The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2454

“Now I feel that I am a hundred times stronger than three years ago…”

“Isn’t it time to meet Buddha and kill Buddha?”

All of them sighed like this.

“It’s better to keep a low profile. I heard that earth-shaking changes have taken place in the past three years! The strong outside may be like a cloud! We are no match at all!”

accompanied by a nice voice.

Two fairy-like figures appeared.

Fu Jia and Ning are still there!

They are also super strong now, ranking in the top ten among more than a hundred people.

“Well, the two sisters are right! Let’s keep a low profile, maybe we will fail when we challenge us at the beginning?”

Another female voice came.

Many arrogances are silent and even fearful.

Valkyrie Zhongqiu!

The most dare not to mess with women!

“Well, low-key! Forbearance! Forgot what the master taught you? What are you crazy?”

Two more people walked side by side.

The strongest Gemini!

It comes from the ancient Shu school.

The two of them used to be the strongest, and now they are still the strongest among more than a hundred people.

“Understand!” The

others nodded.

In front of these two.

They dare not make any mistakes.

Under the leadership of more than a hundred people, they came to an underground secret base in Tiance Mansion.

Here is a huge enclosed space.

Major Tiance has already brought Levi Garrison and others here to wait.

There are also some strong quasi gods.

Seeing Levi Garrison, more than a hundred people immediately surrounded him.

“Teacher…Teacher, where did you disappear?”

Everyone asked eagerly.

Gemini, the Valkyrie Zhong Qiu and the others also surrounded them.

Ning still and Fu Jia looked at Levi Garrison with complicated expressions.

They have different feelings for Levi Garrison.

“Not bad! They have grown up! Very good!”

Levi Garrison took a look and knew how strong everyone was.

Very strong!

Better than he thought!

Especially they do not rely on speed to succeed, which is even more rare!

Each of them has a very good foundation and practiced the orthodox exercises. The future can be expected!

“Levi Garrison is so popular?”

Seeing this scene, the marshal Tiance said disdainfully.

“This is the personality charm of the boss! You can’t be envious! Everyone respects him! No matter strong or weak!” the

others said.

Gemini and the others don’t know much about the outside world, so they couldn’t help asking: “Teacher, you are also one of our challenges today?”

“Yes, yes!”

“The teacher should be the last level?”

This It is everyone’s unanimous idea.

In the past, Levi Garrison was the king and the strongest!

Now he must be too!

Then he is the most difficult last level!

Everyone would like to know where Levi Garrison is on the gods list now?

Not the first, at least the top three!

“No! No! Your teacher is not the last level, on the contrary, he is the first level! That is, the easiest level!”

Tiance Master sneered.

“Huh? The first level? No?”

Hearing this result, everyone was dumbfounded.

Looking at Levi Garrison incredulously.

“Teacher, is this true? Are you the first level?”

Everyone stared at Levi Garrison.

I would never believe it!

What happened in these three years.

How could Levi Garrison be the first level?

“Teacher, what is your ranking on the god list?”

asked the Valkyrie Zhong Qiu.

“God’s list? Sorry! Your teacher has not entered the God’s list! He is now ranked eleventh in the God’s list! He is considered to be the better in the reserve team of the Gods list! So he is the first level to test whether you have a god The qualifications of the ranking!”

Tiance Marshal said.

“What? Didn’t you make it to the god list?”

Everyone looked incredible.

Before, Levi Garrison was the ceiling of combat power.

Can’t even enter the god list of a thousand people now?

Is this too shocking?

“His time has passed! Your teacher is now slightly stronger than the weak!”


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