The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2450

“It’s very simple. After experiencing life and death, we are friends! What’s wrong with making soup for friends?”

Xuanyuan Qingya explained.

Xuanyuan Qingya had her own careful thoughts.

She would not tell the truth.

Otherwise, Zoey would never have contact with Levi Garrison.

It is normal for a Tianjiao like Levi Garrison to have three wives and four concubines.

After the marshal Tiance showed up, he went to practice.

Others also dispersed.

Although Zoey was puzzled, she also left.

This time the killing of Takiya Kuroki was a big deal.

Especially in the East Island, things are even more troublesome.

After all, Takiya Kuroki is going to be the number one in the gods list!

Now he died for no reason, and I don’t know who killed it.

Anyone must be angry.

They strongly asked Erudiaa to give an explanation.

No one cares at all.

Now the powerhouses of the East Island have gathered together to discuss this matter.

“No accident, it must be Erudiaa’s super powerhouse! Mr. Kuromu has not practiced the King Kong incorruptible magic to the highest level! It is normal to

be killed!” “But who is this person? Is he on the list of gods? The powerhouse? If not, then Erudiaa is unreasonable and bullies people!”

“Tiance Superintendent also said that Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan will never participate in this matter! If not, are they saying nothing? So we must check this out! Let Erudiaa give an account!”

“That’s right! Hei Mu Jun finally challenged Xuanyuan Qingya! Besides her, there was also Levi Garrison! They must have witnessed everything, knowing that Who killed Mr. Kuroki!”

“Then let’s go to these two people to ask clearly! Act now!”

Soon, the six strongest gods on Dongdao went to Erudiaa.

Among them, there is the peerless genius of the Demon Sword Village, who is seventh on the list of gods!

The remaining five are in the top 100 on the list of gods.

They can be said to be the strong ones who are dispatched, and they must know the situation from Levi Garrison.

Soon they came to Jiangbei and hung around in an ambush.

Levi Garrison noticed their arrival the first time.

He deliberately dismissed all the others.

Only he and Xuanyuan Qingya, and Mia in retreat.

Xuanyuan Qingya was still puzzled, why did Levi Garrison want to leave others?

Are there other ideas?

“Preparing to mop or something! Need to be cleaned later!”

Levi Garrison said.


This made Xuanyuan Qingya more confused.

What are you going to do?

But she still prepared it obediently.

In the evening, after confirming that no one is around, the strong people of the East Island God List immediately went to the villa.

“Boom!” The

six powerhouses filed in.

They tightly surrounded Levi Garrison.

“Who are you?”

Xuanyuan Qingya immediately started.

The official descendant of Yaodao Village, seventh on the God List, immediately started.

The sword is in the shadow.

He quickly suppressed Xuanyuan Qingya and controlled her.

As for Levi Garrison, they didn’t take it seriously.

How could a person on the quasi god list compare with the top 100 on the god list?

“Well, you are so smart that you didn’t resist! Resistance is a dead end! It’s better to be obedient!”

Seeing Levi Garrison sitting and not struggling, the demon sword village official nodded in satisfaction.

“You are from Dongdao? What are you doing here?”

Xuanyuan Qingya said coldly.

“Why are we here for? You must know better than anyone else?” The

words came out.

Xuanyuan Qingya reacted.

I also understand why Levi Garrison asked her to prepare the mop before.


This group of people really hit the gun.

You dare to come to provoke this…

also courageous.

“Say! Who killed Takitani Kuroki-kun and Heiji Musashi-kun that day?”

“Speak out and spare you a dog! Don’t say, kill without mercy !”

Levi Garrison said immediately, “Don’t do it, I say, I say !”

“Actually I killed it!”


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