The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1795

 “Everyone is a compatriot, why bother?” 

    “What’s more, I knew that I was wrong! Just yesterday, I donated all my assets to make up for my 

mistakes and make me feel better!” 

    Xu Zhengjie blamed himself. 

    “Everyone applaud!” 

    Everyone began to applaud. 

    Yesterday Xu Zhengjie did donate all his assets. 

    A sky-high number. 

    People admire and trust Xu Zhengjie like this. 

    But the more he was like this, the more abnormal it became to Levi Garrison and Wen Lei. 

    The path of geniuses is the most extreme. 

    Donating all your assets is an extreme behavior. 

    Xu Zhengjie looked at Levi Garrison and said, “I know you have been suspicious of me. If you don’t worry, just 

kill me!” 

    “I know it is easy to kill me with your strength!” 

    “He dare? He wants to kill. You, unless we kill all of us first!” 

    “Yes, we protect you!” 


    These scientific and technical personnel are all crazy. 

    Xu Zhengjie looked at Levi Garrison triumphantly. 

    It seemed to say to Levi Garrison: “Now you can’t kill me if you want to kill me!” 

    “Sooner or later, you will be killed!” 

    Levi Garrison sneered. 

    “You quickly leave our base, you are not welcome here!” 

    “I hope I won’t see you in the future!” The 

    crowd began to drive Levi Garrison away. 

    “Boy, any changes you make, I will know, and then I will kill you.” 

    Levi Garrison gave a warning and left with Wen Lei. 

    “Don’t worry, I’m watching it!” 

    Wen Lei couldn’t help saying when sending Levi Garrison away. 

    “It seems that there are still smart people!” 

    Levi Garrison smiled. 


    Wen Lei was going crazy.

  This base wins over talents with the highest IQs in the entire university. 

    Almost all well-known scientists are here. 

    It is no exaggeration to say that the smartest people in the country are here. 

    As a result, Levi Garrison said so. 

    He is deliberately sarcastic! 

    But looking at Levi Garrison’s back, Wen Lei showed a smile. 

    As a scientist, her philosophy has always been to save the country with science and technology. 

    In her eyes, these warriors are reckless. 

    But this time the danger of Great Xia, but these warriors solved it. 

    She still admires it! 

    It’s just that she doesn’t say it out of her mouth! 

    Not far away, Xu Zhengjie stared at the back of Levi Garrison’s departure. He sneered and said, “Levi Garrison is 

right. These people with high IQs are very low in EQ and are very cheating! Levi Garrison, you wait, I will 

definitely make a wave Great!” 


    Although many days have passed since the Battle of Eagle Nation. 

    But this is the topic the world talks about. 

    The Eagle Nation has lost all of its people. 

    Their hatred with Erudia is getting deeper and deeper. 

    But the entire Warhawk Nation suddenly lost its voice, and it was terrifyingly calm and low-key. 

    But a big event happened suddenly in Erudia. 

    Before the Baolong clan surfaced. 

    In fact, the Baolong clan does not refer to a single clan, it has a total of nine ancient guardian clans. 

    The origin of the ancient tribes has to be traced back to a long time ago. 

    Some things have never been recorded in history. 

    However, the nine ancient guardians are not a whole, but they control Erudia’s secrets and guard the most 

important things. 

    Therefore, there is another institution that has always existed in Erudia to restrict them. 

    This strongest institution is called Tiance Mansion. 

    It is also known as the foundation of protecting the country. 

    The institution of Tiance Mansion is also composed of many small institutions. 

    Among them, Tianji Pavilion is the most complete secret and intelligence in the world. 

    On this day, Tianji Pavilion made an earth-shattering event.


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