The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2452

“Who is it?”

Xuanyuan Qingya pretended not to know.

“The strongest of the six major gods of the East Island has mysteriously disappeared, and they must have come to Erudiaa! And I inferred that I have come to you!”

said the Tiance Marshal.

“But there really isn’t anyone here… You look for it, where are there traces of people who have been here?”

Xuanyuan Qingya said.

Everyone looked around, and there was indeed no trace.

This matter can only be dismissed.

“It may be that my master took the shot, he certainly does not allow these foreign nations to provoke!” Tiance Master said


“Forget it, let me tell you good news? After the transformation, Kunlun Industrial’s special battle suit has been successfully tested! It is ready to use!”

Tiance Shaoshuai changed his words .

“But, I can’t use it anymore. I have already practiced the magical power of the King Kong incorruptibility to the fourth level. Although it is a bit imperfect, I can barely perform it! I am already invulnerable!”

Tiance Young Master directly in front of everyone. , Exercising the magical power of King Kong is not bad.

This surprised everyone.

They looked at him with envy and jealousy.

“That’s it? You dare to show it ashamed? To tell the truth, you almost look at Takitani Kuroki! It is estimated that you are not at home!”

Levi Garrison’s voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone was taken aback.

Even Marshal Tiance looked at Levi Garrison incredulously.

This tone is normal only when his master said it!

How could it be Levi Garrison?

He was about to refute Levi Garrison, when his sister’s voice rang, “Brother, you are really far away! Takiya Kuroki has reached the seventh floor in a short time! In the same time, it is estimated that you will be on the fifth floor.” Good practice!”


Tiance Marshal could only give up.

Seeing the apprentice Master Tiance, Levi Garrison suddenly heard something.

“By the way, where are the arrogances of Erudiaa? What is the Valkyrie Zhongqiu, what is the descendant of the Sword Fairy Gemini, etc.? They seem to have never appeared in the new era… Is something wrong?”

Levi Garrison asked. .

Levi Garrison had considered them when he wanted to choose King Kong not to be bad for the descendants of the magic arts.

After all, these are the arrogances he personally brought.

Once saved the face of the Erudiaa martial arts world!

The World War I shocked the world!

But there seems to be no news.

This group of Tianjiao, logically speaking, will be more like a fish in the water in the new era.

But none of them are on the list of gods.

Seeing the young master Tiance now, I suddenly remembered.

“You mean them! Erudiaa’s hundred geniuses! They are Erudiaa’s future hope just like Levilia! Therefore, after the new era entered, they were taken away by the old seniors of the Baolong clan. It will be carried out. An absolutely sealed plan!

Different training instructions can be customized according to each person’s difference! Carefully guided by the strong men of the Baolong clan! This is to ensure the future of Erudiaa! What they learn is also the most orthodox Baolong clan exercises. Once they come out, it may be better than the presence of the poor! “

Tiance Marshal thought about the next” think, now the plan is dying! has been two years! “

” so! I said how these bastard I can’t see it anymore. Anyway, I’m still their teacher…”

Levi Garrison smiled.

Hearing the whereabouts of these students, Levi Garrison was still in a good mood.

At least they have not been harmed by today’s fast-track methods.

What they practice is orthodox exercises.

Even the methods that I taught them to guide them are still being used!

Day policy Marshal smiled “Now that would have said here, that I say so, right?”

“After the group who Tianjiao training program, I am afraid that you do need it!”


Everyone is For a moment.

I don’t know what Tiance Marshal is going to say…

Everyone looked at him in doubt.

Marshal Tiance looked at Levi Garrison again, “Yes, I still need you…”


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