The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2463


Levi Garrison’s face changed drastically when he heard the news.

Even the few masters who followed have had an accident together?

That was a big trouble this time.

“What’s the matter?”

Levi Garrison was anxious and asked immediately.

“According to the secret order of the Tiance Mansion, Levilia experienced an inexplicable and powerful attack somewhere in the deep mountains of the Western Continent! Now that he has lost contact, not only her, but even several ancestors have lost news… “

Now I suspect that something happened to them…”

Zoey was about to cry.

Others followed suit.

“This…not to mention how strong Levilia is, even a few old ancestors have had an accident! What kind of opponents have you encountered?”

“I will definitely die this time! What kind of strong strange things in this era? It’s normal to come out! The ancestors are not opponents and it is normal, this is over!”

Everyone was ashamed.

Everyone knows the strength of these ancestors better than anyone else.

Although not on the list of gods.

But everyone knows that several ancestors are at least the top three on the gods list.

It is even comparable to the number one Dark God and Heavenly Commander of this level.

Four or five people of this level have had an accident.

How strong is that opponent?


Completely desperate!

“Zoey, you have to be prepared…maybe Levilia will never come back…”

Zhao Junfei reminded several people.


Zoey got black in front of his eyes and sat down directly on the ground.

She almost passed out.

If Levilia did anything, she would definitely not be able to accept it.

People will fall apart!

She glared at Levi Garrison and yelled: “It’s all to blame! We have let you practice the new era exercises! You must not listen! If you start practicing, with your qualifications, now you are at least the top three of the gods. ! You can save people now!”

“What about you now, you can’t even enter the god list! Your daughter has an accident, what can you do to save?”

“You are an incompetent father! You were not omnipotent before. Can’t it? Now your daughter is going to die, are you capable of saving it? Do you have a little qualification?”

“The key is that we let you practice a long time ago, you just don’t listen! It’s conservative! Stubbornly choose your past path! Now, when you need your strength, can you get it out? Can you save Levilia back?”

Zoey was in a state of desperation, just as crazy at this moment.

Spread all the qi on Levi Garrison alone.

“Don’t blame Zoey for talking about you! Blame you! Even my daughter can’t handle it! It’s really sad!”

“Yes, you should listen to us earlier! With your current strength, can you still go see your daughter what’s wrong?” You are too weak now, I guess

you can’t even see the last side of your daughter!” “You are not a qualified father! You are not worthy!”

Li Zhao and his family scolded one after another.

“The boss is not that we say you, this matter does have something to do with your strength! In this era, only if you are strong enough can you protect the person you want to protect!”

“Yes, everyone wants to be strong, only You are conservative and study the past! You don’t have any

desire to strive upward!” “Hey! Once you have something to do with Master, you are afraid that you will blame yourself for a lifetime!”

Xiao Feng Kirin ( Qilin ) and others also said Levi Garrison mercilessly. .

After they finished talking, they went to persuade Zoey to dye it.

“Sister-in-law! From now on, we will all be dispatched! We must find Levilia back!”

“There are also strong men from the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan who have also taken action! We are going to find Levilia together!”

“Don’t worry. , There is still a glimmer of hope! Tiance Mansion is still discovered quickly!”

Everyone said.

At this time, Levi Garrison’s voice sounded: “I’m going to bring Levilia back! Don’t worry!”

But no one paid attention to Levi Garrison.

The audience, they knew that Levi Garrison was the least likely to bring back Levilia.


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