The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2472

“So arrogant! Interesting human! I am interested in this god!”

A “god” with six wings was delighted.

“Yes, it’s been a long time since I have seen such a powerful and interesting human being!”

“The boring life is finally a bit fun!”

“What to do? Or continue to hunt humans as prey? This seems to be stronger and can sustain even more. Long time?”

“Come on! I think so too! This human being is stronger, and it must be more interesting to hunt!”

These gods began to explore how to kill Levi Garrison.

He wanted to be hunted as prey!

It turns out that none of these gods can leave here.

Although I don’t know why.

Therefore they are boring.

Finally, Levilia and several masters came.

They only hunted them as prey on a whim.

I don’t want to kill it directly.

But to play a little bit, to make Levilia and the others collapse, to make them struggle, and fight against the trapped beasts.

Otherwise, Levilia and several ancestors will never last two days and one night.

If they really want to kill, they may not be able to hold it for a few hours!

After they have played enough, they will kill Levilia and others.

Now Levi Garrison is here, they want to hunt Levi Garrison as prey!

Levi Garrison looked at them with joy.

These armors on the body are indeed stronger than those from the outside world.

But there is not necessarily a King Kong that is not bad and powerful…

“Then let’s start! The hunt begins! No one can kill him all at once!”

Just when these “gods” are about to begin.

A figure appeared out of thin air.

“Humans have entered our territory again!”

He is here to report the situation.

“Is it strong?”

asked the god with ten wings.

“Weak! Very weak! A group of ants!” The

ten-winged god glanced at everyone and said, “Who will solve it?”


All the “gods” were silent.

There is no “god” who wants to solve this group of people.

The main reason is that they are too weak and have no interest in challenging at all.

Now another powerful human like Levi Garrison appeared for them to hunt and play.

Everyone wants to participate, so they won’t deal with a few rookies.

So no one goes!

If they were to let Zoey know this sentence, they would probably collapse.

They are the top 100 strong men on the list of gods, one by one, they are strong to death, and they want the wind and the wind to rain and the rain outside.

But in this place, it is as weak as an ant.

No one wants to kill them…

even the qualifications to shoot!

This is the level gap!

One is in the sky and the other is underground.

No matter how powerful the underground crawlers are, the heavenly dragons are not interested in killing you at all.

I don’t want to take those two steps!

Hearing this, Levi Garrison felt tight in his heart.

Knowing that plums dyed them.

Seeing that no one answered the ten-winged “god”, he not only said: “Forget it, hunt him first! Finally deal with those insignificant humans!”


Hearing this, other “gods” All showed ecstasy.

They really don’t want to clean up a few ants.

Where is Levi Garrison coming to be interested.

“Humans! We give you a chance! You can take them for a long time! We will chase you again!”

The “gods” were full of interest in Levi Garrison.

Even let him escape for a long time first.

“Dare you guys for half a day? Don’t be afraid that I will just run away with them…”

Levi Garrison said lightly.

“Oh, it’s impossible! This is the realm of the gods, under our control. You can’t escape!”

Levi Garrisonle said: “Just so, I don’t like to run away! Solve you directly, let’s go sternly!

” Arrogance! You

are looking for death!” The gods were angry.

But at this moment, Levi Garrison stared at the “god who shot Levilia.”


He suddenly appeared in front of him and hit him with a punch.

The armor of the “God” burst, and the body exploded…


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