The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2449

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi Garrison said this.

The Marshal Tiance was completely stunned.

The words that came to the throat stopped abruptly.

Looking at Levi Garrison incredulously.

How did he know? ? ?

This thing has just been experienced not long ago.

Except for his father…

Could it be that Levi Garrison’s identity is…

which senior?

His master?

Marshal Tiance looked at him incredulously with a horrified face.



My sister knows it!

I just told my sister.

This kind of joyous event must be shared with his relatives for the first time.

So Xuanyuan Qingya knew.

Now Levi Garrison knows that his sister definitely said it!

Otherwise this matter cannot be explained.

Thinking clearly about this, the Marshal Tiance didn’t care much.

“Yes, that’s right! The good news is that I got the magical power of King Kong not bad!” The

young commander of Tiance excitedly took out the secret book for everyone to watch.

“Really, it is true that King Kong is not bad magical skills!!!”

Everyone was shocked.

All looked at Marshal Tiance in amazement.

“Marshal King Kong is not bad, how did you get the magic?”

Everyone looked at him curiously.

“Senior passed it to me…”

Young Master Tiance said with a proud face.

“Senior? Which senior?”

Everyone looked at him in shock.

“Remember the senior who struck the Heavenly Sword with two fingers? It was he who killed the master and apprentice of Takitani Kuroki! King Kong’s incorruptible magical skill fell into his hands. Now he has thousands of choices, chooses me, accepts me as his apprentice, and teaches My magical skill!” The

young commander Tiance got more and more excited as he spoke.

Others naturally looked envious.

“My master just watched it once, and took the ninth level of the highest ninth level of the King Kong Unbreakable Magic Technique!”

… The

Young Master Tiance was bragging to everyone about how powerful the master was.

Xuanyuan Qingya and Levi Garrison disagreed.

The two who knew the truth would only think that Major Tiance’s behavior was a bit naive.

Even ridiculous.

The two ignored the others at all.

Doing my own thing.

“This is the soup I made specially! It contains a lot of herbs from Tiance Mansion…”

Xuanyuan Qingya actually cooked the soup for Levi Garrison herself.


Levi Garrison was taken aback.

After this war, Xuanyuan Qingya’s attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

This made Levi Garrison a little uncomfortable.

It’s better to get along with the previous model.

But now there are many things that are not used to it.

Marshal Tiance still kneels and kowtows to himself…

“Would you like me to feed you? Come, I will feed you!”

Xuanyuan Qingya wanted to feed Levi Garrison herself.

This made Levi Garrison almost stunned.

Zoey just saw this scene.


It was shocking!

It’s incredible!


Xuanyuan Qingya is so annoying, so I am not used to seeing Levi Garrison.

Now he is making soup for him, and he has to feed it himself?

Did Xuanyuan Qingya tell lies before?

In fact, she wants to marry Levi Garrison?

But it’s impossible!

Zoey clenched her fists subconsciously, wondering why her heart began to become tense.

Others quickly saw the incident and were very puzzled.

It seems that Xuanyuan Qingya is different from Levi Garrison…

This is all about feeding the soup in person, incredible!

Seeing many people watching, Levi Garrison took the soup and drank it.

“Drink slowly! What else…”

Xuanyuan Qingya said quickly.

He also wiped the corners of Levi Garrison’s mouth with the kerchief…


Surprisingly gentle.

Marshal Tiance has never seen his sister so gentle.

My sister has always been very grumpy.

Many people in Tiance Mansion will walk around when they see it.

Is this sun coming out from the west?

It’s too abnormal.

It can even be said that it is incomprehensible.

The marshal Tiance didn’t even talk about cows, looking at his sister, he was lost in thought.

“Sister, what are you doing? Make soup for him yourself? My brother has never drunk the soup you made yourself!”

Young Master Tiance wanted to know why.


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