The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2466

“It is estimated that you can’t catch up with the master’s speed at all! You can feel relieved in your heart. If you find someone with his strength, you can bring it back with a high probability!”

said the evil god.

“Thanks…thank you…”

Zoey was about to burst into tears.

It turns out that Master attaches so much importance to Levilia’s affairs!

Already gone early?

I am really grateful to Master!

Sure enough, people who treat themselves well will help you at a critical moment.

This is the hardest time for

me … Master has made a move…

Now in this situation where life and death are unknown, my master has left without hesitation.

You must know that several of Levilia’s masters have disappeared inside.

It is very likely that there are super strong players in it, and they are not the same.

Even if the dark God enters, it is life-threatening.

Maybe you will lose your life in it.

But they did not hesitate to agree, and went quietly first.

This is to treat yourself as a pro-disciple!

Before the loss, Levi Garrison kept saying that Master was using himself to train himself into a killing machine.

Everything she does is for herself!

Never regarded you as a real apprentice!

But now?

When they were the most dangerous, they rushed to be the first!

She really wants Levi Garrison to show up next to her, pointing to Levi Garrison and shouting: “This is what you said to use my master? It was her who took action when I was most in distress! She is more effective than your father!”

“For my request, can someone who doesn’t care about his life be the one who takes advantage of me? I have never seen her have any bad times since I have been apprenticeship!” But

where did she know.

The dark god is Levi Garrison!

For the children, the first ones to definitely rush out are the parents!

Not by others!

“Sister-in-law, shall we enter together?”

Kirin ( Qilin ) suggested.

Everyone is ready.

“Wait! Sister-in-law, do I have to inform the boss of this matter?”

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) asked.

“Yes, this matter should be notified to Master! After all, he is the father! If this matter is not notified to him, I am afraid it will be a problem in the future.”

Xiao Feng also felt that this was more secure.

Everyone is staring at Zoey, waiting for her answer.

Zoey sneered: “I should have notified Levilia that he is missing here! But is it useful to notify him? Can he save Levilia or

something ?” ” What can a person who can’t get in the gods list do? Tell him Coming here will only add to the chaos! Should we save the emperor by then, or will we save him?”

… the

words came out.

Everyone was silent.

It really is!

It’s useless to inform Levi Garrison!

It will only add chaos!

What do you want him to do?

“Okay, then I won’t notify him! Let’s save people!”

“But before going in, each of us here can be equipped with a special Kunlun Industrial suit! A total of two hundred sets! Tiance Mansion and Kunlun Industrial are very Attach importance to Levilia, and take out all the wealth of the family!”

After getting the special armor, everyone quickly put on it.

Finally, a large number of people poured into the mountains.

Start looking for Levilia… on the

other side.

Levi Garrison has been in for a long time.

Sure enough, this place is extremely dangerous, with all kinds of natural poisonous fog everywhere.

If you are not careful, you will suffer…

“Where is Levilia? Where is it?”

Levi Garrison looked anxiously.

His consciousness is fully open, and he is detecting energy fluctuations.

But this place is too big.

There are more undetectable places…

and this place is weird and deep.

It’s like a huge abyss in the depths.

Can’t see the head at all…



Levi Garrison looked like crazy.

A large area was swept out.

Levi Garrison found nothing.

A little desperate!

At this moment, Levi Garrison looked to the ground and his face changed drastically.

He has made a major discovery!


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