The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2469


For Levilia and several masters, it was really desperate.

The opponent they met was too strong.

Immune to all attacks, and has lightning speed and unmatched power.

If it weren’t for a few masters who were super powerful and tried their best, they depended on the strength of their magical secret methods to hold them tightly, and it took two days and one night to come.

But now the masters have run out of oil and their lamps have dried up.

Everyone was seriously injured, almost dying.

It’s like a burning candle.

Either the oil runs out and the lamp dies, or it goes out as soon as the wind blows!

They are desperate.

“This…this is definitely the most powerful opponent we have ever encountered! Even stronger than those deep-hidden ancient races in Erudiaa! What kind of race are they? I can’t beat them at all!”

“What kind of strong in my life? I have never seen it before! This is the first time for such a difficult enemy!”

“It’s defeated, really defeated, but can’t be beaten! Really can’t be beaten!”

… The

ancestors were desperate.

Because they tried their best to take out everything they should take.

Not only couldn’t hurt the opponent at all, but couldn’t even break through.

“It’s a pity that Levilia…it doesn’t matter if we are dead, but Levilia is dead…hey…”

“Blame me! You have to let Levilia come here to practice, otherwise nothing will happen!”

“You don’t have to blame yourself ! Ah, who could have expected such a powerful existence here… Besides, isn’t that the way experience is? Life and death depend on the sky…”

Several ancestors are blaming themselves.

Levilia immediately comforted: “It’s okay! A few masters! Levilia is not afraid! Levilia will fight them to the end!”

” Here … they are coming…” The

ancestors were already desperate.

Soon, dozens of figures appeared.

They float in midair like gods.

Wearing a golden sacred battle armor and a golden helmet on his head, he is as majestic as a god!

There is indeed a sense of oppression of the gods in them!

As if they are above human beings.

Hundreds of figures appeared on the ground all around… Surrounded by

several people!

The weird thing is the way they appear!

Suddenly appeared out of thin air, just like an invisible person, suddenly showing itself.

This is how everyone appears.

Appear out of thin air!

It looks like a golden liquid hatched!

This may be the reason why Levi Garrison could not find the slightest trace of fighting before looking for it.

They may all be invisible, and they can’t see the traces or directions of their shots at all…

“Boom…” After

they arrived, a powerful breath was overwhelming.

It is necessary to tear people apart and squeeze them into mashed flesh.

“You are rare human beings who can escape here…” The

head of the person, there are ten metal wings behind the golden armor.

Like an angel!

Moreover, this metal resource may be a specialty of this region, which the outside world does not possess.

There is a faint golden light flowing on the body surface…

That is the power that can destroy the sky and the earth.

No wonder the Lab of the Gods wants the resources of this place!

Just throwing this metal to the outside world will cause looting, right?

The terrible coercion is pressing one after another!

The old ancestors trembled.

Levilia is ready to fight.

Several ancestors pleaded: “We have a request-let our apprentice be spared, it doesn’t matter if we die!” The

ancestors wanted to exchange their lives for the survival of the monarch.


“Any intruder, the human beings who see us will die!”

“Intrude into our god’s domain and want to go out alive? It’s ridiculous!”

These guys even claim to be gods.

Shen Shen’s coercion is a brainstorming attack on Levilia.

“Come on! I’m not afraid of you!”

Levilia also fully displayed his strength.

All these aliens in front of them are scared.

They can’t imagine that human children have such power?


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