The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1782

    Levi Garrison’s tone was calm. 

    Everyone at the scene knew that he would kill Xu Zhengjie. 

    Xu Zhengjie understood even more. 

    “Save me! Save me!” 

    “I already knew that I was wrong, and I will do everything to make up for it!” 

    Xu Zhengjie quickly hid behind Wen Lei and the others. 

    Wen Lei opened her arms and stood in front of Levi Garrison. 

    “If you want to kill him, kill me first and step over my corpse!” 

    Wen Lei closed her eyes, her body trembling. 

    “Calm down, you, Xu Zhengjie’s value is too great! It’s a shame to kill!” 

    “Let’s do it, wait for him to play his due value before letting you deal with it!” 

    “Don’t do it…” 


    people around are anxious, for fear that Levi Garrison will actually do it. 

    This is the value of Xu Zhengjie! 

    Even if he is sinful. 

    But in this case, many people still don’t want him to die. 

    I want him to shine and play his value! 

    Seeing that Levi Garrison slapped Wen Lei with a slap. 

    All people have a cardiac arrest and are about to suffocate. 

    In the end, Levi Garrison slapped and did not fall. 

    Wen Lei opened her eyes in fear and looked at Levi Garrison blankly. 

    Levi Garrison said coldly: “Are you sure you want to take him away?” 

    “I’m sure!” 

    “Do you expect him to work for Erudia and count on his talent? This man is sinister and cunning. If you 

don’t kill him, it will always be a danger. exist!” 

    “Once he plans, it will be endless disasters! Do you understand?” 

    Levi Garrison reminded. 

    The throats of Xiao Feng and others squirmed. 

    Xu Zhengjie is a genius. 

    How terrible is the person who can study the weapon of killing God! 

    It’s a walking explosive! 

    “As long as he joins the Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance, we will be responsible for everything 

that happens! Besides, I have seen


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