The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2467

Scorched earth! ! !

The scorched earth burned by a super flame! ! !

It didn’t take long to see the traces!

And looking at the traces of flames, it looks like a flame of real gas!

Levi Garrison continued to deepen.

Traces of fighting!

He saw it!

I know more or less about Levilia and her masters.

Even Levi Garrison checked their energy fluctuations.

The marks of fighting caused by this scene are theirs!

There are also traces of flames, which belong to a certain master Levilia.

The flames shot out with a powerful infuriating energy…

Levi Garrison studied the fighting traces at the scene and basically imitated the battle in his mind.

But soon the problem appeared.

Who is the enemy? ? ?

Because he imitated the battle scene, Levi Garrison found that only Levilia and the others were fighting, but there was no trace of the opponent.

How did they do it?

What’s the trick?

What kind of power?

All information is missing!

In the battle with Levilia and the others, these people seemed to be non-existent.

But there is no unreasonableness.

Levilia, what are they fighting?




Levi Garrison’s expression immediately became solemn, the more weird, the more it showed that they were in great danger.

But the good thing is that there are clues, and he can look for it along the way.


I can’t look for it openly.

It would be troublesome in case it is targeted by the enemy.

Levi Garrison wore the mask of the Dark God, and as a concealed identity, ghosts walked through the mountains and deep forests.

Although Zoey and the others entered this area in large numbers.

But one by one is the same as headless flies.

Looking for no clue at all.

No clue was found, no one saw it.

This made Zoey more and more panicked.

Pin everything on the Dark God!

“Thinking about it now, it’s no use telling the boss on this occasion! What to look for? You can’t find it at all!”

“Believe it or not if the boss came with him, he would be gone! Now we have to find him.

Yeah !” “Yes, yes, yes! The boss is a person who doesn’t take the usual path and is good at breaking the rules. If he were there, he would have been messing up and borrowing!”


everyone came here, they knew not to take it. The benefits of Levi Garrison.

Now the whole world knows about Zoey’s big moves.

But what are you doing?

Still no one knows.

But this is no secret from Maya Industries.

They have been staring here.

“Hehe, dare to go to Forbidden Land No. 76?”

“It’s just

looking for death!” Maya Industry is formed by a group of traitors in the Lab of the Gods.

They still know most of the things in the Lab of the Gods.

Such as No. 76 Forbidden Land!

“The Gods’ Laboratory used to survey and dig for plundered resources all over the world. There is almost no place in the world that they don’t look at! The resource potential of Forbidden Land No. 76 is among the best in the world, and resources that are much more terrifying than the Sun Stone are available here.

Yes . The Lab of the Gods will definitely not let it go! But why didn’t the Lab of the Gods conquer here? That was because something went wrong soon after the survey and mining started, and even the Lab of the Gods couldn’t solve the problem. Then, against 76 The mining of the forbidden area also stopped.

No one knows what happened, but the secrets were sealed up!”

The top of Maya Industry explained.

“To blame, the children of Levi Garrison and the ancestors of Tiance Mansion are too arrogant and think they can go anywhere! They are wrong! That’s a place that the Gods Lab dare not touch!”

“We Just wait for a good show! No one who enters will come out alive!”

Levi Garrison followed the traces all the way to find.

He found that the traces of the fight between Levilia and several masters had been there.

They fought all the way.

“Not good…this…”


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