The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2465

After the plums were dyed, they explained their intentions.

Pray for the dark god to save the king!

Levi Garrison smiled helplessly.

This is his child, how could he not save it?

Now I’m thinking of a way to find Levilia.

Seeing that Levi Garrison didn’t speak.

Zoey immediately fell to his knees and pleaded: “Master, please! Save my child!”

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) Kirin ( Qilin ) and others also pleaded: “Senior God of Darkness, please! Now you are the only one who can help you Rescued people!”

“Yes, Tiance is not handsome! Only you! You are the number one in the gods list!”

“We ask you! We promise you any conditions!”

everyone bowed together, Ask the dark god to take action.

Levi Garrison shook his head helplessly.

Before I said to save people, no one of you paid any attention to me.

Now come and beg me one by one.

“Well, I will do it!”

Levi Garrison said.

“Master…” At

this moment, Underworld God quickly ran in.

But seeing so many people there, the Underworld God still shut up.

He was looking at Levi Garrison’s eyes to see if it was said in the presence of so many people.

Levi Garrison shook his head: “You leave first! I will save people later!” After

getting an affirmative answer, Zoey and others left.

They are also going to find Levilia.

After everyone left, the evil god immediately said: “Master, I found it!”

“This is the specific location! The little princesses have lost contact since they entered here! So far, no news has come out!” The

evil god brought the map and pointed it to Levi Garrison.

“There are complex mountains and large virgin forests! Satellites cannot detect the real situation inside! This is a dangerous place that

has never been conquered by humans. For a long time, this place has been forbidden. Because it is too dangerous, No matter in the past or the present, no one wants to go here. In other words, almost no one who goes here comes back alive.” The

God of Underworld explained.

“Well, it seems that it is because it is a forbidden area and the difficulties are so difficult that Levilia will go here to experience!”

Levi Garrison said.

The evil god patted his forehead and said: “By the way, I also found an interesting thing! This place was once named Forbidden Area No. 76 by the Gods Laboratory! It hasn’t been explored so far. It is estimated that there is something in it that makes them jealous. .

so this is where the laboratory did not detect even the gods understand! danger is yes! now the little princess who suffered a possible danger even the gods are afraid to laboratory detection …… “

” I am about to leave now …… “

Levi Garrison approached.

“Master, do you need me to send a large number of powerful people to accompany you?” The

Underworld God has just dispatched nearly a million powerful people from all major forces.

As long as Levi Garrison gave an order, he immediately opened up.

Levi Garrison shook his head: “No! If the enemy is beyond the level of Levilia’s masters, it won’t help how many people you send there.”

“Wait for me to hear? I will notify you if there is news!”

Then, Ye King’s Landing took the bible organization’s aircraft to the place where Levilia had disappeared.

Looking at the rolling mountains and virgin forests.

Levi Garrison plunged in and disappeared quickly.

Underworld gods can only wait silently outside.

Shortly after.

Tiance Mansion also found the location of Levilia’s disappearance.

Zoey and they came here one after another.

At the same time, Zoey hurriedly contacted the Bible organization and got in touch with the evil god.

“Underworld God, I have found the place where my child disappeared. Can I let Master leave now? I will tell you the specific address…”

Zoey said quickly.

“You are too slow! The master has found the location long ago, and he has already entered.”

Underworld God said.


Zoey dyed a look of surprise.


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