The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2457

Hundreds of Tianjiao looked at the stubborn teacher in front of them, and felt a little pitiful.

With the special suit just now, he can ignore everything and accept their challenges one by one.

But now the special battle clothes are taken off.

Levi Garrison’s only hole card was gone.

Then, they will be able to fight them with real strength.

But where is the opponent?

Zhong Qiu alone was enough to cause him serious injury.

Even if you click to the end, you have to get a little bit injured.

With so many people taking turns to challenge again, it would be difficult for Levi Garrison to leave here alive.

But he was still stubbornly accepting the students’ challenges.

The tall body looks lonely, making people feel distressed.

“Teacher, be careful, I won’t keep my hands!”

Zhong Qiu said, staring at Levi Garrison.

“Come on, it doesn’t matter!”

Levi Garrison was ready to take the move.

At the very moment when Zoey suddenly yelled, “Wait! Wait a minute…” As

soon as Zoey said this, everyone looked at her.

I don’t know what she meant.

“Marshal, gather your people, I have something to discuss with you!”

Zoey said.

In the end, except for a hundred Tianjiao and Levi Garrison in the field.

The others gathered together.

“What’s the matter?”

Marshal Tiance asked dissatisfiedly.

“Marshal, I want to ask all of you one thing…”

Zoey said.

Everyone’s face changed.

What does it mean?

Everyone looked at Zoey in confusion.

“The next challenge my husband will undoubtedly lose! Anyone can see that the strength of those 100 Tianjiao is definitely at the forefront of the gods! It is definitely not my husband’s opponent!”

Zoey explained.

“Well, yes, so what?”

asked the marshal Tiance.

“But the people he lost were all his students! One hundred, defeat him one by one! What a shame to him! My husband is so strong! This kind of thing happened to him. It’s more uncomfortable than letting him die!”

“If the scene where he was defeated was seen by so many of us familiar with him, it would be another blow to him! I’m afraid he can’t bear it, and will do something extreme. Come on!”

“So I ask you not to watch the game! Let my husband and his students secretly compete? Anyway, we all know that my husband will definitely lose!”

Zoey said his request.

“Yes! Don’t let the boss suffer double humiliation! No one can bear this! Must support!”

“Yes, we can’t watch the battle!”

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) and the others supported one after another.

Marshal Tiance thought for a while, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Well, I agreed, not watching the battle! Close this base completely and let their teacher learn from each other on their own, right?” The

Tiance Marshal only wanted to embarrass Levi Garrison.

He didn’t even think about driving him to death.

It was easy to kill him, but there were too many people related to Levi Garrison.

It’s hard to control them.

Even this hundred arrogance is not easy to control!

If Levi Garrison has something to do, too much is involved.

He can only agree.

After everyone came back, Major Tiance said, “Next, you will close the challenge yourself! Send a signal after the challenge! We won’t watch the battle!”

Zhong Qiu, Gemini and they quickly understood the intention of Major Tiance.

Avoid double blows to their master.

“Yes, we agree!”

Everyone nodded.


Soon, a shield appeared around the base, completely sealing off the base.

Nowhere was left.

They are waiting outside.

“Everyone, get ready, it’s estimated that the battle will be over soon! Next time I will challenge you! Finally, I will go!”

Young Master Tiance’s eyes were shining, “It just so happens that I use King Kong not bad magic power to practice. Practice them!” “The command given above is to practice them at all costs!”


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