The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2456

Still no one!

No one wants to be the first!

“Shoot! Listen to my orders!”

Levi Garrison shouted.

“Zhong Qiu, you come first!!!”

Levi Garrison designated one person.

After hearing this, the Valkyrie Zhong Qiu immediately stood up.

“Okay, teacher! I won’t keep any hands! Be careful!!!”

Zhong Qiu said.

Immediately kill Levi Garrison.

“Desperate legs!!!”


Zhong Qiu attacked, sweeping out his whip leg.

Between the legs, there was a crackling sound like thunder and lightning.

The terrifying aura seemed to destroy the entire base.

Raising hands and feet is an aura of destruction.

This is a shocking move by a senior of the Baolong clan.

Between one leg, the world is ruined.


Everyone’s complexion changed drastically when this trick came out.

So strong!

Zhong Qiu is enough to bring enough pressure to the people like Tiance Marshal!

She is at least one of the top 100 in the gods list!

“Not good!”

Everyone’s complexion changed drastically.

When Zhong Qiu went down this leg, Levi Garrison was injured if he died.

This trick is definitely not something he can bear!

Zoey and they all started to panic.

Some people even closed their eyes.

Dare to watch the next miserable scene.

“Don’t worry, if Levi Garrison is injured! I will treat him with the best medicine from Kunlun Industry! Make sure that he is cured!”

The words of the Tiance Marshal made everyone a little more relieved.


Zhong Qiufeng’s leg slammed, lightning and flint bombarding Levi Garrison’s body.

Suddenly there was a movement of the sky breaking and the earth cracking.

If it weren’t for the special design of the base, I’m afraid it would collapse in an instant.

At this moment, most people closed their eyes.

I don’t want to watch this scene.

But when everyone opened their eyes, they just saw Zhong Qiu being bounced out…

“Da Da Da Da Da…”

Zhong Qiu withdrew at least a few dozen steps before stabilizing his figure.

Her eyes were full of weirdness.

Didn’t you say that the teacher is a quasi god?

Why not only block one’s fierce blow, but even flick oneself?


Hundreds of Tianjiao were stunned!

Could it be that the teacher’s master is still there?

This is a good thing for everyone!

“What’s the matter? Why did Levi Garrison block this blow? How could this be possible?”

Everyone couldn’t understand that Levi Garrison could block this blow.

I really can’t figure it out!

Young Marshal Tiance suddenly said, “I know, I know.”

He walked up to Levi Garrison and said, “Are you wearing a special clothing made by Kunlun Industry?”

This word came out.

Zoey and they immediately understood what was going on.

It turned out to be the function of a special battle suit.

In the simulation experiment, the special battle suit can block even the second attack on the gods list.

No matter how strong Zhong Qiu is, he hasn’t reached that level yet.

Everything is understood.

Levi Garrison said helplessly, “Well, I

‘m wearing it!” Kunlun Industrial’s special battle suit, which he wears as a vest, also has functions such as automatic cleaning, which is not too cool.

If the marshal Tiance knew that the special battle suit was worn by Levi Garrison as a vest.

I’m afraid I’m going to die alive.

“I’ll explain to you that Levi Garrison is wearing a special uniform of Kunlun Industry…” The

Tiance Marshal introduced the special uniform to the hundred Tianjiao.

Everyone gasped again and again.

I sigh that the development of the outside world in the past two or three years even has this kind of battle clothes.

“Levi Garrison, for the sake of truth, should you take it off? Don’t worry, I will treat you with the best equipment and medicine once you get injured!”

“You still have to go all out, but you have to end it!” Tiance

Marshal said Both parties urged.

Levi Garrison helplessly took off the special battle clothes.

The point is that Zhong Qiu was shocked and flew out just now, it has nothing to do with the special uniform, it is himself.

It’s the same whether you wear a special battle suit or not.

Anyway, with the hundred rascals in front of him, Levi Garrison made up his mind to teach a lesson… He wants to show his true strength and tell the little guys that he has to continue practicing!


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