The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2462

“Of course he won’t! Can’t you tell that these rascals are insulting us! Let me go and learn from Levi Garrison that King Kong is not bad, what is the insult?” Tiance Master’s

dissatisfied voice sounded.

He really thought that Gemini was insulting him, and they all went with Levi Garrison to learn the magic of King Kong is not bad.


day , there will be King Kong not bad magical skills, except for my master!” Tiance Marshal said seriously.

Hundreds of Tianjiao didn’t know about Tiance Marshal’s worship of Levi Garrison as his teacher.

So Zhong Qiu immediately retorted: “Impossible! Our teacher will too!”

“Yes, our teacher will too! Compared to his King Kong is not bad magical skills, you are not even a fart!”

… I

am afraid that if we go on, both sides may Fight.

The seniors of the Baolong clan immediately took away a hundred Tianjiao and continued to conduct closed top-secret training.

I will come out to test later… The

young commander of Tiance is going to explode…

Without the prestige in front of these hundred Tianjiao, the indestructible body of King Kong has been broken.

What a shame!

Levi Garrison on the other side still appreciates this Tianjiao closed plan.

Be regarded as a targeted layout.

Secretly train more than a hundred seedlings to deal with the future.

This is actually the idea of ​​Tianji Pavilion.

Tianji Pavilion said earlier that the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion lags far behind compared to the laboratory of the gods.

You have to look forward and you have to layout.

This is one of the initiatives.

Levi Garrison was not far away from this base.

But waiting for someone.

Soon after, the marshal Tiance appeared unhappy.

Seeing Levi Garrison’s back, his eyes lit up fiercely.

“Master… Master… Why are you here?” The

marshal Tiance came to the front excitedly, half kneeling on the ground.

That’s right.

Levi Garrison appeared in the image of his master at this moment.

“Why are you talking about? Idiot! Trash! Shame!”

“Don’t mention that you are my apprentice anymore! I can’t afford this person!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

The young commander of Tiance was personally selected by him.

I thought it was the best choice.

But I didn’t expect that this kid would have nothing to do and practice hard all day after getting the magical power of King Kong is not bad.

Show off everywhere, pretend to be coerced everywhere…

Regarding the power of the King Kong is not bad as the capital of bragging.

Instead of using it to arm yourself.

I also want to use the imperfect fifth-layer diamond incorruptible magic power to disarm.

The result was broken by Gemini.

“Huh?” The

young master Tiance realized something, and his face changed.

“Master, I’m ashamed of you…” The

Marshal Tiance was about to cry.

“Do you know where you are wrong?”

Levi Garrison asked.

“Understood…I will never show off with my magic skills anymore…”

Tiance’s young commander bowed his head.

“Okay, let’s give you a task! Before you have mastered the seventh floor proficiently, don’t say you have practiced the magical power of King Kong!”

Levi Garrison said.


It’s still not good in all respects!

If it’s Levilia, he will go directly to the task, let Levilia train to the ninth floor…

after he leaves.

Levi Garrison was thinking.

Does the Lab of the Gods follow the same routine as the Baolong clan?

Everyone conducts closed and top-secret training, just as if they disappeared.

From time to time, do they come out to test the strength of the world today…

Maybe it is really possible… The

last time King Kong was born without a bad magical power, it was definitely a good opportunity.

I just don’t know in advance.

Is there a way to attract this group of people out?

Levi Garrison is thinking about methods.

“Bang!” At

this time, the door was blasted open.

Zoey hurriedly came: “The big thing is not good! Levilia has an accident!”

“Ah? How could Levilia have an accident? Didn’t all her masters follow?”

Levi Garrison said.

“But now it’s Levilia and her masters…just now the secret order of Tiance Mansion…”


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