The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2446

Levi Garrison killed it?

Levi Garrison, the thousandth place on the god list, killed Takiya Kuroki, who was close to the first place on the god list?

How can it be! ! !

This is the most unlikely thing!

Everyone on the scene would not believe that Levi Garrison killed him!

Never believe it!

No one believes it!

“Oh… I understand! Everyone come to me and listen to me!”

Tiance Young Marshal gathered everyone together.

“What’s the matter with the marshal? Did Levi Garrison really kill

him ?” someone asked.

“Think about it with your toes, this is also impossible! Levi Garrison can kill him? Haha, my sister is more likely to kill him than Levi Garrison.”

Tiance Marshal denied directly.

“Then…what’s going on?”

Everyone stared at him.

“Takiya Kuroki must have defeated my sister, and she can tell if she is injured! That means Master and apprentice Takiya Kuroki has swept all the powerhouses in Erudiaa! If this matter is passed out! It will be a big one! The shame of Xia!”

Tiance Marshal analyzed.

Everyone nodded.

If this matter becomes true, each of them will not be able to look up.

This is a matter of common prosperity, shame and shame!

Erudiaa will be trampled by Dong Dao, unable to lift her head.

Marshal Tiance looked at the people and said, “As a Erudiaa, no one wants to see this, right? The same is true for those invisible seniors? For example, which two-finger knocked off the existence of the Heavenly Sword! What do they think about this?”

“It must have killed Takiya Kuroki, not letting him leave Erudiaa!”

Other humane.

“Yes! So it must have been made by a hidden veteran! Although the magical skill of King Kong is not bad, it is an invincible technique! But Takitani Kuroki is barely able to display the seventh layer, he is not proficient, and it is not the invincible King Kong is not bad. Body. Therefore, the old senior with the power of heaven can still be killed!”

“Maybe this old senior was the existence of the two-fingered sword that day! They must not allow Erudiaa to be insulted by the foreigners! So they shot and killed. ! ” “

there are days of government policy and Paul Long family that they will not allow this to happen, be sure at all costs Heaven Takitani dark wood! even said that government policy will not participate in the matter of days before his father, can In front of Erudiaa’s shame, nothing counts!”

After hearing what Tiance Major Marshal said, Zoey glanced at Levi Garrison and said, “So now they have been ordered by someone. You can never tell the truth, even if you say it. You killed yourself, and you can’t tell who really did it!”

“Yes! It must be so! Anyway, there is no proof! As long as they are tight-lipped, where does anyone know the situation? The shame Erudiaa faced is also solved!”

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) sighed. “Next, the powerhouses of the East Island may come to find out the real situation. The bosses are a bit dangerous and we need to protect them.”

Tiance Marshal nodded, “Yes, we must protect them. The real situation cannot be said. ! We can’t even ask ourselves! We unanimously acquiesced that Levi Garrison killed it!”


Everyone nodded.

Levi Garrison looked helplessly at Xuanyuan Qingya.

The two of them already knew what their plan was…

but that’s fine.

Save a lot of trouble.

Otherwise, someone will always ask what is the situation? Who killed people?

At the same time, the dark web sent a message-Takiya Kuroki and his apprentice Hirai Musashi encountered a mysterious strong man in Erudiaa, and the King Kong’s indestructible body was broken to death…

As soon as the news came out, the whole world became a sensation.

Levi Garrison frowned.

The speed of this dark web is too fast, right?

The Young Master Tiance here also just learned about it, and the news came out over there?

The dark web is not easy!

In his mind, he is no less than the Lab of the Gods…

Maybe the dark web even knew that it was his own hand… It

‘s terrible to think of this…


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