The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1785

 Levi Garrison was about to speak, but saw a lot of people running behind. 

    Headed by it was Fu Qiufeng. 

    He brought a large number of people and followed Levi  to them. 

    Levi Garrison frowned. 

    I began to bury the injustice that Xiao Feng did not do well, even this little thing could not be handled 


    Zoey and the others were frightened when they saw a large group of people coming. 

    “Ah!!!” When 

    they were about to scream, they didn’t want to move Fu Qiufeng, but they cried out. 

    Looking at Levi Garrison, everyone seemed to see a ghost. 

    Fu Qiufeng led everyone to change directions immediately and ran to the nearby mountains and forests. 

    It turned out that Fu Qiufeng and the others weren’t here to chase Levi Garrison. 

    Instead, go to the cemetery of the old city lord to check. 

    In order to prove who saved Levilia in the hands of the Black God Sect at the beginning… 

    “They are so strange, didn’t they come to chase us?” 

    Zoey and the others expressed deep doubts about Fu Qiufeng’s behavior. 

    After Fu Qiufeng and the others came to the tomb of the old city lord, they immediately asked them to 

open the tomb. 

    After seeing the mummy in the coffin, everyone understood. 

    There is no old town owner at all! 

    The Old City Lord is long dead. 

    It was Levi Garrison who rescued Levilia back, and he was also the one who destroyed the Black God Sect. 

    He said it at the beginning, but no one believed it. 

    Everyone attributed all this to the shot of the Old City Lord. 

    “By the way, did Master Ye say to help us once?” 

    Fu Qiufeng asked. 


    “We must cherish this opportunity!” 

    “It turned out to be his daughter, otherwise, where would such a high talent come from?” 


    Levi Garrison took the three of them back to Jiangbei’s home. 

    The grandparents were naturally happy to see Levilia. 

    After hearing that Levilia left Wushuang City, this made Li

 Wen Yuan was dissatisfied with them. 

    “Forget it, forget it, it’s better to see Levilia every day than to go to any 

    Wushuang City!” Zhao Yalan and Emma hugged Levilia tightly. 

    For these ordinary people, family reunion is the most important thing. 

    In particular, some time ago, the national disaster was at the forefront. Everyone was used to seeing 

parting, and they understood the importance of family affection. 

    Especially Lopez and Black’s family ran away many people. 

    The three old people miss Levilia very much. 

    So even if Levi Garrison brought Levilia back, they didn’t say anything. 

    “What? The uncle and the uncle have all gone to War Eagle Nation?” 

    Zoey was taken aback when he knew this. 

    Levi Garrison smiled helplessly. 

    He also saw them in the Eagle Nation with his own eyes. 

    “By the way, the news just came that the War Eagle Nation expelled many people from Erudia…” 

    “Let this group of people run outside, now it’s all right, deserve it!” 

    Li Wenyuan cursed. 

    Apparently news of these people’s deportation has spread all over the world. 

    “Ah? Is it so miserable?” 

    Zoey asked. 

    “Yeah, it comes down to Erudia’s mysterious master, who entered the war Eagle Nation alone and brought 

Xu Zhengjie back! It completely angered the war Eagle Nation! Only then made such an act of revenge!” 

    Li Wenyuan explained. 

    “And I heard that the mysterious master was sent by the Baolong clan! The Baolong clan is really strong 

enough, with them, Erudia must be stable!” 


    At this time. 

    There was a sound of footsteps outside. 

    It turned out that it was the old lady of the Li family and Li Tianhao who came. 

    As soon as they entered the door, they came directly at Levi Garrison. 

    “What happened to grandparents?” 

    Zoey asked. 

    “Not those unfilial sons! They were expelled from the war eagle country, deprived of their identity and 

property, and now abandoned to the wilderness!” 

    “Aren’t we here to find King’s Landing to pick them up and restore their status?”


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  1. I don’t know where this story is going.. when Levi is god of war. I know where these super power house. Super heavenly kings and all. Why all these guys came in sudden.

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