The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1784

  Pro is still very excited. 

    After all, they all knew that Levi Garrison had gone to fight, but there was no news. 

    However, Fu Qiufeng stopped a few people. 

    “Wait! I have something to tell him!” 

    Fu Qiufeng looked at Levi Garrison and asked, “What? Are you going to take them away?” 

    “Yes! Wushuang City is a small sect after all, your strength is too weak. He is not qualified to train Levilia 

at all!” 

    Levi Garrison said. 

    The whole Wushuang City was angry. 

    There were angry voices everywhere, and everyone with blushing and thick necks wanted to teach Ye 

Levi  a lesson. 

    Fu Qiufeng and several elders were also angry. 

    Wushuang City is a small school? 

    It’s ridiculous! 

    Are they weak? 

    Fu Qiufeng’s five heavenly powerhouse is definitely the overlord! 

    Levi Garrison ignored the anger of the people, and said lightly: “Of course I am not an ungrateful person! No 

matter how you say you have paid for Levilia! Let’s do this, I, Levi Garrison, owe you a favor! 

    You will encounter any difficulties in the future. You can come to me for everything and problems!” 

    If you let others know about Levi Garrison’s promise, you will definitely be crazy. 

    One of his promises is simply too big. 

    Did he kill tens of thousands of powerhouses in the fifth heaven? 

    One of his promises is unimaginable. 

    But in the eyes of everyone in Wushuang City, his promise was worthless. 

    “Go away, what good is it for us to find you if we are in trouble?” 

    “You are purely sick!” 


    Levi Garrison’s simple words completely angered everyone in Wushuang City. 

    “I will take the people away now! Since then, I have no relationship with you Wushuang City! But my 

promise has always been in effect!”   

    After speaking, Fu Qiufeng was completely angry. 

    “I will see how you are going to take people away today?”

     “Yes! Don’t even want to take someone away! Wushuang City is not your turn to speak!” 

    Everyone in Wushuang City was tough. 

    They are strong like clouds, how can they be afraid of a Levi  coming. 

    Levi Garrison smiled. 

    Like these in Wushuang City, Levi Garrison didn’t know how many killed during this period. 

    too weak. 

    It’s no different from ordinary people who don’t have the power to bind chickens. 

    It’s the same as killing a chicken. 

    “Levilia, Dad will take you home!” 

    Levi Garrison stepped forward and picked Levilia, pulling Zoey and Zhou Nanyan to leave. 

    “You get out of the way, I think he dares to take a step out of Wushuang City?” 

    Fu Qiufeng said angrily. 

    When everyone heard the words, they automatically let go. 

    Levi Garrison didn’t care, leading the three of them to move on. 

    “If the three of you dare to step out of the Wushuang City gate, you will never come back again!” 

    Fu Qiu shouted with anger. 

    He believed that Zoey did not want to leave. 

    After all, this is a great opportunity. 

    He believed that no one would refuse. 

    However, Levi Garrison didn’t give them a chance to stop, and left with a few people. 

    Seeing a few people leave Wushuang City, Fu Qiufeng was dumbfounded. 

    Really gone? 

    “What does the city lord do now?” the 

    others asked. 

    “Yes, if this monarch leaves Wushuang City, our future will be completely gone!” 

    “If other forces take it away, it is really unimaginable!” 


    Fu Qiufeng looked uncomfortable after eating the flies. He immediately ordered: “Chasing, chase me 

quickly! Be sure to catch people back!” Now 

    he was cruel, and even everyone would catch Levilia back. 

    When the masters of Wushuang City were about to go out to catch Levilia, they suddenly thundered. 

    There are several figures from

  Falling from the sky, standing on the city wall, it was Xiao Feng and the others. 

    Feeling the powerful aura of Xiao Feng and others, everyone in Wushuang City was taken aback. 

    Fu Qiufeng exclaimed: “Are you Xiao Feng?” 

    The name of the person, the shadow of the tree, Xiao Feng is famous in the Battle Domination Alliance, 

who doesn’t know? 

    “You are really brave! Which daughter dare you to catch?” 

    Xiao Feng said coldly. 

    “Why? Still say?” 

    Fu Qiufeng realized that something was wrong . 

    “I ask you, who dominated the alliance some time ago defeated?” 

    “Although it was the Baolong clan that made the move in the end, the main record is still that amazing 


    Fu Qiufeng answered honestly. 

    “Recently, a master of Great Xia went to War Eagle Nation to bring Xu Zhengjie back, and 

    knew about even the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse, right?” “I know! Even the Seventh Heavenly 

Powerhouse is unimaginable!” 

    Fu Qiufeng sucked in cold mouth. gas. 

    Xiao Feng said with a proud face: “Then I tell you that these two things were done by one person at all, 

and the person who was just in front of you, that is, my master Levi Garrison!” The 

    words are not astonishing and endless. 

    As soon as Xiao Feng said this, the whole Wushuang City was deadly silent. 

    Everyone was dumbfounded. 

    The man who turned the tide and turned the tide is actually Levilia’s father. 

    That ordinary person? 

    It turns out that he has been so arrogant, has always looked down on Wushuang City, and has always 

mocked them for being weak! 

    In front of the strong who slaughtered the Seventh Heaven in a row, they were just as weak as ants. 

    He was right, Levilia sent them here to lay the foundation. 


    Fu Qiufeng directly fell to his knees. 

    The others 

    broke out in a cold sweat… scared to death! 

    They even wanted to kill him… 

    how could they come up with such an idea? 

    Zoey, who had left Wushuang City, began to worry: “You said Wushuang City won’t chase it, right?”


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