The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2459

At this moment, everyone felt that Levi Garrison was stronger than the masters they had secretly trained in the Baolong clan.

Even a lot stronger!

Just tell us this is the quasi god list?

Still the first level?


Are you kidding us?

The first level gives us the most difficult intensity?

However, this is not the limit!

Levi Garrison’s breath is still soaring!

Still climbing rapidly!


King Kong is not bad for the ninth layer of magical skills!

Nine phantoms appear!

Especially a round of scorching sun hung high behind Levi Garrison.

The indestructible body of King Kong that cannot be broken at all!

An aura that made heaven and earth tremble and surrender overwhelmed the audience!

Everyone feels that their bodies are going to be crushed!

This is definitely better than the masters of their Baolong clan, and much stronger!

The group of people outside also didn’t understand the teacher’s true strength.

The teacher deceived the world again!

As soon as the ninth layer of King Kong is not bad, the heaven and the earth surrender, and the universe bows its head!


Everyone was scared!

Too f*cking strong!

No one does not tremble!

This is definitely the strongest person they have ever seen, not one of them.

“Teacher, what’s the matter with their ranking of you?”

Zhong Qiu asked.

“Because I haven’t appeared in the past three years, they thought I was eliminated by the times! If everyone didn’t know where you went, they would think that you were eliminated. Your strength stayed at three years ago! You don’t know that you are still strong!”

Ye King’s Landing explained.

Everyone nodded in relief.

Mainly everyone is not in this era, and doesn’t know what you have done…

“Teacher, is your strength so strong? Unbelievable!”

said the strongest Gemini.

Levi Garrison shook his head, “No! This is a technique I got two days ago! Just practice it, and I will reach the highest level! I am actually much better than this, right?” The

words are not surprising and endless.

Levi Garrison said this.

This group of apprentices are really going to vomit blood.

Is a single exercise that you practiced at random is heinously strong?

If he doesn’t know how strong his true strength is?


Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

The people outside are really idiots!

The teacher was also arranged for the first level.

It’s ridiculous!

“Actually, my strength comes from the basic exercises that I have taught you! You should practice it from time to time. It is true that this exercise is slow to produce results! But it is still good to stick to it!”

“For you, I don’t Worry, what you are practicing is the orthodox technique of the Baolong clan, no problem! Come on!”

Levi Garrison said.

Everyone was immersed in the shock.

No one thought that the reason why Levi Garrison was so powerful was that all of them had the basic techniques to practice.

I didn’t expect it!

This basic exercise is stronger than the magical power of King Kong not being bad?

Levi Garrison smiled, “Everyone still pay attention! King Kong is not bad for me, just use the novel toys, just brush it! My main practice is this basic exercise!”


Everyone nodded.

“I actually tested it for you just now…”

“But if you want to practice with them, you can do it! Try their strength!”

Levi Garrison said.

Obviously it is a challenge for a hundred people.

But Levi Garrison ended the battle in the shortest time.


let’s go out!” Hearing Levi Garrison’s words, everyone signaled.

When the marshals outside Tiance received the signal, they were all very surprised.

“It’s over so soon?”

“This group of Tianjiao is really fast! The abuse of Levi Garrison is fast enough!”

“It’s ten times faster than I expected ! I didn’t expect it to be solved in a few minutes!”

Everyone laughed.

“Rumble…” The

door was opened along with it.

Everyone saw hundreds of Tianjiao and Levi Garrison.

“Huh? Why is Levi Garrison okay?” Everyone was surprised.


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