The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2458

Looking at the students in the base.

Levi Garrison was amused.

Now, he doesn’t need to hide it.

It’s time to play tricks…

“Teacher, then I’m here?”

Zhong Qiu couldn’t help reminding.

“Hold on!”


Everyone looked at Levi Garrison in confusion.

“To save time, let’s go together!”

Levi Garrison said.

“Ah? This…”

Everyone was stunned.

Go together?

Is the teacher so crazy?

But this is in line with Levi Garrison’s style, but his strength can’t keep up.

“Teacher, I’m here, hi!” The

Valkyrie Zhong Qiu immediately started.

A heavy kick slashed towards Levi Garrison.

A little better than the one just now!

Levi Garrison watched Zhong Qiu’s kick, and he said, “It’s too slow, too slow…”


He avoided this kick easily.


Zhong Qiu stepped on the ground fiercely with a frustrated foot.

“The strength is OK!”

Levi Garrison glanced at it.

The next moment, he braved golden light all over his body.

It bursts into light and emits a crisp metallic sound.

The six apertures were blinking.

King Kong is not bad for magic! ! !

Sixth floor!

According to Levi Garrison’s estimation, no one in the room could break the seventh floor!

The sixth floor is impossible!

After all, Takitani Kuroki defeated all the powers of the gods list by virtue of the sixth layer of King Kong’s incorruptible power.

No matter how strong they are, they are at the level of Young Master Tiance.

This… what is this?

Everyone was dumbfounded to see this scene.

“Let me test how many catties you bastards are?”

Levi Garrison directly killed the Valkyrie Zhong Qiu after using the Vajra Invincible Power.



Zhong Qiu realized Levi Garrison’s power and used his best, but every move hit Levi Garrison with a metallic sound.

But it can’t cause any harm to him.

But as long as Levi Garrison attacked, Zhong Qiu was beaten out immediately.

Later, he killed Xiang Ning still and Fu Jia.

Although the two are strong, they are invincible.

Another one!


Next, one hundred Tianjiao were taught by Levi Garrison one by one.

Finally, only the strongest Gemini was left!

The two are the strongest!

It is indeed different from the previous Tianjiao.

They can stay under the sixth layer of the King Kong Undamaged Divine Art for longer, and even have a faint tendency to break the sixth layer.

Especially when the two of them join forces, they tend to break even more.

But after all, it was almost!



Finally, Levi Garrison flew the two of them out.

So far, a hundred people have been educated by Levi Garrison.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with inevitable shock, and they looked at Levi Garrison incredulously.

how come?

how come?


Isn’t it said that Levi Garrison is a quasi god?

It’s not even a gods.

As a result, they slammed all of them, even the Gemini and the Valkyrie were invincible.

what happened?

“I know! The teacher’s strength has been there, but the group of people don’t know, the outside world doesn’t know. I thought the teacher stayed three years ago!”

“The strength of the boss is at least the top five of the gods! He is this. We are always close to breaking the golden body together!”

Gemini said.

“You are right, but not completely right!”

Levi Garrison said.

“You all come together!”

Levi Garrison said.

A hundred people attacked Levi Garrison at the same time.


Seven apertures flickered!

King Kong is not bad for the seventh layer of magical arts!

More than a hundred people teamed up and could barely deal with the seventh layer of King Kong is not bad magic!

“Boom!!!” A

breath of silence.

Levi Garrison displayed the eighth layer of King Kong is not bad magic.




Hundreds of Tianjiao were all shaken out.

“This…this this…”

Everyone looked at Levi Garrison incredulously.

This is too powerful, right? ? ? The world is invincible!


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