The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2473

This scene happened before all the “gods”!

The “God” armor they are proud of is made of the most indestructible metal in this area.

This metal itself contains terrible energy, destroying the world.

They are called supernatural power in it!

In the past history, mankind is impossible to break!

Not even the strongest!

Even decades ago, the Lab of the Gods took a fancy to this resource and wanted to exploit it, but they killed it.

This is the armor that their gods deserve to wear!

God’s armor, can mankind break it?

can not! ! !

Ten thousand is impossible!

But this is not the case.

There really are human beings, and this unmatched armor is exploded with a punch!

The moment the battle armor was crushed, everyone’s hearts would be broken.

Turns out it is not indestructible!

It will burst when you encounter the strongest power!

Besides, why did his body burst into pieces?

They call themselves gods.

Have the physique of God!

It is immortal!

No matter what kind of attack they encounter, they are immune…

and their physique has an unimaginable repair ability and can recover in the shortest time, no matter what kind of trauma they encounter!

That sounds scary!

But this is indeed a talent of others!

It cannot be broken at all, and it cannot be destroyed.

So it makes sense for them to call themselves gods!

But none of these worked under Levi Garrison’s fist.

One by one couldn’t be broken, but under Levi Garrison’s punch, they shattered one after another!

The armor burst to pieces, and then the “God” physique exploded.

And the terrible repairs did not appear.

Instead, they burst directly, the broken mirror rerounded, and scattered into countless fragments…

The blood in their bodies was golden…

No more!

This “god” was gone on the spot!

He was the one who almost shot Levilia, Levi Garrison couldn’t have kept him alive!

He was the first to have an operation!

Ha ha?


But so!

Levi Garrison snorted coldly.

Isn’t it f*cking stronger?

What kind of god is it called?

You are gods, what is Lao Tzu?

God God?

In essence, you are also human, but the race is stronger.

He has incredible powers and superpowers from birth.

What big tail wolf do you pretend?

At this moment, the world is silent, and everything is silent.

It seemed that even the crawling sound of small insects in the deep forest could be heard.


The people and the “gods” present were dumbfounded!

The eyes of Levilia and the masters are about to fly out…

After two days and one night of fighting, no one knows how strong these “gods” are.

Levilia and the masters have also experienced the variants of Maya Industry.

That is also unkillable.

But compared with the god in front of him, he was completely a younger brother.

Not an order of magnitude at all.

Just like the sky, it cannot be broken.

This is the sky above human beings, and you can’t conquer it at all.

But the master who suddenly appeared now blasted a “god” with a punch…

This shocked them too much!

So that everyone is sluggish!

My brain is blank, I can’t even think about it.

Even more shocking are these “gods” in front of you!

It’s not just the compatriot who died.

It is a heavy blow to their cognition and worldview!

It is equivalent to telling them that what they have been adhering to the truth is wrong!

It’s like telling everyone that the earth is not round, it is flat!

Subvert everything you know!

Can not accept!

The gap is too big!

It’s really unacceptable!

How could their god’s body be broken…

can’t die!

Absolutely not!

Every “god” has an incredible look on his face.

Because what Levi Garrison brought to everyone was too shocking.

Levi Garrison was stunned when he saw these guys, and he said coldly: “Who is next?” The

arrogant words blasted into the ears of the gods.


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