The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2461

The others are also dumbfounded.

what happened?

They all laughed.

Is it so funny that King Kong is not bad?

King Kong is not bad, of course not funny!

And also very serious.

But they just saw that Levi Garrison performed the magic power of King Kong not bad, and he went straight to the highest ninth floor!

That power, that pressure!

Everyone is still vivid!

It was as if Levi Garrison wanted to destroy the world after showing it.

No one can stop!

Now, Tiance Marshal is showing the fifth layer of King Kong is not bad magic… After

everyone sees it, it’s like a joke.

Therefore, everyone laughed without holding back.

After laughing one by one, they looked serious and couldn’t raise any interest.

I didn’t expect it when I hit other people before.

This made Tiance Young Marshal feel a blow to his self-confidence!

what happened?

They have to perform the magical power of King Kong not being bad, why do they look like this?


Looking at them, you know that King Kong is not bad for magical power… but

logically they shouldn’t know.

They are not the same from ancient people like Ye Wudao, and they train in a closed manner.

Where would I know that King Kong is not bad for magic?

You should have never heard of it, right?

They should all look strange!

It seems that I have not only heard it, but even experienced the same.

How is this going?

Just as the marshal was about to think about it that day, the Valkyrie Zhong Qiu immediately moved.

Kill the marshal to Tiance.

Tiance Marshal King Kong’s Immortal Body Protector!


blocked Zhong Qiu’s blow.

However, Zhong Qiu’s face showed joy.

This is too far behind the teacher’s magical power of King Kong is not bad.

What the teacher showed just now, even the top-notch is something they can’t break anyway.

But now Tiance Young Marshal’s King Kong is not bad magical power seems to be broken!

Subsequently, Ning still Fu Jia and others tried one after another.

Neither party got any benefits!

This group of Tianjiao is very strong, and the fifth-layer King Kong is not bad magical skill of Tiance Marshal does not have the momentum of crushing.

“Together!!!” The

strongest Gemini joined forces to attack.



after a fierce fight.

“Kacha!” With

only a crack, Gemini actually broke through the fifth-layer diamond impervious body of Major Tiance.

However, the strongest Gemini also suffered a lot, and suffered a lot of injuries.

After all, this is a magical skill that King Kong is not bad!

The reason why they broke was because they had accumulated a lot of experience during the previous battle against Levi Garrison.

The two of them joined forces to fight it out, and there was a faint tendency to break through the sixth layer.

But in the end it was almost.

But the fifth layer can still be broken.

The marshal Tiance saw that King Kong’s indestructible body was broken open, and became angry from shame.

Shame in front of so many people.

“Damn it! Come on!”

He gave up the not-so-pure Vajra not bad magical skill, and should use his own practice to teach Gemini a little lesson.

“Marshal! No more! We just test their strength! Know a rough ranking! You don’t have to fight to death!”

Seeing that the marshal Tiance was angry, the seniors of the Baolong clan appeared on the stage.

Stop the Marshal Tiance!

“Yes, enough is enough!”

Others also discouraged.

The marshal Tiance gave up.

“Marshal, your King Kong is not bad magical skill is too bad for home! It’s too far away! It’s really not good, you can ask our teacher to learn it, he will also be the ninth level of the highest realm!”

Gemini sneered road.

Zhong Qiu’s other people also said: “Yes, let our teacher learn!”

“Our teacher’s King Kong is not bad magical skills are invincible in the world! What are you doing?”

Hundreds of heavenly arrogants shouted.

This made the marshal Tiance embarrassed to death, wishing to find a seam to get in.


Be accused in person!

“Huh? Levi Garrison can also do not destroy the magic power of King Kong?”

Many people were surprised.


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