The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2470

But surprise is surprised!

They moved their hands without mercy.

Although Levilia tried desperately, her attacks were of no use to these aliens.

Soon Levilia was beaten out.

Lost combat effectiveness.

This group of self-proclaimed gods seems to be able to control everything.

Under their special control.

It seems that everything is under control.

Levilia and several ancestors were frozen, and they couldn’t move their hands and feet at all.

It seems to be controlled by an invisible chain.

“I will kill her first, and then you!”

One person is holding a golden crossbow, and the long arrows are also made of special metal, and there is a blue flame on the body!

Watching an arrow shoot!

Several ancestors are desperate.

But they can’t move.

Can only watch Levilia being shot and walking in front of them.

This is the biggest blow to them, and the most desperate moment is this.

“Swish!” An

arrow came through the air, breaking the sound barrier, at a speed that cannot be described in words.

Levilia felt the breath of death, and she closed her eyes subconsciously.

She also didn’t extravagantly beg her parents to come to their rescue.

Because it’s impossible!


She already felt the temperature of the arrow flames, as if she was going to burn her to death.

Just at the juncture.

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of Levilia, grabbing the arrow that was burning with flames.


The group of self-proclaimed gods in front of them were dumbfounded.

Every eyeball will fly out.

My jaw dropped in shock!

How can this be?

How could he hold the arrow?


The flame above the arrow is burning!

Taken in this place with an unquenchable flame!

This kind of flame can burn through no matter what object!

Not to mention the human beings in their mouths, that is, they dare not come into direct contact with them.

For such a long time, the powerhouses who broke into their forbidden land were all super powerful, but no one could stop the flame!

There are many burn marks on the bodies of the old ancestors lying on the ground now, and they were burned by this kind of divine flame!

No object or creature can stop this flame!

They can’t do it themselves!

But now the human being suddenly appeared in front of him, actually holding a long arrow braving the flames of the gods with his bare hands!


They can’t figure it out!

According to their expectations, this person’s arm and even his entire body would be burned by the flames of God.

The results were unexpected!


He has nothing to do!


He squeezed with his hand, and the flames went out.

The arrow burst even more!

Several ancestors and Levilia looked at the tall figure in front of them, and they were all shocked.

They were surprised and happy.

I didn’t expect that in this situation, someone would come to rescue!

The guys who claim to be gods are all watching Levi Garrison warily.

As soon as Levi Garrison approached this hand, they were shocked.

At least Levi Garrison was stronger than those lying down.

They were looking at Levi Garrison, and Levi Garrison was also looking at them.

It’s really different!

The parts they wear, and even their body structure, are very different from those of external humans.

It’s even completely different!

There is a terrifying power stored in their bodies.

Let them have powerful strength and immune defense…

Their physique seems to be unbreakable, immortal.

Because Levi Garrison could perceive that they can repair infinitely…

this special power comes from their blood, it is innate, not acquired.

The inheritance comes from their ancestors.

It’s not too much to claim to be a god…

a race much stronger than humans!

The resources they have are also more powerful!

In short, too strong!

Completely superior to mortal latitude!

They are estimated to be able to do some incredible things, they are gods to mankind!

Looking at them, Levi Garrison felt a little familiar.

As if I have seen it somewhere!

“Right, I thought of it!”


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