The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1788

  Levi Garrison was sitting in the helicopter and saw a crowd of fans on the ground. 

    He couldn’t help sighing. 

    A group of innocent people! 

    “This trick is vicious! Use fans to counter us! Once we have any excessive behavior, it 

will definitely have a huge impact!” 

    Xiao Feng explained after seeing Levi Garrison. 

    Xiao Feng is also an extremely intelligent person, but he can’t handle this kind of 


    You can’t use force, right? 

    At this moment, the number of fans is approaching one hundred thousand. 

    Crowded the small port. 

    As soon as Levi  arrived, the cruise ship from Star Country had also arrived at the 


    About to log in! 

    On the deck of the cruise ship, thousands of elites are looking at the port. 

    Everyone smiled when they saw the crowds of fans. 

    The leading stars Gao Xiangcheng and Xiong Xuebing were even more excited. 

    “Look, our approach is okay?” 

    It turned out that it was their idea to let the fans pick it up. 

    The more fans came, the less Erudia dared to target them. 

    So before setting off, they vigorously incited fans to pick up the ship… 

    not only that, they also invited dozens of internationally renowned media on the 

cruise ship. 

    In this way, even if they are driven out, these media will release the news, which will 

have a great impact. 

    I have to say that they are very smart. 

    A lot of preparations were made, so Erudia had no reason to drive them away. 

    Under the public opinion of all parties, they can only be allowed to enter Erudia and 

restore their identities. 

    They can continue to make money and continue to have a high position in Erudia. 

    The things that fled Erudia before had no effect on them at all. 


    Finally the cruise ship drew at the port. 

    These fans are starting to go crazy. 

    Can you not be excited to see so many stars at such close range? 

    Fans are crazy about rushing over, but fortunately, Xiao Feng arranged someone in 

advance to send him

We stayed outside. 

    But it was just blocking. 

    If anything happens, this group of fans may get out of control. 

    These can’t stop them at all. 


    Xiangcheng !!!” “Xiong Xuebing!!!” 


    “Welcome you back!” 

    “Welcome, welcome, warm welcome!” 

    “Erudia’s door is always open for you! You are always welcome back!” 


    Fans are crazy Yelling, the posture is like whoever dares to stop these stars, they are desperately like 

whoever dares to stop these stars. 

    Nearly 100,000 fans chanted together, the scene was too grand. 

    Xiao Feng and others couldn’t stop it if they wanted to. 

    The situation is more serious than they thought. 

    They only have to dare to say a word. 

    These 100,000 fans can eat them. 

    Not to mention the impact. 

    After stopping at the port. 

    Gao Xiangcheng and these people first let the international media go round. 

    “This is the number one Korean media company in the East!” 

    “This is the largest Kevin media company in the West!” 


    These media began to introduce their identities as soon as the downstream rounds, and used equipment 

to start shooting, even live broadcasting. 


    Xiao Feng was dying of a headache when he saw this. 

    In this way, they don’t even have a chance to block the news. 

    Unless all these media are killed. 

    But how is it possible? 

    The matter is more serious than they thought. 

    Xiao Feng clenched his fists: “I’m afraid this matter will be difficult to deal with, or it can’t be dealt with!” 


    this time, the elites of Gao Xiangcheng went down one by one. 

    “Who let you down, get me back!!!”


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