The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2451


Levi Garrison clearly said the correct answer.

But this group obviously didn’t believe it.

“Boy, do you dare to play with us? Do you want to die?”

“Give you another chance, say it! Otherwise, I will kill you!”

everyone threatened.

Levi Garrison said helplessly, “You don’t believe me, I really killed people!”

“Damn, kill Levi Garrison directly! I can’t

stand it anymore!” A strong man on the list can’t stand it anymore.

He immediately drew out the samurai sword and slashed directly at Levi Garrison’s head.

It’s not just him.

It should be every East Islander who hates Levi Garrison.

I can’t wait to kill it right away!

Anyway, kill Levi Garrison, and Xuanyuan Qingya can ask!

This person hurt the killer, but the others did not stop it.


But when this person slashed Levi Garrison’s body, the knife suddenly broke!


At the same time, a metal-specific voice came out.

Everyone took a look.

I don’t know when it will start, Levi Garrison’s body has turned golden!

Invulnerable! ! !

Seven apertures of different shades emerged!

“What? Isn’t King Kong ruining magical skills?”

The heir of Demon Dao Cunzheng recognized it at first sight.

The other five people were also stunned.

“King Kong is not bad magic????”


Completely stupid!

In any case, I can’t figure out why Levi Garrison’s knowledge of King Kong is not bad for his magic?

Can’t figure it out!

Their brains are about to explode for a while, and they can’t think of a reason.

Why does the person in front of you know that King Kong is not bad for magical power?

It’s impossible anyway!

I can’t figure out the explosion of my head!


I didn’t wait for everyone to think.

Levi Garrison started to do it.


“Clang!” A

punch directly blasted the head of the person who had just killed him with the knife.

Blood splattered!

“Go! Together!” The

other four people reacted.

Immediately drew a knife to kill Levi Garrison.

Although the four of them are all top 100 strong men in the gods list, they are no different from ordinary people against Levi Garrison, who is on the seventh floor of the King Kong non-destructive magic arts.

“Clang clang!”

… The

sharp weapon slashed on the body, only making a metallic sound.

But there is no substantial harm!

The seventh layer of King Kong is not bad!

There is no way to break it!

Even the true descendants of Demon Blade Village can’t do it!

Not to mention other people!



facing the four of them, Levi Garrison didn’t leave a hand at all.

Blast their heads directly.

The remaining members of the Demon Blade Village were scared and silly.

Wherever I am in the mood to ask, I will run away immediately.

“Huh? Since you are here, you still want to

leave ?” Levi Garrison would not give him any chance.

Since the people from the Demon Blade Village have tried their best, they can’t defeat the magical powers of King Kong, only death!

“This King Kong is not bad magical power is pretty easy to use… In this case, I don’t need to punch anymore! No one is my opponent for the King Kong is not bad magical power, let alone forcing my real fist!”

Levi Garrison smiled. laugh.

He felt the joy of King Kong’s not bad magic!

In the end, a few pools of blood were left in the yard.

Levi Garrison glanced at Xuanyuan Qingya, “Did you wipe the yard?”


Fortunately, Xuanyuan Qingya prepared the mop in the morning, and soon the yard was wiped clean.

As if no one had been here.

Soon dark online but came the six eastern island of the mysterious disappearance of God’s master list news ……

a time of major institutions re-updated list of God.

After all, six people disappeared and died.

Then there will be a new quasi god list powerhouse to enter the god list.

Levi Garrison also moved from the 17th to the 11th position on the quasi god list.

Dong Dao was terrified.

First, Takitani Kuroki was killed.

Now the six masters of the gods list disappeared in Erudiaa for no reason.

Erudiaa became a forbidden place.

After hearing the news, Marshal Tiance and others immediately came to Levi Garrison’s villa.

They are here to check the situation…

Where is the person?” Everyone asked.


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