The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2447

But when Takiya Kuroki died, he finally became Erudiaa’s fig leaf.

Keep the last dignity!

However, after this time, Xuanyuan Qingya’s attitude towards Levi Garrison changed drastically.

After all, I saw the style of Levi Garrison’s punch!

Did not leave, but lived here in Levi Garrison.

He took the initiative to take care of Levi Garrison.

This frightened Levi Garrison.

Try to keep your distance!

“The next step is to pass on the magical skill of King Kong’s incorruptibility… the candidate is… selected!”

Levi Garrison finally came to the Tiance Mansion and found the God of Tiance.

“One word side by side, I know that King Kong is not bad, and the magical skills can’t stop you!”

Tiance Shenshuai looked happy.

In the past two days, he has been studying how to break the seventh layer of the diamond is not bad magic.

He should barely be able to break open…

“Are you going to try?”

Levi Garrison said suddenly.

“Buzzing…” There was a

trembling sound.

“Clang clang!”

More metal roars resounded.

Levi Garrison’s whole body turned golden, and turned into an incorruptible body of King Kong.

Seven apertures flicker…

Seventh floor! ! !

“Ah? The seventh layer of the King Kong Indestructible Body?”

Tiance Shen Shuai was numb.

How long has it taken Levi Garrison to reach this level?

But this opportunity is not many, he must grasp it.

The god commander Tiance immediately used all his best to attack the impervious body of King Kong…




god commander Tiance made a terrifying and crazy attack.

Attacks like floods are endless.

Finally, the seventh layer of the Immortal King Kong body showed some signs of breaking open…

But this was Levi Garrison standing and letting him fight. If he were to attack with the Immortal King Kong power, this situation would not happen.

To sum up, the god commander Tiance used all his best to break through the seventh layer of the impeccable diamond body, but he himself had to pay an extremely heavy price!

If the unskilled seventh-layer diamond doesn’t damage the magical power, he can overcome and suffer a bit more serious injury.


Levi Garrison’s momentum suddenly changed.

The world faded, and a terrible coercion shocked the world.

The indestructible body of Levi Garrison’s King Kong became more and more shining, and the golden color became heavier and heavier, emitting a dazzling light.

There was even golden liquid metal flowing on the body surface…

There were eight circles in the aperture!

The eighth layer of King Kong is not bad for magic! ! !


Tiance Shenshuai was dumbfounded!

Rumor has it that there are eminent monks in ZhongErudiaa who have reached the eighth level, and they are truly invincible in the world.

Nothing can break open!

Now he saw with his own eyes that facing the eighth-layer King Kong is not bad magical power, he felt a deep sense of powerlessness in his heart.

I really can’t beat it!

In the face of the trembling eighth-layer King Kong indestructible body, he could only admit defeat.

Not even the courage to step forward!


“Boom!” There was

a dead silence, an aura of annihilation of sentient beings.

As if to hell…

the breath of death is spreading.


The pressure

of the sky collapsed suddenly…It was as if the sky in front of you collapsed directly, pressing on you!

That is a direct suffocation, the gods surrender, the coercion of the gods at dusk!

The ninth layer of King Kong is not bad for magic! ! !

Nine apertures are like nine rounds of scorching sun!

A golden phantom appeared!

In fact, if you look carefully, there are nine phantoms, which are getting lighter and lighter…

Nine avatars!

Every double body is dozens of times stronger than the eighth-layer King Kong indestructible body!

Oh my god!

What did i see?

The ninth layer of King Kong is not bad for magic!

As the helm of the strongest ancient martial arts institution, he is familiar with the world’s exercises.

According to records, no one has reached the ninth level, only the eighth level.

There were only two people…

Now Levi Garrison easily reached the ninth level!


It is simply unimaginable!

“A word side by side king, are you sure you want to pass on the magic power of King Kong not bad to the dog?”


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