The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1791

    “Do you dare to try?” 

    “So many people are watching, so many international media are here, do you try with a finger?” 


    These people were not convinced, and stared at Levi Garrison one by one. 





    Levi Garrison didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them, kicking them one by one and flying them onto the 

cruise ship one by one. 

    The overbearing methods are shocking. 

    Even the international media were stunned. 

    Levi Garrison looked at them: “Who allowed you to set foot on Erudia land? You entered the country 

unconventionally, right? According to Erudia rules, I have reason to drive you out!” 

    Levi Garrison sent thousands of people out with just one sentence. Speechless. 

    They did not go through any immigration formalities. 

    After all, they are not of Erudia nationality. 

    All such hurried intrusions are illegal entry. 

    What Levi Garrison did was right. 

    “Go, go back to me!” 

    Levi Garrison roared. 

    Drive away all these international media. 

    “Whoever dares to come again is dead!” 

    Levi Garrison blasted out a punch. 

    The sea surface not far away was forcibly split in half, forming a huge crack of thousands of meters… 

    not only that, the powerful force pushed the cruise ship back. 

    Can’t control it at all! 

    This scene shocked everyone in the audience. 

    Is that human being? 

    After dealing with these people. 

    Levi Garrison turned around and walked away from the wall of air blocking the fans. 

    All this group of fans exploded. 

    “Who are you? Why do you drive them away?” 

    “They are our idols! Why are you?” 


One by one, Levi Garrison glared angrily. 

    Levi Garrison smiled: “Then I ask you, some time ago, when Erudia was in crisis, where were your idols?” 



    “In… In…” 


    Ye One sentence of Levi  left 100,000 fans speechless, unable to speak a complete sentence. 

    Soon, no one of the 100,000 fans spoke. 

    Everyone looked at each other, quietly a bit scary. 

    “I’m here to tell you! When the national disaster was at stake, your idol idols went to take refuge abroad 

one after another!” 

    “Even at the most critical moment of Erudia, when it was rumored to be extinct, they resolutely withdrew 

from Erudia nationality and joined another country. !” 

    “When you were in dire straits, your idols ran away. They are worthy of you?” 


    Levi Garrison asked the fans a few words. 

    Everyone is not a fool, except for those who are too obsessed or have a brain disease, can basically 


    “You keep saying that idol idols give you motivation, but at your most critical moment, who is the one 

who saved you? Is it them?”   

    “No!!! It’s a big summer warrior, every big summer warrior doesn’t Fate is not afraid of bloodshed! They 

saved you from fire and water!” 

    “You have also felt this time deeply. The real moment is when those people are protecting you in 

obscurity! On the contrary, the idols who usually occupy the position of resources are all gone! ” 

    Of course you can’t be killed in one shot. There are also many celebrities who set an example by donating 

supplies to the frontline, etc.! But what did this group of people you like do?” 

    “It’s okay to follow a star, it’s okay to find a role model! Would you please keep your eyes open and find a 

good character?” 



    A long silence. 

    All fans are inspired. 

    One of them asked tremblingly, “May I ask who you are?” 

    “Listen well, he is the greatest hero who saved Erudia-the king of the word side by side!”


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