The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2455

“No… can’t it?”

Zhong Qiu looked incredulous.

She couldn’t imagine that Levi Garrison couldn’t even enter the list of a thousand people.

The same is true for others.

What kind of list, even their teachers can’t enter.

This is impossible!

No one believes it.

Marshal Tiance was very angry.

Why are these people still not believing it, and still defending Levi Garrison so much?

What kind of ecstasy soup did Levi Garrison pour them?

Why do they have such a high status in their hearts?

“You listen up! Now before God did not list one thousand Ye monarchs! He is a quasi-tenth standings God!”

“Do not believe, you look up the list!”

Day policy Marshal choice but to put God standings And the quasi god list for everyone to see.

After reading the list, everyone was shocked.

“The teacher’s wife, brothers and apprentices are all gods, and the teacher is on the quasi gods. What happened?” The

strongest twin star said the doubts in everyone’s mind.

Marshal Tiance explained: “That’s because your teacher was locked up…”

After listening to the explanation, everyone understood.

The dividends of the new era, the teacher has not caught up at all.

He can only be on the list of gods now only if he catches up desperately.

But after thinking about it, everyone is still very excited.

After all, I have to challenge the teacher of the year.

If you win, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

At the same time, I also want the teacher to report on the results of their training…

“Next, I will show the powers of the major rankings of the Quasi-God Rankings, and let you know the general strength of the Quasi-God rankings…”

Tiance Major General arranged the major powers of the Quasi-God rankings and began to demonstrate.

This link has not been challenged.

Just let everyone know the basics.

Seeing the demonstration of the strongest of the quasi gods, the strongest Gemini, more than a hundred princes, all laughed.

At first they will be nervous, expecting that the god list will be strong enough to explode, and they may not be able to enter.

It now appears that there is no problem at all.

The quasi god list is too weak for them.

It seems that there is no problem for everyone to enter the god list.

All of them were happy.

“Now that you know the general strength of the quasi god list, it is nothing to you?”

“So, next, you will challenge from the first level! That is, your teacher Levi Garrison!”

“Look at it .” Do you have the strength to enter the list of gods!”

“Challenge one by one, until you click!”

“Levi Garrison is here! It’s up to you to test the students!”

Tiance Marshal said with a smile.

He had imagined the scene of Levi Garrison being abused by his students later.

A hundred students are better than him!

Just think about the picture and it’s exciting!

Didn’t Levi Garrison want to be strong?

Then it will give him the biggest blow!

Let his only fig leaf torn.

The students who were taught by themselves were defeated one by one.

That shame!

It will be unbearable!

Although Xiao Feng Zhouke and his apprentices are better than him, they are all talking about it, and they have never had the experience of fighting against each other.

If you really fight against each other to defeat, that will bring Levi Garrison’s greatest shame!

Especially for a face-saving person like him!

Young Master Tiance just couldn’t understand Levi Garrison’s arrogance.

This time he was designed to challenge, and there are also reasons for this.

“Well, I’m coming!”

Levi Garrison stood up.

“Okay, you guys are ready! Next challenge one by one! Let’s start!”

Tiance Marshal flashed again.

Give up the battlefield to everyone.

But one hundred Tianjiao, no one will do it.

After all, Levi Garrison is their teacher.

I really can’t do it.

Especially knowing that Levi Garrison’s current strength stayed three years ago, weaker than any of them.

Everyone dared not make a move anymore.


Everyone hesitated.

“Shoot! Come, use all your strength to hit me!”

Levi Garrison urged.


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