The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1783

To his remorse! He will definitely repent, like something dangerous, it will never exist! “The 

    others immediately promised. 

    Wen Lei wanted to say something, but 

    she abruptly held back. She also seemed to agree with Levi Garrison’s statement a little bit. 

    “Well, let’s take it away!” Don’t let me see again, I will kill you! ” 

    You people don’t find me if something goes wrong!” ” 

    Levi  approached. 

    He didn’t care. 

    Xu Zhengjie killed him if he wanted to. 

    He could bring it back from the War Eagle Nation. If this 

    group of people doesn’t listen to persuasion, then leave it to them. 

    It doesn’t matter to him. 

    Xu Zhengjie smiled and passed it.     Give Levi Garrison an arrogant look. It 

    means to wait and see… In the 

    end, the Dragon Technology Alliance took Xu Zhengjie away. 

    But Wen Lei was not very relieved. She suggested that Xu Zhengjie should be strictly watched in the 

future and everything should be restricted to 

    prevent Xu Zhengjie from secretly engaging in it. Move, create danger. 

    “Miss Wen, you definitely have to worry too much! Mr. Xu will definitely repent! I can see it! ” 

    Furthermore, we saved him and gave him good terms!” How could he harm us? ” 


    others immediately objected. 

    Wen Lei didn’t say anything. It’s 

    just that Xu Zhengjie in the car swept a crazy arc of his mouth. 

    “Master, where are you going next?” ” 

    Xiao Wind asked. 

    ” Of course, is to look at sub-Levilia and dyed them! ” 

    Levi Garrison smiled. 

    “Mother and them are still in Wushuang City! Fu Qiufeng is only a five-layer heaven, so he still needs to 

guide Levilia! He is really whimsical!” 

    Xiao Feng said casually. 

    Now Levi Garrison even kills the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse if he wants to kill him, and Fu Qiufeng is a fart. 

    Levi Garrison immediately went to see Zoeyniang. 

    But at this time something happened that Levi Garrison didn’t expect…

  That is, the Baolong clan wants to eliminate the crooked ways that joined the Domination Alliance before. 

    They would have cleared it a long time ago. 

    It was just that Levi Garrison went to War Eagle to lead people, so it was postponed. 

    Now they are going to take these people one by one. 

    Including those who surrendered to Levi Garrison before and relieved the danger of the capital are among 


    But Levi Garrison didn’t know. 

    He is now on his way to Wushuang City. 

    Come this way. 

    The most obvious feeling is that the strong have increased. 

    Although they were hiding better, Levi Garrison could feel their powerful aura, which was different from 

ordinary people. 

    In Levi Garrison’s eyes, it seemed to shine like a scorching sun, which was easy to distinguish. 

    Soon, Levi Garrison came to Wushuang City. 

    Wushuang City is still naively cultivating Levilia and Zoey as the future. 

    Little did they know that Levi Garrison, the Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse with hands and eyes open to the sky, 

was already tired of killing. 

    Even Levi Garrison, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse, was able to kill consecutively. 

    After Levi Garrison arrived, Wushuang City did not stop him and let him enter. 

    “The city lord said, you haven’t seen Levilia for a long time. Let you stay two more days this time!” 

    Levi Garrison shook his head: “No, I’m here to take them away this time!” 

    “Huh? What do you mean? “The 

    Wushuang City guard’s complexion changed, and he looked at Levi Garrison suspiciously. 

    “Tell Fu Qiufeng that I’m here to take people home today! Fu Qiufeng and the others are too young, I 

have to take Levilia back! You can only teach you the basics of Levilia after all!” 

    Levi Garrison said. 

    The faces of a few people on the opposite side changed wildly. 

    Several people hurried to report the news. 

    Soon after, the entire Wushuang City people surrounded Levi Garrison in three and three layers. 

    Fu Qiufeng even brought other people here. 

    Zoey, Levilia, a few people saw Levi 


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