The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2468

Levi Garrison’s face suddenly changed drastically.

The body trembled.

He found a major problem.

This route!

It’s not that Levilia and the masters fight and charge all the way!

They are running away!

All fights are done to escape!

But the route to leave the deep mountains and deep forests was blocked, and they could only escape to the depths of this area.

After analyzing and understanding all this.

They also understood the route that Levilia and the others escaped.

Just follow this trace and go deep.

But who is the one who made the shot so far?

No trace of them exists!

But as long as the shot is taken, how could the trace be non-existent.

And it’s not like being destroyed.


Levi Garrison speeded up and rushed to the depths.

After a while.

In an area, Levi Garrison felt a strong breath.

It’s so powerful that it can’t be added!

It may be at least at the level of Tiance Shenshuai!

The few breaths left behind are strong enough to shock people.

Suffice it to show what kind of powerhouse Levilia and the others have encountered.

Levi Garrison saw blood in this area.

Apparently someone was injured.

Is it Levilia?

Levi Garrison was anxious.

The faster the foot.

But he was still analyzing.

There is no trace before.

But this time there was obviously a strong aura left behind, and it seemed that they were encircling, driving Levi Garrison and them to the depths.

May not be able to deal with it all at once?

So to be surrounded?

After all, Levilia’s masters are not vegetarian.

They may be slightly weaker than Tiance Shenshuai, but not much weaker.

Especially there are several of them!

Levi Garrison accelerated the pursuit.

“Huh? There are still traces…”

Levi Garrison still found a trace in the jungle.

It’s just that the speed is trembling.

Then Zoey has a large number of strong men behind them, and tens of thousands of people have already penetrated into the hinterland.

They did not leave too far, and basically gathered together for a carpet-like search.


But at this moment, a terrifying invisible air current bombarded his face.

Raze here to the ground.

They indiscriminately attacked plums coming from the front.




Many people didn’t hold on at all, and their bodies exploded directly.

The blood spattered, and there was no bones left.


… the

slightly stronger ones were also severely injured.

That is, Zoey and the others wore special battle clothes in advance to avoid injury.

Otherwise they are also in danger.

This wave of airflow alone injured half of the search army.


Everyone is dumbfounded!

What’s in this place?

This turmoil alone hit half of the people!

If it continues, I am afraid that all of these people will die here.


Everyone is scared!

The point is that you don’t even know where this airflow comes from.

too frightening!

Otherwise, Levilia and the masters will not disappear!

Everyone can’t stop now.

No one wants to die in vain.

Especially the unknown fear is too scary.

“Warning! This is warning us not to go in! Everyone calm down first!”

The god of Tiance Mansion shouted.

“I’ll just go in, everyone don’t follow, lest you make unnecessary sacrifices!”

Zoey quietly touched in from another direction.

After Azure Dragon (Qinglong) and the others looked at each other, they also entered one by one.

They all gave it up.

To be together to death.

Levi Garrison continued to deepen.

In a very short time, he has come to the depths of this area.

During this period, because he could hide and avoid, he didn’t encounter any danger along the way.

After reaching the depths, Levi Garrison felt the energy fluctuations again.

Feel… here…

feel it!

The energy fluctuations of Levilia and her masters…

Levi Garrison felt it and knew the specific direction.

“Hmph, I want to see what is bullying my daughter? Looking for death!”

Levi Garrison rushed immediately.


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