The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2460

In everyone’s imagination, Levi Garrison should be dying.

But the fact is that Levi Garrison has nothing to do.

“You really don’t hurt your teacher at all…”

someone said.

Zoey secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Levi Garrison was okay.

If Levi Garrison is seriously injured.

Then hit him.

But now I saw Levi Garrison’s face serious.

She also understood that Levi Garrison must be extremely sad when he was defeated by a hundred students in turn.

Don’t even want to say anything!

“May I go now?”

Levi Garrison said.

“Yes! Come on, the special suit is for you!” The

Marshal Tiance gave the special suit to Levi Garrison.

Levi Garrison accepted it.

A good vest.

Why not?

Seeing Levi Garrison’s back, everyone sighed.

I felt the sadness in Levi Garrison’s heart.

Was defeated by the students!

It’s actually a cruel thing!

Gemini, the Valkyrie and they all looked at Levi Garrison’s back.

Complex look!

They were wondering how powerful Levi Garrison is?

It’s so strong?

That strong King Kong is not bad, the ninth layer of magical skills is like a toy to him?

This, this…

But their expression fell in the eyes of other people.

It was as though sorry for Levi Garrison.

“Come on! Your challenge continues!”

“I should have known what the qualifications for entering the gods list are…” The

Tiance Marshal directly ordered the challenge to continue.

There is no opportunity for everyone to speak.

“Why don’t they ask who is defeated?”

Fu Jia wondered.

“Yes, why don’t they ask who is defeated…”

Hundred Tianjiao was very puzzled.

But in the eyes of Tiance Shao, Levi Garrison is bound to lose.

There is no need for any negotiation at all!

No need to ask!

The challenge continues in this way.

The second hurdle is the challenge of the threshold of the god list.

Levi Garrison’s father-in-law and some members of Li Zhao’s family belong to this level.

The fierce challenge begins.

Soon after, Hundred Tianjiao all passed this level.

Next is the third level led by Levi Garrison’s apprentice Zhou Ke and others, the fifth hundredth in the god list.

It took some time this time.

But Hundred Tianjiao still passed with difficulty.

Explain that all of them are in the top five hundred of the gods.


The top three hundred on the god list!

All members passed.

Chase all the way.

Finally reached the hundredth on the list of gods.

This level stopped forty-eight people.

Fifty-two people entered the top 100 on the list of gods.

This surprised and delighted the Baolong clan and Tiance Mansion.

The focus of the next plan is there.

It is to let the forty-eight people who were blocked from the top 100 enter the top 100 level of the gods list.

Just continue to strengthen the others.

The challenge continues.

Tiger (Bai Hu), Xuanwu and they played one by one.

There are losers and there are victorious ones.

Kirin ( Qilin ), Sword Evil God, Xiao Feng and others will soon appear on the stage.

They stopped many people.

Zoey also stopped many people when he appeared.

Xuanyuan Qingya also stopped many people.

In the end, only eight people passed the challenge to the level of Young Master Tiance.

“Has it been difficult?”

Tiance Marshal asked.

“No, easy, too easy…”

everyone replied in unison.

Ever since the hardest Levi Garrison, passing any level is easy.

too easy.

Even those who are blocked by Tianjiao think so.

It’s much easier than playing King’s Landing.

King’s Landing was completely crushed.

Now the two sides are playing inextricably.

Even if you lose, it’s just a bit of a loss.

It’s not too easy.

This answer was obviously beyond the Tiance Marshal’s expectation.

“It’s difficult, it seems you are very easy!”

“Then I will personally give you strength!”

“I will show you that King Kong is not bad for magic…”

The marshal of Tiance immediately performed the fifth layer of the magical power of King Kong is not bad.

“Puff!” At

this time, all the hundred Tianjiao in the audience laughed out loud.

The marshal of Tiance was stunned. What are you laughing at?


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