The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2453

“Ah? What about me?”

Levi Garrison was also puzzled.

“In order for this group of Tianjiao to adapt to the new era better and faster, and to know what level of their own strength is! You need to test them one by one…”

Tiance Master explained.

“For example?”

Zoey asked.

“We will set the quasi god list and the strong in each position of the god list! Let them challenge one by one! Until the final defeat, so that they can understand everything in the new era, and they can also know that their strength is in the god list or the god list. list the first few rows …… “

” understand! is to get us to give these Tianjiao practiced hand! us as levels get them to break! let them know a few two kilograms! ” “

for example, I list one hundredth of God, they beat I am, then the strength must be within the top 100 of the gods list! Failure means that it is not the 100th level of the gods list!”

Tiance young commander nodded: “Well, that’s right! Generally set to about 10,000 on the quasi god list. The powerhouse of the quasi god list is five thousand, and the quasi god list is in the top 100…”

“Actually, the challenge of the quasi god list can not be set at all…It is not a big problem for these hundred tianjiao to break into the god list casually. …Just let them see the approximate strength of the quasi-shenzhen list, and have a general understanding of this!”

“However, the top fifty of the quasi-shenzhen list is more important. This belongs to the reserve army that enters the list! Let ‘s roughly check whether they have it. The qualifications to enter the God List!”

“Think twice, everyone thinks it is better for Levi Garrison to be stuck in this position to challenge! He is the eleventh in the God List, and the most suitable candidate!”

Levi Garrison was dumbfounded: “Ah. Are you sure?”

Let him be this?

Aren’t anti-aircraft guns hitting mosquitoes?

The challenge of the top fifty powerhouses in the quasi god list is the easiest one for the Tianjiao.

After choosing Levi Garrison, it will be the most difficult!

It is even more difficult than the top ten on the god list, and even more difficult than the first on the god list!

It’s a lot more difficult!

That’s why Levi Garrison asked uncertainly. Choosing him was equivalent to blocking everyone’s way from the beginning.

“OK! You will be the first level of their real challenge! That’s it!”

Tiance Master said.

“Secondly, there are a few of the Li and Zhao

family at the end of the god list. You just represent the threshold of the god list! As the second level!” “The fifth hundredth of the god list, Zhou Ke and others, come to pass!”

“The god list 300 The fourth level!”

“The fifth level of the 100th in the God List !”

“After entering the top 100 in the God List, you will be carefully divided! Kirin ( Qilin ), Xiao Feng, you will all accept the challenge!

According to my estimation, these hundred tianjiao There will be 30 to 50 people who will enter the top 100 of the gods list. Therefore, the first 100 must be carefully divided.

Every strong player in the field must play! Even I will play at that time!” It’s all arranged.

Just waiting for this group of Tianjiao to come out to challenge.

Levi Garrison doesn’t matter anyway!

At that time, all a hundred students will be knocked down directly.

Keep them out of the list of gods.

Doesn’t that mean that none of them are qualified to enter the gods list.

Anyway, Levi Garrison doesn’t care!

Who let them choose themselves to challenge?

But it’s not bad to temper these little guys.

At first he thought that these little guys were all harmed by the Gods Lab.

A few days later.

The top-secret plan of the first phase of the Baolong clan is over.

This group of Tianjiao have left the customs.

Mainly this time to test their strength!

After the inspection, they will continue the top-secret plan again.

“It’s been almost three years! I don’t know what happened outside?”

“But I heard that many strong people have been born now, ranked by gods and quasi gods!”

“Listen to several masters saying that most of us People should be in the top three hundred on the list of gods, and nearly one-third are in the top 100 on the list of gods!”

“I am really looking forward to it!”

… After

more than a hundred Tianjiao came out, they looked forward to them.


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