The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1800

 A person behind him threw a long sword. 

    Immediately, Levi Garrison carved his name on the tombstones. 

    “Du Junhao’s tomb!” 

    “Gao Liangpeng’s tomb!” 

    “Zhang Hongming’s tomb!” 


    a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine tombstones, Levi Garrison carved their names one by one. 

    Behind them, the Western Heavenly Kings stood silently. 

    After the engraving, Levi Garrison picked up a jar of wine and sprinkled it in front, and he lifted the remaining 

half to drink. 

    “Brothers go all the way!” 


    everyone shouted. 

    “Almost a thousand new graves?” 

    At this moment, a group of people came not far away. 

    The headed man looked at Levi Garrison and said with a smile. 

    “Master, it looks like a cloak! I heard that they were all sacrificed on the battlefield, and not even a corpse 

was left!” 

    someone next to him said. 

    “A bunch of idiots!” 

    “All of them have a brain disease! Who remembers you when they die? One by one went desperately, and 

in the end there was no dead body left!” the 

    young man laughed. 

    Several people next to him echoed: “Yes, that’s right! It’s just a group of people being brainwashed! In 

fact, they all went to die in vain! A group of fools!” 

    “It also protects Erudia, in fact, it is a group of foolish fools!” 

    … …The 

    discussions among them were inconvenient. 

    “Yes, they also issued orders not to let those who left Erudia back then! By the way, Master, how did you 

come back?” 

    Everyone looked at the young man with curiosity. 

    It turns out that the young man also fled out of Erudia. 

    Now he is back. 

    It seemed that Levi Garrison’s command didn’t work for him. 

    But Levi Garrison heard what they said completely. 

    “You guys, stop for me!” 

    Levi Garrison sounded like thunder.

   He does not allow his brothers to be ridiculed and insulted like this after their sacrifices! 

    What’s more, he gave orders, how did this man come back? 

    What kind of background and ability can he ignore the orders he personally gave? 

    There are too many questions. 

    Levi Garrison had no choice but to manage. 

    When An Shiqi and his party heard this, they were all amused. 

    They stopped and looked at Levi Garrison. 

    “Boy, are you calling us?” 

    An Shiqi smiled at Levi Garrison. 

    The person next to him reminded: “Master, you just came back, it’s better not to cause trouble!” 

    “This kid is on my head! Go! Let’s take a look!” 

    An Shiqi brought his servants to Levi Garrison. 

    “Boy, what do you call me to come over for?” 

    Levi Garrison said with a cold face: “Two things, the first one-kneel down and apologize!” The 

    words are not surprising and endless. 

    As soon as Levi Garrison said this, An Shiqi and his party were all stunned. 

    “Tell us to kneel down and apologize? Why?” 

    An Shiqi looked at the ghost. 

    “What did you just say, didn’t you know it in your heart?” 

    “The buried here are all martyrs of Erudia. If you don’t respect the worship and don’t say it, but instead 

say insults, you have to apologize!” 

    Levi Garrison looked at him seriously . 


    They all laughed without knowing An Shiqi. 

    “Am I wrong?” 

    “They are just a bunch of idiots! They died without leaving even a corpse! Why did you say it!” 

    An Shiqi sneered. 

    Others also followed: “Yeah, these idiots are so pitiful, aren’t they? It’s really laughing at us!” 

    Levi Garrison gradually narrowed his eyes, and a majestic killing intent enveloped the audience. 

    “The uncleanness in your mouth is the reason to kneel down and apologize!” 

    “I said the last time I kneel down and apologize!”

Levi Garrison was like a demon king, and his terrifying aura suppressed An Shiqi and his group. 

    But An Shiqi still bit the bullet and said: “Do you know who I am? In what capacity do you dare to kneel 

down and apologize to me?” 

    Levi Garrison glanced at him, “This is the second question!” The 

    voice just fell. 

    Levi Garrison raised his foot and banged on An Shiqi’s leg. 

    Hearing a click, An Shiqi fell to his knees with a plop. 

    An Shiqi didn’t expect Levi Garrison to do it, and he was still so strong. 

    In fact, An Shiqi had a special power in his body, Levi Garrison had noticed it a long time ago, but in his eyes 

it was as weak as an ant. 

    “Bang bang bang…” 

    Levi Garrison slammed out again, and the other people all knelt to the ground, making screams. 


    Levi Garrison said calmly. 

    “I don’t apologize!!!” 

    “I’m right!” 

    An Shiqi raised his head and stared at Levi Garrison, with a bit of spine. 


    Levi Garrison rubbed his face on the ground. 

    Soon his face was covered with blood. 

    The burning pain made An Shiqi sound like a pig. 

    “I apologize, I apologize…” 

    An Shiqi could only compromise. 

    In the end, several people knelt in front of the burial mounds of these great summer heroes and 


    Despite the apology, people like An Shiqi were obviously not convinced. 

    “I met you today, I’m unlucky! Dare to stay here for a while? It doesn’t need too much, just ten minutes!” 

    An Shiqi looked at Levi Garrison and asked. 

    Seeing Levi Garrison’s silence, An Shiqi continued to be arrogant: “Is it a man? Afraid, so dare not?” 

    “You forgot that I said there are two things?” 

    “The second thing now!” 

    An Shiqi is actually Come for fun, sneer: “Come on, what are you talking about!” 

    “Tell me your identity!”


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