identity. 

    Including their names are also invalid. 

    No region or country in the world has basic information about them. They are like wandering savages. 

    Not even a beggar! 

    Most beggars still have identities at least! 

    They are not there! 

    “I, I, I…” 

    Li Wenfei’s eyes went dark and he fainted directly. 

    “Why? Why is all this?” 

    “We didn’t do anything wrong! Why did you do this to us?” 

    “I don’t accept it, I want to appeal!!!” 


    All kinds of complaints are everywhere, and everyone is crazy. 

    There are still terrible scenes in the streets. 

    These traitors who were once Erudia are now driven out of the War Eagle Nation after being deprived of 


    Those who are reluctant will be beaten severely. 

    Was forcibly driven out of the war eagle country. 

    What is even more frightening is that once they stepped out of the War Eagle Nation, they would 

become unidentified people. At that time, every region did not accept them. 

    It is impossible for them to return to Erudia.

   It is impossible to go to other places. 

    No one wants it at all. 

    The only value is to be coolie. 

    It is said that there are many human trafficker groups outside of Warhawk who are waiting to take in 

these people. 

    Once taken away by them, what is the end? 

    Everyone knows it well. 

    “Da da da…” 

    Soon, a rush of footsteps sounded. 

    Many people rushed in from outside. 

    “From now on you will no longer be members of the War Eagle Nation, and your identity has been 


    “From now on you leave the War Eagle Nation! You are not welcome here! Immediately, immediately!” 

    … As soon as the 

    opponent enters the door, he will force it. Deport all owners of Lopez and Black’s family. 

    “No, sir, you are misunderstood! We are from the Erudia Li family and Zhao family, and we have a close 

relationship with Mr. Xu Zhengjie!” 

    “Yes, and our stay is definitely useful for the War Eagle Nation! 

    ” Are you afraid that it is a misunderstanding? We can’t be expelled!” 


    Everyone began to argue. 

    “It’s you! We didn’t misunderstand!” 

    “Get out! How can you, a group of maggots, be able to treat the holy land like the Eagle Nation?” The 

    other party’s attitude became more and more tough. 

    “I ask you, why do you deprive and freeze all our assets? Give me a reason!” 

    Li Songkui stood up. 

    Zhang Wentao echoed: “Yes, that’s right! You invited you to join the nationality of the Eagle Nation, or 

you personally sent a plane to pick it up! How can we remove our status casually? The reason?” 

    “Yes, you are too unreasonable! You can drive us away, but why deprive us of our assets? What rights do 

you have?” 

    Zhao Junfei and Li Mengyue stood up one by one. 

    Just like before, reason with people in Erudia. 

    But they forgot. 

    This is not Erudia. 

    They have no reason. 

    “Reason? This is the reason! Call me!”


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