The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2464

No matter how loud Levi Garrison shouted the slogan.

It is impossible for him to save people back!


He’s only a few catties!

Even several ancestors lost contact, most of them were killed.

Can he go?

Unless you have the best talents, or lower the standard, at least the top five of the gods!

Saying these things, everyone can still believe it.

But you Levi Garrison, a player who is nothing, who would believe this?

So they ignored it at all and didn’t even look at it from start to finish.

As if he was air.

Zoey, who calmed down, nodded immediately: “Okay, let’s look for it now! Thank you for your help at the critical moment!”

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, we will fight it! As long as Levilia is alive, we will definitely bring it back! We will immediately contact other helpers. !”

Everyone said.

This time.

Various institutions of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan were dispatched one after another.

However, the marshal of Tiance is practicing in retreat, not bad magical skills of King Kong.

He was silent for the time being.

Tiance Shenshuai just sent someone.

He did not act either.

He knew that Levi Garrison would make a move, not much more than him.

In case there is really something that can’t be solved, he can do it again.

But he sent all the things he could!

Kunlun Industry and other major forces, he has arranged everything he can arrange.

All the major forces in Erudiaa have gone to find people in a mighty manner.

This shocked all foreign countries.

What happened in Erudiaa?

Make such a big move.

Thousands of people plus information from major organizations and even major foreign forces.

If you find someone, the power is still enough.

Even more than enough!

But everyone knows that this time is too dangerous.

Levilia and her masters are more wicked than auspicious.

Those are the ancestors of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

Their strength is epoch-making!

But this time it was still in danger.

That shows that the opponents they encountered were too strong to burst.

Even if they find it, it won’t help.

Can you save people back?

The possibility is too small!

Even those who go there have to catch a small life!

Zoey also took this into consideration.

“I still have someone to ask!”

Zoey exclaimed.

Everyone asked: “Who?”

“My master is the Dark God!”

There was a light in Zoey’s eyes, it was hope.

“Ah? God of Darkness! That’s great! I didn’t expect it just now!”

“The God of Darkness is number one in the gods list! The ceiling in the true sense! Only lost to the God of God! If he would make a move , The hope is great!”

“What’s more, the Bible organizations he controls are spread all over the world! This is so easy to use!”

“In that case, let’s go to the Bible Organization as soon as possible and ask for the help of the Dark God…”

in Zoey When the people went to the Bible organization in a mighty manner.

Levi Garrison had already arrived here.

He wants to use all the forces of the Bible organization to find his daughter’s whereabouts.

After all, one-third of the forces in the world are quicker and more effective to find.

“The master is narrowing the scope, and within half an hour, he will definitely be able to find the place where the little princess disappeared!” It could be

seen that Levi Garrison was going crazy.

Underworld gods did not dare to neglect.

Do your best to search, not let go of a trace.

It really sent all the people who could be sent out.

Everything that can be used is used.

“Yeah! Good!”

So far, Levi Garrison hopes that Levilia and the others are okay.

There must be no accident!

Definitely not!

Levi Garrison prayed silently.

Now he is more anxious than anyone else.

In the base, he paced back and forth.

Like ants on a hot pan.

At this moment, others ran in.

“What’s the matter? Panicking?”

“God of darkness, Zoey wants to see you!”

This made Levi Garrison stunned.

“Let her in!”


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